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Friday inspiration for the imagination

shoutOut on 24/8/12 by travis.lyle1 in peeps

Once upon a time, in a world now almost forgotten, there was a kid who couldn’t sit still and couldn’t concentrate. His teachers would pull their hair out over this crazy kid who they thought wouldn’t amount to much. It seemed the only time he would calm down was when he was drawing…

That kid’s name was James Hewlett, he hails from Horsham in Essex (that's in the UK for those who don't know) and most of you will know him by his later works. But before the sunshine was in the bag, he was known as the co-creator of two cult comic strips in 2000 AD (You don't know it? You go here) which went on to become graphic novels in their own right: Hewligan’s Haircut and Tank Girl – arguably the coolest ant-heroine ever created.

Tank Girl ended up being made into a movie, starring Lori Petty. The rest is history. Still don’t know who we’re talking about? For the sharper readers out there, well done, you guessed it – and for those who didn’t, the kid who couldn’t sit still is better known as the co-creator of Gorillaz!

Yes fans, Jamie Hewlett is the man! (That's him on the left of Damon Albarn, his Gorillaz partner and ex-housemate) And why are we featuring him here today on The Leap? Hell, simply because his work is an inspiration to anyone with even so much as a glancing interest in design, illustration and graphics.

To get the lowdown on who Jamie Hewlett the man is, and his work, click hither: Jamie Hewlett. To kick your weekend off, here's the Gorillaz' 'Clint Eastwood' - but not with the usual video; this one's the animatic sketches, which gives you a great idea of the amount of work that goes into Hewlett's creation. Happy Friday, wherever you are!




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