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Jorgensen Craft Spirits: Distilled Design

shoutOut on 12/9/12 by travis.lyle1 in peeps

Heads up to all those who like their tipple crafted according to time-honoured recipes with a dash of design flair: today on The Leap we're pouring you a glass of style, on the rocks, with a shot of craft as a chaser. Pull up to the bar - it's time to savour the unique flavours of Jorgensen's Distillery and their unique range of well-designed products.

Firstly, as an appetiser, some background: Jorgensen's is driven by the formidable husband and wife team of Roger and Dawn Jorgensen, who live their busy lives out on their historic family farm, Versailles, in the heart of Wellington here in the Western Cape, South Africa. Having been a career farmer and winemaker, Roger turned his interest in fine handcrafted spirits into a burgeoning career, in the process creating a range of products that feature packaging design that's simple, distinctive and with clean lines as tasteful as their contents.

Now that we've whet your appetite, on to the main serving: as he's ventured down the road less travelled, Roger has picked up some expert advice from luminaries in the distilling field such as Cognac mentors Robert Leaute of Remy Martin and Buks Venter of KWV. The result has seen Roger develop his Savingnac brandy, an award-winning fiery spirit which can stand proudly amongst Cognacs the world over. Following his heart down this path of fine spirits, the Jorgensen bouquet has expanded to take in a range of celebrated liquor: Primitiv Vodka, Field of Dreams Absinthe, Naked Lemon Limoncello, Naked Lime Liqueur and now their most recent addition to the stable, the very special Jorgensen’s Gin.

With each product's bottle having a design that's complimentary to its contents, the result is a range that stands out from the crowd both visually and in terms of taste - one sip of their Field Of Dreams Absinthe and the difference is obvious: these are spirits that put the art into artisan. The secret to their design sense? It turns out, like the Sly & The Family Stone song, it's a family affair: Roger himself designed the Savingnac label, daughter Jess created the clean lines on their Absinthe, Gin and Vodka, whilst Dawn has adapted photos she took to create the Limoncello labels.  

Having taken off with such gusto, you can only imagine what the future holds for such an enterprising company. Cheers!

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