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DESIGN CONTEST: Girls & Football SA 'Fiercely Female & Awesome' - $2700

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Empowering a new generation of South African girls!

In 1956, 20,000 women marched in Pretoria to petition against a strengthening of the Pass Laws in South Africa.

These Pass Laws were designed to segregate the South African population and limit the freedom of movement of South Africa's black population. Then Prime Minister J.G. Strijdom refused to meet with the protesters, but was delivered 100,000 signatures the women had collected in protest to further restrictions by the apartheid government.
On August 9th every year, South Africa and the rest of the world celebrate the courage and determination of the country’s women, and honor the 20,000 women that participated in the march.
The South African government has declared the entire month of August as Women's Month, and the African Union has declared 2010-2020 to be African Women's Decade.
The award winning Girls & Football SA (where girls kick butt!) encourages the development of girls and young women in South Africa through sport, media and education, and has partnered with Springleap to organize South Africa’s first creative campaign in honor of this march. This is your chance to get creative and design with a feminine fierceness in mind, celebrating all you admire and respect about your mothers, sisters and girlfriends.



Create a design that shows how femininity, passion and strength have the power to change the world by creating a better life for young women through football.
Designs should embody passion, resilience and have a hint of provocative creativity to dispel misconceptions surrounding feminism. The winning design should reflect strength, pride and courage with a female touch. The movers and shakers in the world that believe in sport for girls will wear this shirt with pride!
You can download the G&F SA iconography pack (containing the colour palette and logo) here - but feel free to use your own colours!
(Click on the green download button below to download it)
The design should incorporate the Girls & Football SA logo, in addition to the words “Women’s Day”.
(NOTE: the brief has been updated and this is no longer necessary)


Your design must be suitable for a white, grey or black background.

Get started on your designs by downloading the Springleap T-shirt submission Kit.

Find out more about Girls & Football SA by visiting their website, Facebook page and by watching their EMPOWERMENT VIDEO.



The winning design will be sold via Pick n Pay stores across South Africa and the designer who scores the winning goal will be awarded a cash prize of $2000, media coverage and recognition for winning in South Africa’s first national design contest for girls and women.

1st     -  US$  2000 (R15000)

2nd    -  US$  400 (R 3 000)

3rd     -  US$  300 (R 2 000


Submission period:                  
02 May 2021 – 24 August 2021

Voting period:
23 July 2021 – 31 August 2021

Winner announced:
03 September 2012 


NOTE: All dates and times are based on GMT+2 and deadlines end at midnight GMT+2 on the given dates.



1. Download this > Springleap Design Submission Kit 

    (contains T-shirt templates)

2. Click this Submit button

3. Choose your contest and download the Design Pack

 4. Enter your design! 



1. No obscenities or hate speech.

2. Only original works will be accepted.

3. Designs should incorporate the Girls & Football SA logo.

4. Designs must be suitable for a white, grey or black background.

5. Each designer may submit up to five (5) designs.

6. Final winners will be chosen by the Springleap design panel, in conjunction with Girls & Football SA. Voting will only be used as an idication.

7. Standard Springleap and Girls & Football Terms & Conditions apply over and above.

8. Girls & Football SA operates independently from Springleap.com and all commercial transactions completed through Springleap are in no way linked to Girls & Football SA. All queries relating to this contest and the website should be directed through Springleap.com

9. Girls & Football SA and Springleap reserve the right to request the high-resolution artwork of any entry submitted into the “Fiercely Female and Awesome” design contest for non-commercial benefit, such as media covering the process.

10. The contest will run from 02 May 2021 to 24 August 2012. Winners will be chosen by a panel from 09 July to 31 August 2012. Final winners will be chosen and announced on 03 September 2021 via the Springleap.com website, Facebook page and Twitter account, as well as the Girls & Football SA website and Facebook page. The winning designs are final and no correspondence will be entered into.

11. Prizes are not transferable.

12. All designs submitted outside office hours, over weekends and on (South African) public holidays, will take longer to approve

13. All dates and times presented are based on GMT+2 times.

Good Luck & Happy Designing!



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