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Why Trend Platform?
The Springleap Trend Spotting Platform is designed to deliver a combination of empathy-driven understanding of local consumers but also actionable intelligence to make use of as it is delivered. Here are ways our current clients are using the platform.

Marketing and Brand Managers

Use Influences section to generate content ideas and identify relevant trending conversations

Identify rising influencers to partner with or approach for brand ambassador/spokesperson

Track potential events to launch activations, or build an association through ticket give-aways

Study how competitors are using digital and traditional channels to communicate with your consumers

Learn best in practice in-store activations from brands outside your category

Future proof your brand by tracking relevant industry future trends in On the Minds of Creatives

Agency Professionals

Keep up to date with the influences shaping your clients’ consumer behaviors

Get dozens of campaign ideas from brands across all categories

Learn from other brand’s mistakes, strength’s and missed opportunities

Understand how digital and traditional media channels are employed on campaigns

Study the tone, imagery and creative tactics other agencies are using to communicate to consumer groups

Get a visual mastery of local scenes to build better mood boards and concept pitches

Identify gaps and competitive threats that your clients’ should be reacting to








Market and Consumer Research Professionals

Get to the "why” of what’s changing consumer behavior

Develop an empathy-driven understanding of various demographics, regions and LSMs

Understand how youth culture is impacting the markets

Ensure your brand and marketing teams are up-to-speed on local trends

Find locally relevant approaches to deliver brand and product messages



Small and Creative Businesses 

Learn tactics, approaches and strategies used by "big budget” brands Generate ideas and topics to engage your current and potential customers on social media Stay on top of what’s trending in your local market, without breaking the bank



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