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Frequently Asked Questions
Why would popular trends be valuable to my brand?

Staying relevant in the market is tough job… Trends are constantly changing and with so many cultures playing across the landscape it’s a difficult job to stay relevant as a brands without the latest data and insights. Our reports will help you build a better understanding of the world your consumers are living in and what influences them on a daily basis. That’s more than any other data resource will provide.

How does your pricing work?

Our pricing is based on monthly rate that allows us to reimburse the creatives participating in crowdsourcing the trends, operational costs to cover our digital platform, research team and a little extra to reinvest in launching into new countries. We provide pricing in a monthly fashion so you can see for yourself if investing in our reports on an ongoing basis is financially sustainable for your company.

Does it apply to my industry?

It touches on every industry provided that there is something spectacular that’s happened within that industry that pertains to advertising or consumer trends. We do offer category add-ons. Just reach out to to see if yours is on the list.


Can I Cancel My Membership?

We'd hate to lose you! But, if you truly feel you're not getting the value you signed up for, and don't think providing feedback will help, you may cancel the membership at any time after 3 months.  

Who is the data sourced from?

50 of leading advertising creatives and strategists in a given market, filling us in on what’s going on around them and what they are working on.

Why would advertising agency creatives and strategists be a good source of these insights?

It’s pertinent for creatives and strategists in agencies to be on top of trends, as their job description demands that they be relevant to consumers. They’re constantly working on thousands of campaigns with the latest consumer data being actioned into campaigns. This monthly trendspotting report allows you to tap straight into those insights.

I’m a one-man band, I don’t think I need this?

This report is something you can share with existing clients to show them that you are relevant and up-to-date as a provider. It can spark ideas for future campaigns and pitching new business.

Who else is using the Trend platform?

We have hundreds of subsribers, ranging from small to large brands and agencies like Sony, Discovery, Saatchi & Saatchi. We also have small business owners, architects, consultants and retail shop owners subscribing to the platform.

Can I get a custom report for my country or category?

Absolutely. We’re working with companies like Adidas, Grants Whiskey, Pernod Ricard, Integer, Deloitte, Saatchi and more to get them industry and country specific reports. Contact our team at to learn more

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