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Grietfest 2012 – Electronica Extravaganza!

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If you’re a regular round here, you’d know that we love music festivals here at The Leap. Outdoor, indoor, eclectic, mainstream – hell, any excuse to let it all hang out and get down to great tunes. We’ve featured some of the bigger names in the festival world here on the blog, and made some noises about international acts which make it to the far southern end of Africa. In this fine tradition, allow us to make some noise about an epic event taking place up in Jozi next month (which has a sattelite event down Cape Town way too).

For those who know, Griet are the powerhouse that has been behind a strong drive to showcase the best electronic and live acts that South Africa has to offer. Among the 5-star SA acts in the Griet stable are names like Yesterday’s Pupil, Haezer, Sibot and kidofdoom – and that’s not all. Over the past couple years Griet have expanded their artist roster to include international acts such as the Cyberpunkers, Pelussje, Tom Deluxx and more. The upshot? They bring these acts out to music-starved South Africa and host them alongside their local legends at events such as…drumroll, oh manicmachinedrummerman…GRIETFEST!

Yes lovers of electronica, the mighty mighty Grietfest is now in its second year and looking to kick ass and take prisoners in September! Yes, the big bad voodoo daddy kicks big bottom up at Town Hall in Newtown, Jozitown, and yes, that September 15th lineup is more loaded than an innocent request for a good time in a massage parlour, with names like Haezer, Trumpdisco (Aus.), Q.G. (Fr.), PHFat, Sibot, Das Kapital, Yesterday’s Pupil, The Frown, Toby2Shoes, Twelv & Thesis and many many more!

Oh – but you’re in Cape Town, and about to drown your sorrows in an expensive artisan beer? Never fear and don’t despair – The Assembly will also be hosting the pre-fest Grietness on the night of the 14th, and will also feature an assortment of international headliners and local upstarts guaranteed to blow socks and minds.

So, like electronica? Love a good time? Be great, get Grieted - step up and take the plunge, get your tickets but remember - take your vitamins, you’ll need them!


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