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vote springleap - Innovation 100 awards sets springleap against Amazon

shoutOut on 11/8/08 by Eric in wordUp

springleap has been nominated in the “Industry Standard Innovation 100 Awards 2008”

We’re STOKED! Did we say “We’re Stoked”!!!

There are 100 company’s that have been nominated in 10 category’s, and springleap has been nominated as one of the top 10 innovative category’s in the world in the Retail category, going up against the “Apple App Store” and “Amazon.com”

Voting has opened, and closes on October 3rd, so please VOTE FOR SPRINGLEAP and tell everyone you know to vote for us!

Here’s the link to the retail category where you can vote:

Vote springleap in the Innovation 100 Awards


Hey Springleapers! Just a quick reminder that you can vote for springleap.com here for the Innovation 100 awards - lets put SA on the map!

shoutBack on 5/9/08 by EranEyal

:D Yea!

Go Springleap! Waves pom-poms furiously

shoutBack on 18/8/08 by Goggl3boy


Good luck guys, you deserve it for the great work and kindness :o)

shoutBack on 18/8/08 by jesslo

done. good luck & keep it up.

shoutBack on 16/8/08 by theshinjukueffect

Yeah, Springleap will kick Amazon’s butt!

shoutBack on 12/8/08 by berrijuse

Thanks SilverSabre Thanks Tay

Another TEN THOUSAND people like YOU, and i’m pretty sure springleap is going to win

shoutBack on 11/8/08 by Eric

Good luck springleap!! My vote is in!

shoutBack on 11/8/08 by tay

Voted :) good luck :)

shoutBack on 11/8/08 by SilverSabre

ahhh - and thanks to everyone that has already told us they’ve voted for springleap in the Innovation 100 Awards.

If you have voted for springleap, say so below, so we can THANK YOU!!

shoutBack on 11/8/08 by Eric