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Emulate: A Must-See Exhibition In Cape Town

shoutOut on 16/8/12 by travis.lyle1 in peeps

Sometimes here at The Leap we get caught a little off guard. Today is one of those days - we've just received news that an exhibition is taking place literally across the road from Springleap HQ that kicks off on the 21st August and features the kind of artists you'd expect to be showing in, say, LA or London.

That's not to say that Cape Town is shabby when it comes to art - quite the opposite in fact. It's a city that's up there with the best as far as a vibrant creative scene goes (which is why it's the 2014 World Design Capital), so it's no surpise that this amazing exhibition...OK, enough with the preamble already. 

WHO THE HELL IS EXHIBITING? Take a looky here:

Yep, that guy. Also, there's this unknown new fella on the scene who's presently also on show in London making long lines round the block, who goes by the name of Mr Brainwash:

And then there a few other unknowns like some Japanese geezer named Murakami...and another chap named Eyewash, and a bunch of others. Nothing special, just another little exhibition...HOLY FLAMING TEMPLES OF CONTEMPORARY, THIS PUTS THE AWE IN AWESOME! As the name of the exhibition (Emulate) suggests, this show comprises of 'new works where the majority reference existing works by other well known artists.' 

Like art? Got eyes? Get your derriere down there to see this show, it features a damn impressive lineup.

Where? 34FineArt. Clickety clack, it kicks off next week! See you there.


A couple of us from The Leap just trotted across the road - here's a pic taken just a short while ago:


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