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Tutorial Tuesday: Enviro Design

shoutOut on 16/10/12 by travis.lyle1 in peeps

Last week we gave you a tutorial which showed you how to create a nicely textured 3D green leaf for use in identity design, and this week, in line with our Hemporium contest ('A New Leaf'), we're bringing you more along these lines. But beyond giving you inspiration to create designs for our contest, this kind of design is always useful, in this day and age where businesses of every kind are looking to ensure their environmental footprint is reduced and their greenness is communicated well by their identity. OK, on with the show - here are some great examples of green/eco/sustainability posters:

This is a great use of two important concepts - thinking, and nature, very well combined into a single thought-provoking and eye-catching image. Here's another which makes really good use of icons to tell a simple yet powerfful story:

Liker what you see? Got any ideas that you'd like to put together to create something similar? Take yourself over to a great green tutorial over at AlfoArt by clicking the image below:

Good luck creating your green designs - let's see them in our Hemporium contest!


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