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I’m 1113568911 seconds young

About: zerobriant, check out my site www.zerobriant.com and my fan page at facebook :D http://bit.ly/zerobriant

Interview with Zerobriant with zerobriant by DuncanBoxie

Zerobriant is a designer of an international calibre who has the ability to deliver an important message, such as eco-awareness , through his masterful design.

We are proud to add this talented individual to our list of top-notch winners!


1. Tell us more about yourself, have you always lived in the Philippines? Do you have a big family?

First of all thank you so much for inviting me to join Springleap. I am honoured to be welcomed with so much warmth and blessings .

I am just a simple guy with some talent who loves to share :D
I have been designing for almost 15 years now, don’t get all wrinkly forehead and try to compute my age, I have been creating artwork since I was a kid and have been a professional artist since early 2000 , now do the math :D

The Philippines is composed of 7107 islands and I have been able to stay on 3 different islands for more than a year so far, but with my travels I was able visit and saw almost a thousandth of it.
I come from a huge family , my mother side has 13 siblings while with my father has 6 and close to 50 cousins all in all. Though I only have one wife and one kid :D


2. What made you get into design? Is there somebody that you consider your “design hero”?

Most of my uncles and cousins are into art . We used to have a small printing shop in the province; I remember how busy we used to be during elections . T-shirts are always a good medium for election campaigns and there were orders from everywhere. I sometimes helped with cleaning the squeegee. Since I was a bit exposed and a little bit trained by my awesome uncles and my dad , I have been able to harness what they have taught me, so I consider them all as my design hero . Also my cousin Erwin who saw my potential and convinced me to study Fine Arts :D


3. Your winning design A Pelicans Wish is a very environmental piece, do you think t-shirt design is a good way to raise awareness for the environment?

Very much! If the media is too quick with a piece of news which is quickly forgotten , then a t-shirt with a remarkable design can intrigue you to know more about its message . Almost all of my designs have a story to tell and half of them are about the environment , which is pretty cool because I always want to do something universal to help save Mother Nature . The sad news about the oil spill and dying animals are just too affecting to not notice and not to do something about it. So I hope you wear and take pride that you are also making a difference .


4. What is your favourite genre of design, why does it inspire you?

I am always inspired with Art Nouveau , the little details you can see with the main subject . I haven’t mastered it yet but I am trying to make something like it :D
It’s simply classic and amazing for me :D
Things that challenge me inspire me :D


5. What is life like for digital artists in the Philippines? Do you find that it is difficult to get recognition for your work?

I live in the province and far from the capital city . Many of my colleagues in the mainland get some good recognition from different sectors and sponsors. But surprisingly a lot of artists from my province Cebu have been getting some good exposure from international contest sites and brands . There is a growing population , and I know someday our government will take pride in our work.

But I guess it’s not really hard to get acknowledged if you work hard enough to sustain your goals and keep a good merit. I carry on by promoting and submitting my artworks to almost anywhere, where there is a need for some cool designs . It’s always a great feeling being recognized in different parts of the globe, and lately I am so proud to be part of Springleap , which is based in South Africa .
This is one of my greatest achievements so far :D


yeah!!! this the coolest!! :D thanks for posting Duncan! :D

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