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Finweek: Springleap's Facebook community - 180 000 'likes'

shoutOut on 22/3/12 by Duncan Boxshall-Smith in paparazzi

Springleap.com has once again appeared in the pages of the respected South African business magazine, Finweek.

This time around we received praise for how we have grown our Facebook community so effectively.
The article mentions how even though Springleap has a modest marketing budget compared to some major companies, we have still managed to grow a community many times larger.

Springleap currently has a staggering amount of ‘likes’ 180 000

Growing a community this large and as quickly as we have is by no means an ‘easy feat’.
It takes serious effort and the right kind of social media ‘know how’.

Our founder Eran Eyal, mentions a few points on how we have managed to reach such an impressive number and also sustain its growth!

We are very happy to see that Finweek has noticed this growth and shared it with their readers.

If you would like to get your hands on the article you will find it in the 22 March edition of Finweek on page 45.

Onwards and upwards, things are only going to get better!



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