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Spotlight On: Mr Personality

shoutOut on 11/10/12 by travis.lyle1 in peeps

Is it Thursday already? Sweet baby Jesus laying in the manger, time flies like an arrow. And fruit flies like a banana. Old joke, sorry, couldn’t resist – OK, alright, all ready for today’s dose of inspiration? Yes? Grand, let’s begin.

Today we’ve got a piping hot serving from the land of Shaka, surf and some of the finest damned curries on the planet as those lucky enough to eat them would agree. Yes folks, we’re talking Durban, we’re talking Stone City style and specifically, we’re talking to a designer named MrPersonality. He describes himself as a graffiti artist at heart, and now works for a pretty large chain whose name rhymes with rice.

Put your left foot in, take your left foot out, put your hands in the air and wave them about like you just don't care, ladies and gents: Shaun Oakley!

SL: Did you study to become an artist/illustrator/designer? 

SO: I studied art at school and went on to study at Vega Brand School where I got my Degree in Visual Communications (B.A). But I have also been painting graffiti/murals and illustrating for 11 years. 

SL: What’s your preferred medium, and why?

SO: This is a hard one. I love vector work, using Adobe Illustrator but I also love spray paint, they're two very different mediums. I'm working on mixing them together. Spray paint is more raw while my vector work is detailed and precise. I've been making stickers for the streets so combination is key.

SL: What other designers or illustrators are influences on your work?

SO: Its actually more graffiti artists that influence me in my work then actual illustrators. Artists like Kid Zoom, Nychos, Mr Wany, Augor MSK, Erase, Hertcore, Zoer. All these artists have influenced me as well as a few local artists, in creating and moulding my style into what it is today. The mixture of colours and styles turns me on! Hahahaha


SL: Name two of your favourite artworks of all time.

SO: My favourite artwork in the graffiti world is EWOK MSK in israel. His style kills my vibe. With regards to the illustration world, I like to many illustrations to point one out. Aaggghhhh.. Too hard. I tried though!

SL: What music are you listening to at the moment?

SO: Sedge Warbler, Zeds Dead & Omar Linx, Dj Sintax, Swollen Members

A massive thanks to Shaun Oakley for his time and insights! Look out for his work on Behance here and on his Tumblr here.


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