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Hey Mac, This Is A Stickup!

shoutOut on 16/7/12 by Maike in peeps


Happy Monday to you all here on The Leap and indeed out there in the wide weird world!

Today we’re going to show our true colours by featuring a twist on the products of a little-known company based out in Cupertino, California.

It’s possible you may have heard of the company as a result of their creation of a range of personal computing devices. Now, most people don’t use their particular brand of microcomputers, but according to those in the know, their  products are, in the language of the street, the ‘shizzle’.

Yes Leapers, we’re talking about Apple, and we’re taking a look at the many supercool stickers that people have designed, which make great use of the Apple icon that lights up the lives (and laptops) of creatives worldwide.

It’s always there, beaming its fruity cheek out at the world, making PC users feel a little less awesome, which is a bit cruel admittedly, but then life itself, as we all know, isn’t  always fair. Good thing, then, that there are hundreds of ways out there to give the icon a creative brand spanking!

It’s not as though Apple weren’t asking for it all along – after all, with that minimalist design sensibility and the ubercool hipster cache that comes with owning and using what is arguably the last word in personal computing, someone was bound to start taking the mickey. Speaking of Mickey, here’s a fellow Disney icon, taking on the icon…

And for our last shot across that apple bow, here’s the Marvellous man of steel, with a heart of fruit, just for kicks!

Want to see more?

Check out this cool list of 50 Creative Macbook Decal Stickers on Twistedsifter.com - stickers include the likes of Darth Vader, Super Mario, more Snow White, Batman and many more awesome designs to have fun with.



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