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DESIGN CONTEST: Nokia 'Pimp Our Devs' - $2700 in prizes

shoutOut on 17/4/12 by Duncan Boxshall-Smith in wordUp

Contest REBRIEF! 

It's true - our designers have been given a great opportunity to help Nokia's Developers experience the extraordinary, everyday! 

We’ve rebriefed this contest to up the wow factor, so here’s an opportunity to take your imagination out of the box and let it run wild and free!

And not only has the contest been rebriefed - designers have been given an extension, and can now submit until 20 July!  


Show off your talent in the search for the perfect design to pimp out the Nokia Developer community and win large heaps of cold hard cash! 


To inspire the Nokia Developer base by creating an imaginative t-shirt design that appeals to app developers and illustrates the coolness of being a Nokia Developer. 
Nokia Developers are proud technologists, but are trendy and adventurous. People should see your t-shirt design and instantly recognise the wearer as a Nokia Developer or associate it with the brand, but always keep in mind that your design must include 3 important aspects:


1. Imagination (new ideas / innovation / smart apps / inspiration / outside the box / infographics)

2. Mobile (experience & device)

3. Lumia (illuminate/light/Bauhaus)


Important: your designs should illuminate the life of Nokia developers, and don’t forget – you can submit 5 designs, to increase your chances of having a winning design selected!

Also important: you’ll receive a logo pack as part of your contest entry – these are optional and provided to assist you in your designing. 



1.     Designers must use the BLACK t-shirt template from the Springleap.com Submission Kit.

2.     Don’t imitate the Metro style or colours (the boxes of colour on the images below)


Find out more about the Nokia by visiting the links below:

Nokia Website

Nokia Facebook page

Nokia Twitter page     



Submission period - now extended!              

17 April 2021 –20 July 2012

Voting period:

18 June 2021 – 27 July 2021

Winner announced:

30 July 2021    



1st     -  US$  2000 (R15000)

2nd    -  US$  400 (R 3 000)

3rd     -  US$  300 (R 2 000)


1. No obscenities or hate speech.

2. Only original works will be accepted.

3. Black t-shirts only.

4. Each designer may submit up to five (5) designs.

5. Winners will be chosen by the Springleap design panel, in conjunction with Nokia SA.

6. Standard Springleap and Nokia Terms & Conditions apply over and above.

7. Nokia SA operates independently from Springleap.com and all commercial transactions completed through Springleap are in no way linked to Nokia SA. All queries relating to this contest and the website should be directed through Springleap.com

8. Nokia SA and Springleap reserve the right to request the high-resolution artwork of any entry submitted into the “Illuminate the Lumia” design contest for non-commercial benefit, such as media covering the process.

9. The contest will run from 17 April 2021 to 20 July 2012. The Springleap community will vote on designs from 18 June to 27 July 2012. Final winners will be chosen and announced on 30 July 2021 via the Springleap.com website and Facebook page, as well as Nokia SA website and Facebook page. The winning designs are final and no correspondence will be entered into.

10. Prizes are not transferable.

11. All designs submitted outside office hours, over weekends and on public holidays, will take longer to approve.

Get started on your designs by downloading the Springleap Design Submission Kit and get designing!



Post your questions about the theme contest below or click our online support button to the left of our header.

Good Luck & happy designing!


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