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Springleap is Hiring. Startup your startup career

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Springleap is looking for talent.

Do you have amazing experience and talents and are looking to step outside of the corporate world to make a real difference in your career and the world? 

Here's why you should apply:

1. Springleap has rewarded designers with over R1,500,000 in cash (over $200,000) in the last 2 years;

2. We add real value to power-up brands, designers and fans

3. Springleap came 2nd place at the Innovation100 Awards in California - besting the likes of Apple App Store, Amazon.com, Threadless, eBay, Zazzle, Zappos and other powerful players. We're #winning.

4. Springleap's Facebook fans grew from 6,000 in July 2011 to 157,000 in February 2012. We're the fastest growing Facebook brand in Africa and third largest in South Africa.

5. You'll be part of a team that's young, agile and innovative.

6. A real startup life.


8. Our staff get free tees!

9. You will learn and be learned from.


What you need to be comfortable with:

1. Unconventional behaviour. Our office culture is fairly irreverant, but respectful, closely knit and fun. 

2. We don't take on people we need to micromanage. We're looking of INTREPRENEURS.

3. Be comfortable with this statement: "This startup will become the main focus of your life."

4. Transparency. (we wear transparent clothing once a week. #maybekidding)

5. We reward awesomeness. Accept it. 

6. An irreverant culture grounded by a respectful nature. 

7. We're situated in Cape Town. It's pretty much one of the most awesome places on Earth. 


OK? Chew on that. 

Like what you've read? - e-mail: im-in@springleap.com


Available Positions:


1. Sales / Accounts Director

Quick overview: 


You will be pitching to agencies and brands on running Springleap design contest campaigns (apparel, packaging, logo design and much more) and iCanHazSocial social strategy / ad spend.


There is only one way to measure this role. KPI. Success rates. 

Must have: 

1. Confidence.

2. Previous track record in sales and/or ad agencies (preferable) in a pitching and client care role.

3. Hungry for sales, closing deals and seeing the value Springleap ads manifest.

4. Keen understanding of metrics and reporting to clients at agency levels.

5. Understanding of social media (preferred).

6. Understanding of the Internet in general and a good overview of the technology scene (preferred)

7. A love for design.

8. An innovative business/strategy mind.

9. A love of networking and people (essential).

10. A hunger to further Springleap, our community, deliver value to our clients, and grow.

11. Be able to travel to see clients (potentially overseas).


If you can't sell us to yourself - you won't sell us to future clients.

For the full requirements of what we look for in this position please click here 


Like what you've read? - e-mail: im-in@springleap.com



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