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Lighten Up With Colwyn Thomas

shoutOut on 4/7/12 by Maike in peeps

You might remember Colwyn Thomas. Wait a minute - there’s no might, his Tiger Hug illustration was a popular one here on The Leap, and not to forget his beautiful design Hug (yes, it seems the man likes hugs. Nothing wrong with that). 

Man about town, musician? Hang on, no, that’s his brother - Gary Thomas (who’s damn good, by the way).

But anyway, back to the action: Colwyn Thomas.

Right, well, anyway, moving along…dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to pay homage to sheer gorgeousness of Mr. Colwyn Thomas’s latest creations - his lightbox series - which combine the artistry of his illustrations with the permanence of home appliances. 

OK, so most home appliances last about 2 days past their warranty, so that’s an unfair comparison. These are not appliances in that sense, then. These are wall-bound pieces of illuminated art, folks, and they’re as gorgeous as his prints. With the added dimension of glowing from within on account of the LED’s in them, of course. Here is a sneak peak into how he puts them together:

Considering Colwyn’s masterful work in prints, it’s no surprise that his designs have comfortably made the transition to lights. But rest assured he’s not resting on his laurels - for more insight on the artist and his other artistic pursuits, check out this interview with him on Empty Kingdom

For more on his other work, check out his website and blog.

There's some truly mind-blowing stuff there!



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