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Spotlight On: Robson Borges

shoutOut on 26/7/12 by travis.lyle1 in peeps

Shazam! Kapow! Like a superhero pitching up at your local bar, here we are out of the blue, with another in our Spotlight On series, where we focus on great illustrators and shine the light on them and their work. 

This time round, we have the one and the only Robson Borges. His work has graced many a contest here on The Leap, and his 'Song of Mermaid' has been a winner here on The Leap and won oohs and ahhs from many an admiring member of our community. And it's no surprise - his unique style of blending light and dark to create striking silhouette designs which have great depth and emotion are truly in a class of their own.  Without any further toomfoolery, poppycock or indeed delay, ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together for Robson Borges! 

SL: Your illustrations have great composition and use of colour - did you study art? 

RB: I never did art courses. The use of colour in my work has always been very important to value the concepts that are usually very simple. I need a taste of colour to feel accomplished and always hope that people feel the same as me.

SL: Your designs use few colours, but communicate great emotion. What reaction do you hope to create in the person seeing your illustrations?

RB: I prefer to use a small amount of colors to facilitate the reading of the art and production. I adopted it as part of my working style, perhaps as a personal brand.

SL: Many of your designs feature great use of vertical lines and natural scenes. What are you influenced by, when creating your illustrations?

RB: The inspiration comes from within and I am not influenced by other artists, because I always seek for originality. I love using natural elements, shapes and colors that make me feel good. Sometimes I seek inspiration in photographs.

SL: You have your particular own style, but are there any artists that have influenced your direction in life? If so, who are they?

RB: I love the work of several artists around the world, but I'm not influenced. It is extremely complicated to seek inspiration in the work of others. I hate it when someone copies my style or use elements of my art. I study every day to improve my style and originality. Sorry for my bad English and thanks a lot :)

Well there you have it, folks - gifted and humble, that's Mr Borges. Keep your eyes peeled for more in this series, where we'll be featuring interviews with great illustrators and designers both from here on Springleap and elsewhere. Inspiration? We've got it, in spadefulls! 

Like to see more of Robson's work? Go here. 


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