Zombie Boss

shoutOut on 11/2/10 by cmatos in

There are so many bosses


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boa camila!!!

shoutBack 1 day, 22 hours ago by cash

This is great. Congrats!!!

I didnt see this one even in the running for this voting period. The last I saw this one was the best of the best comp.

shoutBack 2 days, 2 hours ago by suburbanhijinx

congrats :D

shoutBack 2 days, 7 hours ago by Sergio37

nice one :D

shoutBack 2 days, 12 hours ago by mujee

LOL!! Very funny… this T-shirt one should wear on workers day haha… Very well depicted hey. Great colour and shading on this image and good T-shirt colour chosen!! But i totally agree ith this design anyway HAHAHA. Has a vintage movie style to it which i like…Nice one

shoutBack on 17/2/10 by Zave

great camila!

shoutBack on 15/2/10 by cash

this is cool, but i think the boss should look more zombie like.

shoutBack on 14/2/10 by ralphysims

NOw this is the Cmatos design work I love. Hilarious concept and sick characters. Winning combination if you ask me!

shoutBack on 12/2/10 by DuncanBoxie

hahaha :D

shoutBack on 12/2/10 by theblueman

Classic! Zombie boss is definitely a solid big HIGH FIVE Tshirt design.

it’s one of those that everyone can realte to. Your work and creative mentality fueling your well drawn characters has really gone to a new level.


A design like this definitely transcends the barrier of a cool design or character, but really depicts a situation everyone can relate to... Combine the boss “love” with the Zombie madness and this is a recipe for one super cool retro tee. LOVE IT!

shoutBack on 11/2/10 by EranEyal