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Leaving the Building 04 - European Designers Unite

shoutOut on 14/5/12 by Duncan Boxshall-Smith in peeps

We love our European designers!

The Euro Crew have long been a hugely important part of our community. I suppose you could say that they make up a big part of our designer ‘backbone’. They are always pushing the limit and coming up with super unique designs, which leave our community drooling for more!

The sheer amount of talent that comes our way from this part of the world is simply breathtaking.

I have a few European designers that I simply have to mention. Chances are you will already know their names well!

First up, we have the ever impressive Frederic Levy-Hadida, who goes by the name Kharmazero on The Leap. Yep, now you know who I’m talking about dontcha? His winning design Midnight Summer Dream was a massive success and showed the community that a new designer had arrived who meant serious business! This is also one of my personal favourite Springleap tees of all time. I barely wear mine because I save it for special occasions. Kharmazero is also one of our most prolific designers with over 80 designs to his name thus far. He has a bunch of hot new designs coming up for the May 2, so keep an eye out for more ‘Kharma Magic’.

Victor Calahan (Vcalahan) has been a hugely inspirational designer for me.  When his first sub came through I did a little dance of joy and marvelled at his crazy intricate illustration style. Every single design that comes through from this guy renders me speechless. His powers are great!
This super impressive designer never fails to land himself in any given ‘Top 10’ and it is easy to see how much passion he puts into his work. My absolute favourite design from this man is his super hilarious Monty Python inspired design entitled Killer Rabbit. He also snatched the grand prize in our ‘Spread the Marmite Love’ contest with his old school style Marmite Addict submission. It has been an absolute pleasure working with this dude!

Iñaki (aka: Kakolak) has been with us for a very long time indeed and certainly qualifies as a ‘Springleap Veteran’. He first subbed to our platform with his Boyz in the Wood design, back in 2008 and unsurprisingly WON. Behind the Three Birds is probably his most successful winning design on Springleap to date. This is a natural design with massive personality and a distinctive execution. It never fails to draw in crowds of admirers when we are at a show. Perhaps the most important aspect of his work is that it pulls you in and reveals something new whenever you take another look! I’m happy to announce that he has another superb design appearing in our May 2 Open Theme, which will be up for voting on the 17th May. Show it some love :)

Thanks again to the European designers for always being so awesome and for helping take Springleap to the next level, there is simply no denying how profoundly positive your efforts have been for our platform!

I can’t wait to see more radical design coming through, not only from these 3 designers, but the entire Euro Crew as a whole. You are all just so amazingly talented.

Thanks for all the good times, laughs and jaw-dropping design!



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