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shoutOut on 8/3/12 by Duncan Boxshall-Smith in wordUp

Hi there all you designers out there :D

Some of you may have already noticed that Springleap.com has launched its very first packaging design contest with mega-brand Stimorol.

We are very thrilled about this development in our contest. Now we will not only create awesome t-shirt designs, but also open up a multitude of new possibilities for designers to experience.

The first thing you would have seen is that we require not only a thumbnail and large image of your design but also a die-line of the finished packaging.
IE: what the packaging will look like if it was completely unfolded and laid flat (look below).

NB: The die-line must be uploaded into the ‘PACKAGING PREVIEW’!

One of the most important aspect of this contest is the fact that you will need to create a 3D representation (3D revert) of your finished packaging design.

This is really easy!!!!!
Watch the tutorial video below.



Please bear in mind that in the graphic design industry the ability to ‘wrap’ designs around 3D objects, or to edit a flat design using ‘free transform’ tools is a fundamental skill.

This is the perfect opportunity for designers to expand their ‘skill set’ and try something new and exciting.

We cannot wait to see your packaging design ideas coming through!

If you have any questions contact - Duncan [at] springleap [dot] com

Happy designing!


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