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Wall art: Minimalist Posters

shoutOut on 10/10/12 by travis.lyle1 in peeps

(Marko Manev)

You've seen some of them online, for sure. They're those reinterpretations of classic movie posters which strip all the unecessary detail away and leave you with a single image which makes great use of the main concept - and the results are striking. There are many out there, done by some of the leading illustrators on the scene (like Olly Moss, Marko Manev, Bruno Morphet, David Somers and many more) and they've taken on some of the greatest movies and entertainment icons out there: Star Wars, Spider man, Justice League, Dirty Harry, Mr T...the list is endless. OK, enough with the preamble, onto those posters - prepare to be blown away!

(David Somers)

(Bruno Morphet)

(Keith Bogan)

(Olly Moss)

(Rowan Stocks-Moore)

There you have it folks - enjoy the minimal!


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