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Google Art Project - South Africa

shoutOut on 10/4/12 by Duncan Boxshall-Smith in peeps

South Africa is a vibrant country that captivates people from all over the world.

Our unique flora and fauna, colourful culture and awe-inspiring artwork, draws thousands of people to our shores every year!

Unfortunately for many it is an elusive dream to visit Africa and enjoy our rich and vibrant world.

However, there is some good news for those who would like to take a closer look at the fascinating artwork of ancient South African cultures. Google Art Project is now using its powerful Street View technology to give anybody with an internet connection the ability to take virtual tours of the world’s greatest galleries….this now includes amazing rock art, as well as contemporary artwork from South Africa’s best artists.


You can call up gorgeous high resolution images by simply clicking on a smaller gallery image. Some of the images have also been uploaded in what is called “gigapixel resolution”, which is many times better than what your run-of-the-mill digital camera. It’s aaaalmost as if you were actually there!

It is very impressive how quickly Art Project has expanded. When it first began it had only a handful of super popular galleries, but has since become involved with over 150 partners in 40 countries….WOW!

Big congrats to both the Iziko National gallery and the Rock Art research institute at Wits University for becoming part of a select list of world famous museums and art institute’s!
They are really leading the way, well done.

This exciting new platform will undoubtedly help to cast the spotlight on South African artists and introduce the world to our vast cache of talent.


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