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Memeburn - Springleap.com brilliant African tech startup

shoutOut on 13/3/12 by DuncanBoxie in paparazzi

Africa is a land of incredible talent!

Industry leaders have already begun describing Africa as the continent with the most potential for tech-industry growth in the near future. The amount of individuals moving into urban areas is increasing at lightning speed and along with it we are beginning to witness an evolution in social behaviour with a massive increase of brand conscious consumers.

If you are looking to get into the tech industry and make lots and lots of money, Africa will soon be the number one place for you to do so!

Memeburn.com, one of the leaders in tracking global technological developments, has put together an interesting article which focuses on 30 of the most Brilliant African Tech startups.

We were absolutely ecstatic that Springleap.com was selected as one of these 30 businesses which are leading the way for Africa.

When we look at the level of talent that we have been associated with we are truly humbled!
It is fantastic to see that our efforts to help empower designers and create a unique African design platform, is not going unnoticed.

Cruise across to the Memeburn article to take a look at what they said about us and also check out the other amazing African start-ups that are set to change not only the African continent, but the entire world!


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