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How to Vote on Springleap - Infographic by 'Xiamist'

shoutOut on 17/1/12 by DuncanBoxie in peeps

Hi there Springleapers,

Last week one of our designers posted an awesome infographic on exactly how to go about voting for designs. Great work Xiamist!

Not only was Xiamist’s infographic helpful to the community, but it was also an ingenious way to promote her Marmite submission and get some votes.

This is the type of thinking we like to see from our designers. With so many amazing designs coming through to our contest, it’s not always easy to differentiate yourself from the other designers. This is a key example of how to do things RIGHT!

Well done Xiamist, this was a really cool idea and well executed. We truly appreciate it when people go to extra-lengths to promote their work. 

Please take the time to go across to her Marmite submission entitled The Ultimate Nommage and show it some love!

If you would like to connect to Xiamist please message her on her Springleap profile page, or check out her Facebook page.

This is how you do it!



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