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Marmite design contest - vote on awesome t-shirt designs

shoutOut on 5/1/12 by DuncanBoxie in wordUp

Spread it on!!!

We are over-the-moon that we received more than 50 tasty designs for our Marmite t-shirt design contest.
There is seriously just so much talent out there!

 ‘Spread the Marmite love’ is looking good, guys and girls.
However the question now is: who will be the victor?

Thank you so much to all our fantastic designers who sent through their submissions.
We are all very impressed with the quality of the designs and are looking forward to seeing who will walk away with the win.
This is going to be a difficult decision…I can just feel it!

Remember to get your friends and family involved by asking them to vote for your designs.
Also, share your designs with your own personal social network by using the ‘Sharing is caring’ box on the right hand side of each design page.
It’s simple, quick, and will help get your designs some serious attention.

If you have as yet not voted for your favourite designs please surf across to the VOTE PAGE and show these awesome designers some love!

The submissions for the Marmite t-shirt design contest are going to rock your world.

Here are a few more top-notch Marmite designs to get you even more excited.



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