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Marmite - more designs selected

shoutOut on 30/1/12 by DuncanBoxie in wordUp

The Marmite ‘Spread the Love’ contest was one of our most successful contests to date. We had designers from all over the world creating some seriously mind-blowing work…no doubt fuelled by their own passion for Marmite.

Not only did we receive a massive amount of entries, but the vast majority were of a high design standard too. We were really happy to see submissions of this calibre.

The great news that we received, after choosing our three winners, was the fact that Marmite loved the designs so much that they decided they wanted to procure even more


We are happy to announce that Marmite has decided to acquire Vcalahan’s Lovers submission, as well as GreboRocboy’s Marmite Love.

Both of these stunning designs have adhered closely to the brief and were executed with marvellous style. Really impressive work, well done!

You may have already noticed, but Vcalahan is also our Grand Prize winner for this contest. He has done very well for himself in ‘Spread the Love’ - his designs fit the brands vibe to perfection.

Springleap loves it when our designers get more than they bargained for!
This has turned out to be a pleasant surprise for both the community and the Springleap team.

Thank you Marmite!


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