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Where you can find springleap Tshirts?

shoutOut on 12/3/08 by Eric in wordUp

If you don’t want to buy online, check out our showroom at 11 Regent Road in Sea Point in Cape Town. Details at www.eSquaredFashion.co.za

Or check the comments below to see the latest stores stocking springleap around the world.


Lingling - i emailed you a couple of times - please get in touch with us through the “contact us” link so we can update you

shoutBack on 10/2/09 by Eric

How many days will it take before my shirt rocks up at the post office???

shoutBack on 5/2/09 by Lingling

UPDATE: springleap is no longer selling in Big Blue (although you should tell them you WANT springleap when you visit Big Blue).

But you can find us in Cape Town at the springleap Shop, at Lover at the Waterfront, Portfolio and MeMeMe in the CBD, and at Green Market Square.

And in Durban at Idols and Wardrobe.

And if you know any shops in JHB or the rest of the country that should be stocking springleap, then drop us a mail to tell us and we’ll drop them a line to ask them if they want to stock springleap.

shoutBack on 20/12/08 by Eric

Ahhhh - Of course let us not forget that you can buy Directly form the site and we do FREE DELIVERY in South Africa!

shoutBack on 2/11/08 by EranEyal

Hey Guys

I am sure you are all chomping at the bit to know where you can buy and see Springleap t-shirts, so off the bat here are a few places :

First and formost - check the SFS - the Springleap Factory Store where you can pick up old styles ranging from R59-R89 and more current t-shirts at R183. You can also follow the blog that is updated daily by Duncan and David who run the store at The Springleap Factory Store Blog.

Then in the Cape Town area - in Loop Street : Portfolio

In the Garden Center and Canal Walk there is Global Girl - please note they only stock Girl’s t-shirts

In the Waterfront (coming very soon!) is Lover

In Durban you will soon find Springleap t-shirt goodness at Idols and Wardrobe

We are currently chatting to loads of people so go out there and put some pressure on the stores you love to stock Springleap so everyone wins :)

shoutBack on 2/11/08 by EranEyal


We’ve changed things a little. We’re keeping them online till they’re sold out. At the moment we’re only printing 108 of each design, and about 10 of them are given to winners and our brand ambassadors, so there is under 100 of each which will be sold. (and remember there are 8 sizes).

We allow the wholesalers and retailers to buy any remaining tshirts a month after they come into our stock room.

So if they’re still in our stock room after a few months, you’ll still be able to buy them, but it’s luck you take if you wait :)

shoutBack on 25/9/08 by Eric

hey i’m really keen to get that “all my friends” shirt by Khutuza, one of the July winners. (unfortunately i’m also broke til i get paid next week) and u guys said after 2 months u can’t still buy a design? do u guys happen to have any of that shirt stock left in a girl small size?

shoutBack on 25/9/08 by killerminibus

Hi joji - we took the eCommerce section down for a few minute to make some amendments to it - but it’s back up and running, so if you have problems purchasing, let us know

shoutBack on 22/9/08 by Eric

i may possibly be demonstrating my notorious blondeness here, but how do i purchase off the site??

shoutBack on 22/9/08 by joji

Sounds easy enough dude.
It’s lekker that we will be working along side Big Blue.
Vendors are going to have a very unique opportunity.

shoutBack on 13/3/08 by DuncanBoxie