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King of Comments, Queen of Quotes WIN $100

shoutOut on 7/3/11 by DuncanBoxie in wordUp

Hi there Springleapers .

Springleap is a community where everyone gets involved… Whether you’re a designer or just love design, it’s the place to be!

In that spirit we are bringing back the popular “King of Comments, Queen of Quotes” competition!

Wondering what that’s all about?

Simple : Springleap designers love critique and commentary and this is where YOU come in.
Every month we are going to crown a King of Comments, Queen of Quotes – and reward them with a sweet US$100 cash prize and 2 Springleap tees .

Why? – Because Springleap is all about celebrating and rewarding all forms of creativity and contributions to design. Springleap designers love to grow and improve their work and we know that you can make a valuable contribution to make that happen.

How do you win?

Easy! The title and prize goes to the person who most consistently, creatively and constructively comments on designs at Springleap throughout that month.

Please bear in mind that you are only eligible to win 1 competition within a 3 month period.
It is only possible to win 2 King of Comments competitions per year.

What will help you win?

1. Creative and constructive critique
2. Social seeding – spreading the comments you make on a design to social platforms like Facebook and Twitter
3. Consistency – commenting on 1 or 2 designs alone isn’t going to be enough. We look at the contributions from the whole month

Springleap will also interviewing the winner and they will get published in our monthly mailer, giving them exposure and gratitude for their fantastic contribution and support to the designers at Springleap .

Read about all our winners HERE

Celebrate creativity at Springleap today.

On your marks, get set… COMMENT!


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