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DESIGN CONTEST: 'Spread the Marmite Love' - WIN US$1950

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It’s time to Spread the Marmite Love!

Marmite is one of those South African Favourites that has been pleasing tastebuds for over 100 years. There are practically millions of Marmite lovers out there who couldn’t go a single day without this delectable dark bread spread of savoury goodness.

How much do you love YOUR Marmite? What would you do for your daily measure of exceptional taste? Would you beg, trade in your car, or perhaps…even your significant other?

Springleap and Marmite would like to know just how unconditional your love is for this yummy stuff… and even better, we’d like you to illustrate your love through great designs!

Things have not really changed for Marmite since it first waltzed into our hearts and wooed our taste buds back in 1902Marmite originally came in a small earthenware pot, similar to the French casserole dish called a 'Marmite', (pronounced MAR-MEET). Today you can still see the original “MAR-MEET” dish on the front panel of the label.  The iconic shape of the pot, as well as the branding has remained pretty much untouched since. An icon from all those years ago. 


Marmite to this day is also made the same way as all those years ago – only using the finest brewers yeast (beer, really) and a “secret process”. Its unique taste gives an unmistakably rich tangy flavour that makes you drool for more and has the ability to convert even the most snobbish of tastes into true Marmite lovers!

British travellers were known to take Marmite along to eat on their travels to exotic destinations, as they believed it warded off Malaria-causing mosquitoes. The Allied Troops were issued rations of Marmite during World War 1 to keep them soldiering on. If they hadn’t, who knows who could have won the war.

We shudder at the thought and reach for our Marmite instantly!


Your mission:

Use your powerful design skills to create a Marmite inspired design that works perfectly for Valentine’s Day. We want to see which designers can best illustrate their intense passion and undying love for Marmite in the most effective, most inspiring and heartwarming way. Please keep it fun and quirky. No emo stuff allowed.


Show us - Just how big a Marmite fan are you REALLY?



The winning designs to be sourced from this contest will be printed & sold on promotional products for Valentines Day 2012.

You need to show your passion for Marmite! Not just to eat, but in any fun way you can imagine. The iconic nature of the brand has inspired designs from across the world! Go do some research online & see just how crazy people have been!


For example: I love my wife Marmite, Stay with the one you love, I only dance with my Marmite, My-mate, Find your right mate, Don’t like sweet tea? Have Marmite in it instead?

Absolutely anything that shows just how much you love Marmite.

Please keep your themes light and humorous. We don’t want anything dark, sad, emo or lonely! Your designs must make people smile, give them tummy aches from laughing too much, or feel like they're floating in 7th Heaven, so make it quirky, fun and absolutely lovable.

Focus on how you feel with Marmite in your life, not without it!

The key here is to NOT to be (too) serious.


1. Designs must include at least 1 of the Marmite brand elements – logo, colours, fonts, brand theme. The design must clearly identify with Marmite and be recognisable as such.

2. Designers can use ANY colour from the Springleap.com t-shirt submission kit

3. The Marmite corporate colours are yellow, red, white, green and black.  However, designers are welcome to experiment and come up with their own interpretations, as long as the design includes some or other element of the Marmite brand to make it clearly identifyable. The corporate pantone colours can be found in the downloadable iconography pack below.


Find out more about the world of Marmite by visiting their websites:

www.marmite.co.za / or www.bokomo.co.za






Submissions for designs open: 17 November 2021
Submissions for designs close:  03 January 2022
Voting starts: 19 December 2021
Voting ends: 16 January 2021
Winner announced: 23 January 2021



1st     -  US$1250 (R10 000)
2nd    -  US$  400 (R 3 000)
3rd     -  US$  300 (R 2 000)



1. No obscenities or hate speech.

2. Only original works will be accepted.

3. Include an element of the Marmite branding. This must appear somewhere in the design

4. In terms of colour: If you decide to use the corporate colors please use correct pantones. See the color palette here. You are welcome to use your own unique color palette if you desire.

5. Each designer may submit up to five designs.

6. Winners will be chosen by the Springleap design panel, in conjunction with Marmite South Africa.

7. Standard Springleap and Bokomo Foods (www.bokomo.co.za) Terms & Conditions apply over and above.

8. Bokomo Foods operates independently from Springleap.com and all commercial transactions completed through Springleap are in no way linked to Bokomo Foods. All queries relating to this competition and their website should be directed through Springleap.com  

9. Marmite and Springleap reserve the rights to request the high-resolution artwork of any entry submitted into the “Spread the Marmite love” design contest for non-commercial benefit such as media covering the process.

10. The contest will run from 17 November 2021 to 16 January 2012. Winners will be chosen by a panel from 10 January 2012. Final winners will be chosen and announced on 18 January 2021 via the Springleap.com website and Facebook page, as well as the Marmite South Africa Facebook page. The winning designs that are chosen by Marmite South Africa and Springleap.com are final and no correspondence will be entered into.

11. Prizes are not transferable.


Get started on your designs by downloading the Springleap t-shirt Submission Kit and get designing!

Confused or uncertain about anything? Post your questions about the Marmite theme contest below or click our online support button to the left of our header.

Good Luck & Happy Designing!


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