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Video Friday: 'Henry'

shoutOut on 12/10/12 by travis.lyle1 in peeps

Can it be true - is that really a weekend we can see poking its head around the corner? Yes, please! Right, well, without any further ado - other than to announce that the weekend can't officially start until there's a video up in this joint to kick things into touch - here's your Video Friday!

So, what's this? 'Henry' is a short film made for an IBM-sponsored exhibition in Paris last year. Videographers were invited to select one of a range of themes, and create a short flick in line with it. Daniel Levi, an independent film maker from Picturescope, rose to the occasion with 'Henry'. It's the story of a kid who grows up with a strange relationship with electricity: things short when he touches them, lights behave crazily, basically the kid Henry's a real-deal livewire. Until he grows up, that is, which is the sweet spot of the story: he learns to work with it, with beautiful results. With a sweet little soundtrack by none other than one of the masters of the musical universe, Simon Ringrose (a.k.a Sibot), this is a real heartwarmer. So get to it - sit yourself down and wrap your eyeballs around this little gem:


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