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The Future Has Arrived And It's Bright!

shoutOut on 30/5/12 by travis.lyle1 in peeps

Hello designers, design lovers and lovers of all things beautiful, and here is the news.

With a whizz, a bang and flashing as it goes, the future has finally arrived, folks! Put down the lightsaber, hit the pause button on that Blade Runner Redux and stop dreaming about Second Life becoming a real contender to replace Real Life® - the future's so bright, you're gonna need shades! 

What in the name of blazing RGB is this all about? Nothing short of the inevitable result of the march of LED technology, that's what! Those bright little lights have been making their way into our homes, cars and appliances for a long time, but at last the gap has been leapt and thanks to the creativity of people like David Forbes, the Video Coat has arrived

Now take a moment to think about this idea folks - video fabric. Taking the technology of LEDs, making them flexible, integrating them into fabric and applying the necessary soft- and hardware wizardry to make it possible to play an image on fabric. The result? Video clothing!

As you can see by the video, things are still in their prototype stage, but rest assured - if the technological shennanigans going on each year at Burning Man (and related events such as AfrikaBurn) such as tactile plasma coats are anything to go by, the race is on to make clothing become the next medium for communicating moving images. Where will it take us? Who knows, but it's certainly gonna be bright and colourful!   

p.s: if you thought that was cool take a look at this fibre optic fabric

p.p.s: Update! It seems this idea is taking flight across the world - check out this programmable T-shirt! 


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