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Rabobi, Rabobi by WolFox

Rabobi ba ya gona Dr. Octopus left right iGreen Goblin uppercut KO one time.

Complete Xhosa theme

Rabobi, Rabobi Design by WolFox with WolFox by DuncanBoxie

This stunning Spiderman inspired design by WolFox is absolutely spinning in retro SA television power.
Lets have a look at what Team WolFox had to say about the design itself.

1. What was the biggest challenge this design posed for you as an artist?

WOL: I didn’t design it, I conceptualised it.
FOX: Eggs.

2. Do you feel this design will sell well internationally?

WOL: Hmmm…no definitely not.
FOX: Nice.

3. How long did it take you to complete your design?

WOL: It took my partner a long time.
FOX: Run.

4. What was your original concept for this design?

WOL: African Spiderman.
FOX: Hello.

5. Did you have a feeling this design would be popular?

WOL: Yes I reckon but only for those in the know.
FOX: Break-dance.

6. How much did you tweak this design the second time around?

WOL: Ask Fox. He says:
FOX: Yes, yes and yes.

7. Do you feel this design falls into the realm of parody?

WOL: Yes.
FOX: No.

8. Can we expect to see more of this form of design from you in the future?

WOL: Yes its all I have going for me.
FOX: Break-dance, again.

9. What kind of person do you see wearing this design?

WOL: Dynamic young go-getters.
FOX: Ha ha. You said it.

10. Who is your favourite superhero?

WOL: Silver Surfer.
FOX: Meat.


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