Crowdsourcing Designer Interview #1

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Crowdsourcing Designer Interviews #1 - Kristian Jabilles (aka waste factory)

In our Crowdsourcing Designer Report, we interview designers and illustrators from around the world and shoot them some questions on their experience of the platform. First up, is Kristian Jabilles.
Who are you?
I'm Kristian Jabilles (a.k.a : waste factory)
Where do you live?
I'm from the Philippines.
Which platforms do you use?
I usually use Photoshop, Illustrator and a Wacom tablet, but sometimes i use my iPad, so that i can draw anytime, anywhere and transfer them in Photoshop after.
How did you hear about them?
I heard about them from my friends, cause I always create and draw artwork on my free time, so they told me to try and join.
What do you love about crowdsourcing contests/ what don't you?
What I love about crowdsourcing is exposure, and since you are showing off your art from the people and fellow artists, it is really good to get suggestions and comments from them, and that can help on improving my next and future designs, and also we can watch other artist's work and learn from them.
Has it become a sustainable source of income?
It sure is, It's really good when we artist just making some designs as a hobby and after the hard work of making it, comes the prize.
What inspires you?
Everything around me keeps me inspired: people, loved ones, fellow artist's works and music.
Describe your design style?
I really love to create subtle and detailed artwork but with deep meaning in it.
Where did you study design?
I did not, I just love to draw and create designs using a pencil and paper, so I installed Photoshop and Illustrator and started reading tutorials from the web on how to use it.
Which are your favorite designers and styles?
There are a lot of great designers out there, but the artists that mostly inpsired me are:
Robson Borges
Alex Solis
How can the experience be improved?
I think it can be improved by exposing artist printed works, like for example, your most printed artist, you can add a page which shows your most printed artists and each artist got some like a shop page which will display all his/her printed designs, and more prizes like a category of artists achievements, like awards, medals and more credit.
By this, this can make the artist share his/her shop page to friends and families and to the web and show off his/her credentials and all his/her printed tees in one page.. which will give exposure too to the site. Thats what I think.. :)
To see more of waste factory's work, go here.
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