Top Billing showcases Springleap T-shirt

shoutOut on 11/9/08 by TheBrigand in paparazzi

This evening we had the pleasure of seeing Louise Carver wearing a springleap t-shirt on Top Billing!

Louise was wearing “Touched” by hoochiemamma - a local South African designer who recently was also a featured designer on springleap with her design “Sing Sweet Nightingale”.

It’s no wonder Louise loves the touched shirt - it’s loved by both girls and guys!

We were jumping up and down at seeing “Touched” being worn by Louise Carver on Top Billing - Great to see that our t-shirts are being loved by celebrities and the public alike!

WOW - it’s an awesome feeling seeing springleap tees on Television :)


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design a t-shir just for her? lol… that’s pretty ironic now XD cool stuff… can’t wait to see those designs…

shoutBack on 22/9/08 by killerminibus

Yeah was so bummed when I missed the episode…but thank goodness for Sunday re-runs LOL.
She really looked awesome in the Touched design.
Nice one Louise highfive

shoutBack on 15/9/08 by DuncanBoxie

The tee looks great!

shoutBack on 12/9/08 by IntegralApparel

The Tee looks stunning, Come on guys lets make Louise a Tee especially for her - she is a great brand ambassordor for South Africa and springleap

shoutBack on 12/9/08 by josiestewart

anyone know who the guy in the White Tshirt is? he needs to speak to the springleap stylist team

shoutBack on 12/9/08 by Eric

Its is nice, I like :)

Must be a good feeling to see your creation on tv, being worn by a celeb. I have hoochiemamma envy ;P

shoutBack on 12/9/08 by Goggl3boy