Design THE Tshirt for Louise Carver

shoutOut on 3/9/08 by Eric in wordUp

Design THE T-shirt for Louise Carver

Louise Carver and springleap are looking for designers to design a t-shirt for Louise themed around her Home single.

This proudly South African Artist is looking for something that will portray her love for her home country South Africa and her style of music, which is organic rock. .
Designers have free range, but here are some links for more inspiration

The Lyrics for Home

The Louise Carver profile page on springleap


The Louise Carver MySpace page


3 springleap t-shirts, Saved by the Moonlight CD’s, tickets for Louise’s next concert in Cape Town or Jo’burg, royalties for Louise’s T-shirts sold on the springleap website (R2 per Tshirt sold).

There will be an official hand over to Louise at one of her concerts

This competition has been extended
The new cutoff date for submissions is the 30th of September 2008
Voting starts on the 2th of October 2008 and runs until the 14th of October 2008

The winner will be announced on the 15th of October

This is an excellent opportunity to gain exposure and credibility as a designer by having a big name such as Louise Carver in your design portfolio

This blog posting has been amended and up dated by Josie Stewart on the 19 of September 2008


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cool, thank you very much for the help :)

shoutBack on 25/9/08 by killerminibus

Hi Killerminibus

You can do that indeed - that is what we call a halftone.

Please read the “Springleap T-SHirt Design 101” - it will help a lot when working with your half-tones.

When you set a layer transparent then the silkscreen is produced in pixels (the more transparent the fewer and further apart the pixels become) - so you also need to think of how this will turn out.

shoutBack on 25/9/08 by TheBrigand

question: in photoshop you can make a layer semi-transparent (say, for example, 50% transparency for a highlight) is that ok for the comp? i.e. can that be printed effectively?

shoutBack on 25/9/08 by killerminibus

Hi Liz

Your design has :

3 blues
Darker pink/purple

That’s more than 6 - are you using illustrator effects - if so please be aware that you cannot use illustrator effecls like lenses etc. You can use gradients.

Please read the t-shirt design 101 we have provided in the template kit as well as on the site.

Does this help a bit? If I can help more - you can contact me personally on eran.e@springleap.com

shoutBack on 22/9/08 by TheBrigand

you rejected my design on the basis that used too many colours, but i only used 6 colours in my design…....please clarify!!
thanks, Liz

shoutBack on 22/9/08 by lizludick

Will chat to Josie & Louise to see what we can do about the prizes…

shoutBack on 18/9/08 by Eric

I actually like that Integral brought this up.

I love Louise Carver, but as far as competitions go this one is simply not worth my while.

shoutBack on 18/9/08 by SilverSabre

i agree with integral apparel. i have just done a design for louise and am just about to submit it. but i just checked the prize and its not that cool. if you are a designer/artist making a way to earn a living from your creativity and prepared to give the time to design for such a competition, surely the prize should be supportive of your career. any chances the winnings can be changed? visual supports music arts and music supports visual arts - fair is square is even steven, mutual exchange etc. hey ho.

shoutBack on 18/9/08 by daya

No, pessimistic is not the word, just playing devils advocate. I was actually siked to try to do something for her, and some of the drive was lost when I see what the winning design recieves. it’s not about money, but to put in time into a project you have to figure out the opportunity lost, and what was foregone. I was simply playing devils advocate and seeing both sides.

And to answer your question usually a MERCHANDISE company doesnt just throw money at some designer and hope for the best, they work real close with commissioned designers to provide a product for the client. What if the winning design thats chosen by US is crap to her? What if all the designs are crap? Would she still use the tee on her tour?
Now on the flip side what if the design that wins is killer and then she sells thousands of tees and makes a killing on her merchandise, luckily the designer got his/her free 3 tees! :)

On the other hand it is some great exposure and great addition to any designers client list or portfolio. Not pessimistic at all, just looking at it from both sides trying to drum up some conversation. I am sure I will stick my foot in my mouth when I submit a design, but just wanted to see others view on it.

shoutBack on 18/9/08 by IntegralApparel

@ IntegralApparel:

It might just be me, but you’re sounding really pessimistic about this competition. I salute Louise. She’s not just throwing money at a designer that is probably going to overcharge for a minimalistic design. Instead, why not open it up to those here on SpringLeap, many, like me, who aren’t pros, and would never even dream of getting such an opportunity otherwise, and who might just have a spiffy design that would go well for her album tour?

Rather think of it in these lines: Louise Carver and SpringLeap giving everyone here the chance to have their 15 minutes of fame…

shoutBack on 17/9/08 by comanche