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Illustration: They’ve got it Covered!

shoutOut on 11/7/12 by Maike in peeps


Out here on the Interweb it’s often the case that there’s so much going on you actually don’t know where to turn. But that’s why we’re here at The Leap, to point you in the direction of a few of our favourite things. 

Take today’s feature for instance: Covered.


It works like this:

First you find a classic cover from one of the biggest comic titles of yesteryear from Marvel, DC Comics, Zap Comix or perhaps even a contemporary classic like a Pokemon.

Then you find a contemporary artist like Coop, Mike Loya or Daniel Cox, and invite them to create their unique take on the original.


The results are sometimes wild, sometimes whack but always interesting – hell, sometimes they’re better than the originals!

The artists featured are frequently up-and-coming new kids on the block, but there are also some very well-established players, such as Coop, a.k.a the man famed for his saucy NSFW big babes. Say what you like about him, but one thing Coop sure is, is a damned good artist. Which is helpful, considering he covered the R.Crumb original illustration for Weirdo #20. Here are the Before & Afters:


Covered takes in a whole lot more than these few examples you see here – there are literally hundreds of reworks, so if this is your flavour, check out more of these great reinterpretations here. 



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