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About Trend Reports
Not Your Average Trend Spotting Platform

The Springleap Trend Spotting Platform has been built from the ground up to be the most relevant to the branding, advertising and creative professional industries. Although there are several different providers out there (here’s our overview of trend platforms), we’ve had to redefine the meaning of “trend” or at least revisit why professionals should care about them.

The platform will allow you to easily search by keyword or topic across time period, region and product category, but let’s first dive into how we segment the trends.

Topics Included

Get close to the personalities, websites, social accounts, media brands, and topics of conversation influencing your consumers in local markets every month. This section allows subscribers the chance to identify potential brand ambassadors and partnership opportunities, join in on relevant consumer conversations, and learn how influencers are building their niche audiences through technology and their unique personalities.

Impactful Brand Campaigns

Not to be confused with media monitoring, this section pulls out radio, tv, print, out-of-home, in store and digital campaigns that creatives think are worth paying attention to, no matter what product category they fall under. More than just mentioning where the campaign was shown, the creatives dig deep to reverse engineer the campaign’s intended audience, main message, execution and communication strategy, and what lessons could be learned. Of course, links to the original campaigns are provided.

Local Imagery

Originally built for our Art Director clients, this visual section has been a big hit with our brand managers and researchers as well. It features high definition images and videos of local landmarks, iconic landscapes, trending hot spots, local people and often highlights local rising photographers. Often times there is no better way to characterize the personality of a place, scene or people then through a visual understanding.


Despite “the digital age” we live in, physical events are still soaring in popularity. Whether it is sports, craft markets, concerts or industry events, our trend spotters provide a first hand account of why the event made an impact that month. The section dissects who the event was targeted at, how the organizers attracted attendees, what (if any) brands were involved and even photos of the event to give that visual appreciation.

On the Minds of Local Creatives

If you haven’t noticed, we think very highly of our community of 180,000 creatives. They are our superheroes, and believe they should be yours too. Although they are the minds behind the previous sections as well, in this section we give them a little more freedom to discuss big ideas. Their big ideas are usually channeled into 1) future technologies, marketing platforms, and global trends as relevant to their local markets and 2) insight into the local advertising and branding industries.

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