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Toying Around, Daily!

shoutOut on 15/6/12 by travis.lyle1 in peeps

Heard about Toy A Day? It’s about as much fun as you can have with a pair of scissors without hurting yourself! What’s the deal? It’s quite simple, it’s a site where you get – too sharp, you – a toy a day. Star Wars fan? Fancy some Boba Fett? Maybe a little (literally) Yoda? Heck, you can get the whole gang together and have yourself a Star Wars blowout, go on, treat yourself.   

OK, so it’s not like you get a 1962 Fisher-Price telephone replica (you’ll have to wait until 3D printers become cheap enough for that) every day but rather a paper printout, of a cartoon, film or other character. You get one a day. Which is why it’s called…you get the picture, but it includes a HUGE range of characters, including Japanese animation heroes, like Kamen Rider! 

‘But what toys are these?’ you cry? As you would have twigged by now, they're folded paper toys, of every kind you can imagine – Smurf for your kid brother? Or perhaps an Astro Boy for you sir, and an Astro Girl for your sister? It’s paper toy madness for all the family!

And the best part? You can use them to get a log fire started if you run outta paper? No! There’s literally hundreds of them, many of which are above the cutesy threshold of most kids, and are designed with adults in mind. Take, for example, the Abraham Lincoln toy.

Who says you’re too old to play with toys? You're never too old to play and hell, with these you get twice the pleasure – the pleasure of making them, and then the pleasure of lighting your barbecue with, say, Darth Vader’s lightsabre. 

Take that you Imperialist gothlord! You want more? You go Toy-A-Day! 


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