So you’ve registered, but you’re having trouble with something - ANYTHING?

This is the place to ask…

Do you want to know how to upload a design into the competition?

Or where to start a new blog post?

Or if anything isn’t working the way you think it should?


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  1. khutaza

    Hey, my submissions have been approved for may, but i dont see them in the gallery…Will i get to see them later in the mth, or are they lost in the design vortex of oblivion…..weeeeeeeeeoooooooowwwwwwwwweeeeeeeoooooo…

  2. Post

    heya khutaza

    if they got approved IN may, you’ll see them in the gallery in june

    but will get the guys to check into this for you to make sure everything is 100%

  3. DuncanBoxie

    That was a fantastic sound effect, sounds like the chic from Kung Pow.

  4. Post

    heya firefly,

    at this stage nope

    but we’re planning on fixing up the forum posts so that you’ll be able to do a lot more in the future, including editing your posts. not sure when we’re going to be able to get to this, but it is on the plan

    we didn’t have any plans for editing of tshirt voting, but if the community wants us to have that feature we’ll have it :)

    so at a later stage we’ll have a poll and one of the things we can ask is whether we should allow editing of tshirt votes

    i wish our developer team had 25 hours in a day :)

  5. souf

    Hey guys. Wat up!!

    Question: The psd file that you get with the submission kit, is that the only colour t-shirts you got?

    I’ve designed something and only afterwards saw that you guys don’t have the colour shirt that I want my design to be on.

  6. firefly

    I further the colour question, i’m assuming those are the only colours you have available for print, but can we submit a design on a true black shirt? of do we have to stick to the dark grey imitation black? because i have a design with a lot of darks greys in it and its kinda looking weird…

  7. AntiNexus

    I’m having issues resizing one of my preview images to meet the 26k limit.
    Even on gif 4 colour it’s stuck at about 35k.
    I’ve tried dropping the resolution of the pic, no glory.

  8. EranEyal

    Hi AntiNexus - Welcome on board :)

    Wow - you will definitle struggle to get it that small - The size for the preview images is 260k not 26k.

    That should go a long way to helping :)

    Just to confirm, here are the required sizes :

    Thumbnail : under 100k
    Preview : under 260k
    t Preview : under 260k

    hope this helps

  9. AntiNexus

    Shot a lot, figured it out yesterday. My tardation kicked in and went into rambo-tard mode.
    Used to working in MB’s & gigs… Itty bitty file sizes confuse me.

    wipes drool off site

  10. EranEyal

    Hi Souf

    Regarding your question :

    The tshirts that are in the submission kit you downloaded are the only colour options available.

    Keeping those colours alone available is a real headache in itself. Dye houses only accept 500m of cloth at a time. Yep - that’s half a kilometer. So when we looked at creating springleap, we had to decide aon a few colours. Most of our consultants said 5 colours max INCLUDING Black and white. We laughed. We cried when we saw how much it would cost.

    So 12 colours is very substantial. In the future, no doubt we will have all sorts of colours like Cherry Limerick or Malevolent Mint, but for the moment the 12 colours are what’s available. As springleap grows, not only will the prizes and functionality on the site, but the choices of printing types, patterns, colours and lots of other things :):):)

  11. EranEyal

    Hi Firefly

    regarding your question : Stellar black is a VERY black cloth - much darker than the one in the pack.

  12. firefly

    Thats the point i was making, that by submitting on the one in the pack it won’t give a fair representation of what it will look like in real life. Other…ahem…international tshirt design websites also have the same grey-off-black-simulating-black-in-real-life in their submission packs, but to get around it they also provide photos of the blank t-shirts to do a mock up. suggestion for the future.

    So at the moment i’m assuming i should just stick to whats in the pack?

  13. souf

    Hey TheBrigand

    Thanx alot for the info. Much appreciated. Sure took you a long time to get back to me. It’s all good though.

    But since you guys just started off, i’ll stick to what was given to us.

    Have a nice day bro.

  14. DustyRich

    Hey eric
    Id love it if their were a way to see past designs like an archive or somthing, i wanna see what lasts months subz were like is that in the future for Springleap?

  15. Post

    heya DustyRich

    hopefully show ALL previous winners from next month

    was spose to happen from this month, but the developers are still getting it right

    so hopefully from next month you’ll be able to see all the winners at a glance, and easily see previous winners

  16. EranEyal

    Hi Firefly - sorry it took a bit to get back to you. Missed the message We will be watching more closely from henceforth.

    I totally get the oing - and it’s quite valid.

    In the near future (now that we will have our FIRST LINE COMING OUT!!!) (I am VERY excited!!!) we will have samples of our shirts actually available and we will be taking photos of the garments themselves and displaying them in the downloadable tshirt template pack.

    It’s really important that every month you download the tshirt template pack. It gets updated slightly on a regular basis.

    Nonetheless - these sort of comments really help us think of how we can tweak the user experience all the time - so thank you for the feedback. We will use it to make things even better

  17. cerebra55

    Dear Eric,

    Ees a beeg problem … your site has suddenly become soooo sloooow … are people simply flooding your with entries? Thinking you might have to extend that comp. deadline … I’ve been trying to submit an entry all night and most of this morning … not happening



  18. DuncanBoxie

    Howzit Cerebra55.
    I see one of your designs came through 17 hours ago, are you sorted?
    Let me know if theres another design that you are having trouble getting through.
    We are discussing the issue right now

  19. Post

    u can also ask questions if you haven’t registered…

    if you’re not sure what to do
    if your verification email hasn’t come through
    if you’re confused or not sure about ANYTHING

    or u want to give us your opinion on things we should change / add / think about / do …..

  20. Post

    hmmmm DustyRich

    a archive or all previous entry’s…

    good point

    at the moment, the only way (i think) you can see previous entry’s is of one of 2 ways:

    1. you know the URL of the design and you type it in directly.

    2. you go into the blog / forum section for the Tshirts - TalkT - and you find the last comment someone made on that Tshirt - and then you can click the link. but there are already hundreds of designs that didn’t make the winners list so already this is impractical

    guess we need to add this in some way…

  21. sparky

    hey Eric.
    Ive got Adobe 7.o and ive got the template on but i dont know what to do from there.What am I missing??????????


  22. Post
  23. Post

    Sparky - sorry to hear u’re having trouble using the template to submit your designs. Will you please use the contact form in the header bar (crew / contact), and it will come through to me and i’ll forward it to the right person who can guide you through the process….

  24. DustyRich

    Thanks for answering the “Q” guys, i suppopse you wouldnt really need an archive with the perssonel pages up and running cause you could go see each artists older designs, so thats all good. Another “Q” hav’nt seen any subs by you guys would love to see em?

  25. Post

    we’re still not sure whether the springleap team should be able to enter Dusty…

    I know Eran & Duncan would both spend the month designing rather than doing any work, but I can just see if one of them won, what the comments would be…

    A few “well done’s” and tons of “he works for springleap, it’s not fair!!!”

    You’ve made us realise we do need archive pages, coz even if you can see the design from a profile page, you might not be able to find the profile page of the person…and sometimes it’s nice to be able to scroll through old designs and see what the people came up with and the scores etc.

    So need to have a section where you can see all the entry’s from the old comp’s and see how they did etc.

  26. DustyRich

    Eric its all good for you guys to enter beacuse you guys have no controll over the voting, we vote not you guys thus if we think the design is cool and vote and you win, first we have another cool T to buy and second no one can complain cause we voted you as winners, maybee put it to a vote and see what the springleapers think. The only thing not fare would be your ability to see how your design is going on the voting role, but those are the perks of having created such a cool site. As far as Eran and Duncan not doing any work, naughty naughty. I think it would be awsome to see designs done by those in the industry, see if us normal out of the industry designers can reach the bar, also maybee if you just submit a T as a special voting option and the community can decide if it should be printed, i dunno it does pose some chalengers but if you guys win donate the prize money to the SA textile industry or possibly fund that idea you guys have for independent design labs for those with the style but no equipment to submit. What do you think?

  27. Post

    Dusty - I think Eran & Duncan & the other creative members of our team should start getting their thinking caps on to come up with some great ideas…

  28. amabacha

    Hey Eric

    Saw a mention of a “Me in an iPod” T-Shirt on Twitter from @springleap and want to check it out on the site.

    Problem is I can’t find the search button…. Am I suffering from too little caffeine this morning?



  29. Post

    heya AmaBacha,

    i want to put the pic onto Zoopy but it won’t load up at the place i’m sitting. will try just now


  30. Post
  31. Post

    SoWicked - take your design and impose it on the tshirt background. you need to design in your design prog and then just place it where you want on the tshirt background colour you think suits your design the best

    if you have any questions, contact us, and we’ll help you through the process

    can’t wait to see your design

  32. khutaza

    yo eric - i have submitted a design for july - its called “pwn a lan”, and it was accepted. However i recently did a full colour one, and i think it looks a helluva lot better, is there any way i can replace the original one, or can i just submit the full colour version as well?

    Khutaza - Brent

  33. Post

    EGHinkle - once you have added the 3 images in, the button will appear to let you submit the entry…

    If this isn’t clear, contact us on the header link, and give us as much info what’s not working, and we’ll do our best to sort it out for you

  34. alp

    Great job on the site - everything looks cool and works well.

    What framework/CMS (if any) did you guys develop from? I guess I woulda used Drupal, but it seems that you’ve developed from scrath…

    Looking forward to the next batch of shirts - have to wait almost a whole month!

  35. Post

    kingslip - there is a lot of people that need to look at the designs before they get approved, to check for swearing, copyright etc etc. So please be patient. We want the process to be super quick, but it isn’t always possible.

    alp - we’re building from the ground up. grass roots level. the site has a long way to go though until the springleap team can sit back and say job well done, but thanks for the compliment.

  36. Post
  37. RatSlayer

    Hey I’m having huge problems uploading!! The images are within the correct size limit and everything but it always gives me the same timeout error with both Firefox and Internet Explorer… I’m really eager to enter but this is such a drag waiting for these error messages to pop up! Thanx

  38. RatSlayer

    Heya sorry bout the last post, everything seems to be fine… I think something may have been hogging bandwidth earlier

  39. Post

    RatSlayer - can’t wait to see your designs. Waiting in anticipation. Let me know if you need any help with uploading?

  40. Topgun

    eric I have a problem.

    I started out writting comments every now and then. But then it got worse and worse. Now I am writting on your site everyday. please gimme the number for blogger anonymous, before I really loose control, and do something I will regret…like…lets not go there lets stay positive; the glass is half full.


  41. bleet

    Just a weird one when can people start to access and view and comment on a design, before the competition closing date, once its been approved, during the competition, seems like I can only comment on the ones that have been running in the competition or the previous winners, so basically whats the best way to get people on springleap to come check out my stuff without sending irritating spam? and links?

  42. Post
  43. Post
  44. RatSlayer

    hmmm i was just wondering today what dictates which designs are first in the list when you look through the gallery… because it seems to me that the same ones always pop up first and therefore they will get more votes and exposure as opposed to the ones at the end of the list???

  45. khutaza

    yo whatsup its me brent (Khutaza) - when i login and try to go to the myCreations page, it pulls up work from another dude called beerad11. I dunno whats happening, please could you help me out. cheers

  46. killerminibus

    Brent/ Khutuza: I’m Chantelle/ Killerminibus. I have the same problem: when I log in it brings up YOUR pages!! or someone else called Oldschool’s. there must be something wrong with the coding for this site. I wrote in to the springleap team yesterday but it still seems to be doing the same thing… annoying! Springleap: Please help!!!!

  47. Post

    Gambyte - usually a submission is approved, sent back for more work, or rejected within a day or 2, but quite a bit of the team were in JHB for the Fashion Sale the last week, which is why approvals haven’t been as quick as they usually are…

    Ratslayer - we’ve changed the home page so that the designs are now shown randomly, so that all get an equal chance of being seen

    Khutaza / killerminibus - we had a few issues with this, and have been looking through everything to find out what is causing this. We think the problem was caused by caching on the flash header (at an ISP level) and have turned off caching for now - so hopefully the problem is now solved. It does mean unfortunately that the flash banner gets reloaded everytime you view a page, which is a waste of our bandwidth and your time. So going forward we are considering having the navigation header as something other than flash…

    but let us know if you are still having problems.

    and thanks for letting us know. we’ve still got lots to do till we’re happy with springleap

  48. Post

    SilverSabre - what happens when you try? come onto “online help” by clicking on the top left when one of us is online, and lets try work it out, so that it works for you

  49. Post
  50. khutaza

    yo guys, sorry to be a downer, but that flash banner is doing that thing again, where i log in as khutaza and go to another page and BAM! im a chick named SexyToesGirl17. please help.

  51. Post

    khutaza - you’re not the only one that this is happening to! we’ve had 2 other people tell us it’s happened to them as well. but that’s it. so we’re frantically trying to figure out why this is happening.

    if it’s happening to anyone else out there, PLEASE LET us know…

    for now khutaza, please log out, do a hard refresh and log in again - hopefully we’ll have this fixed ASAP or even quicker than ASAP

  52. SilverSabre

    Hi Eric

    Go have a look at the user profiles for the people having this issue…what is different between those and the rest of the users.

    Also check if there is in-fact a user called “SexyToesGirl17”.. I highly doubt it, which implies that it might be a hack?…or perhaps a forgotten line in the Login section of the websites code…


  53. Post

    heya SilverSabre - our developers think the issue is caused by the pages caching at the ISP level

    so if you log in under your name, and your ISP has a page cached by another user that logged in previously, it might have showed you that

    so we’ve done some code fixing, and hopefully the problem is now fixed.

    but going to show your posting to our developer team…as maybe there is more we can do

  54. SilverSabre

    Hey Eric

    I’ve never actually experienced the error khutaza got, it was just me going into tecchie mode :)

    But I did check and there is no user called SexyToesGirl17…unless khutaza made that name up

    (I used the following address to check:
    SexyToesGirl17 )

  55. Post

    light bulb moment - thnaks SilverSabre - interesting that that user doesn’t exist (fires off email to developers…)

    but maybe khutaza got the user name wrong…

    will check it out - thanks again!

  56. theshinjukueffect

    There’s an error in “Section 12. Limitation of Liability”
    of your User Policy.

    “The Website is controlled and offered by Springleap from its facilities in the South Africa of America.”

    Thats gotta be a typo.

  57. Post
  58. RatSlayer

    Hey guys I was just wondering, which Big Blue stores sell the shirts designed here - I live in Gaunteng and there are two Big Blues at the East Rand Mall I think???? But I’ve never seen a Springleap shirt there - although I don’t go to the mall that much.

  59. Post

    heya Ratslayer - you should be able to find springleap tshirts at the following Big Blue stores:

    Cresta, Menlyn and Fourways

    If anyone goes past those Big Blue stores, please take a pic and send it to us…

  60. SoWicked

    Hey! I’m sorry, you must think by now I can’t do anything by myself. But, I made my design and tried to put it onto your web. The small pic. went, the normal pic. went through, but went it came to the t-shirt it did’t want to go through. Can you help me please?…

  61. Post

    hi SoWicked,

    sorry to hear you’re having trouble

    we got your emails as well we’ve sent you a reply with some questions so we can get to the bottom of this.

    please check your email.

  62. SilverSabre


    There seems to be a problem on the new design submission kit.

    The black tee shirt seems to have the text as part of the actual image…so it can’t be removed.

    I have mailed Eran with a screenshot.

  63. EranEyal

    Hey Guys

    Thanks for the headsup SS, we are uploading a new kit just now.

    The text is a layer that can be deleted, somehow the black became contaminated.

    We added it in to remind people to read the rules of submitting at springleap as we are rejecting a lot of designs because people are not reading the READ ME FIRST.pdf included in the springleap t-shirt template kit.

    As an artist one should ALWAYS read the brief and understand the media. This is not coming through so we placed some text on a separate layer to remind everyone to read the rules. There are only 10 and they are pretty simple.

    Thanks to SilverSabre for the incredible vigilance and attention to detail.

  64. pamsykes

    Hi, how do I check the status of my order? Can’t find a way to do this anywhere on the site and I’ve heard nothing since payment confirmation on August 15th. Hoping my shirts are in the mail?

  65. Post

    Hi Pam,

    your one shirt was a may winner which is already in our warehouse. the other tshirt you purchased was a june winner which is arriving in cape town on friday this week, or monday next week.

    both tshirts will be sent as soon as the second one arrives. as you are cape town based, email me your address, and i’ll send someone to drop off the one personally at you, so you have it quicker.

    when you purchased, you should have received 2 emails - one from VCS (our credit card processing company), to say your purchase went through, and the second from springleap to give you a tracking number so you can see where your purchase is.

    pls let me know if you didn’t receive both emails, as we’ve heard from a couple people that they only received the VCS one, and not the springleap one, and we’re investigating to find out why people didn’t receive both.

    anyway, let me have your address, and we’ll get the first tshirt over to you ASAP

    and sorry about the inconvenience of not knowing where your purchase is.


  66. lostHorizon

    Your site is very pretty and all, but I’ve gone through your whole comments section and round and round in circles trying to find stuff that I feel should be easy to find, namely:

    A search function within your profiles so people can find designers’ profiles and their designs without having to dig and scratch through loads of pages…(perhaps one could even see the designs that didn’t make it to top 20 so one can see the style of the designer?)

    More info on buying - like a sizing chart (for starters)
    eg: LADIES: small = size 32, medium = 34, large = 36 ..
    …and what are the men’s sizes??
    Also stuff like info that I got from the live chat thingie about the fact that they’re slim fit and more information on the actual t-shirts for buying - like the quality of the ink/fabric and anything else that makes them great besides the design!

  67. Post

    hi lostHorizon

    some great points

    search function - on the to do list so will go live as soon as our poor developers have a chance to breathe

    sizing charts - being put together as i write, and will also go live soon

    about the tshirts - GREAT POINT - we need to put together something which talks about the tshirts.

    at the moment, we’re buying quality South African cotton and cutting it into a tshirt shape that we have worked with specialists to design, and the printing is done by one of South Africa’s top Tshirt printing company’s - the print is AWESOME

    but you’re absolutely right - we should put together a page talking about the quality of the Tshirts with pics so you can see what they look like rather than just the design on a tshirt template.

    now where’s that to-do list :)

  68. pamsykes

    Thanks for the info, Eric — I’ve just checked emails again and I’m one of those who only received the first one, not the second with the tracking number. Maybe there needs to be a “MyShirts” or “MyAccount” page somewhere on the site to help ppl with the tracking? One more for the to-do list! :-)

  69. Post

    hi Pam,

    we are trying to figure out why people aren’t receiving their email with details.

    but good idea about the “myAccount” page - the to-do list is growing longer!

  70. DaRKo

    Hey Eric, I see some people are hassling you with improvements to make to the website, mind if I join in? :

    Firstly a simple little “keep me signed in” tick box would be awesome. I’de visit this website even more if I was constantly signed in.

    It would also be really cool if we could check our rating for various designs, i.e. if I have a design in the comp this month it would be nice to see how its doing before the end of the comp. (but other people dont have to see it)
    If your able to do this maybe throw in a few more statistics, like how many boys vs girls voted on my design, the average age of the person who gave me a 5, how many votes is my 5.0 average based on, and what percentage of a pie chart looks like pacman, etc…

    I’ve also had some complaints on newcomers finding it really hard to register to vote, maybe they’re just illiterate.

    DaRKo Out!

  71. tay

    Geez darko thats a mouthful. I dunno if the stats should be shown eh. It gives away the surprise of it all..cos people on here know other ppl on here and they can compare results to a certain level.

  72. Post

    yeah - we’re still debating whether to show stats or not - either public or just to the designers. very hard call.

    keep me signed in - i like that! will have it added

    probs signing in - pls let people mail us or contact us, and we’ll make sure we get to the bottom of every problem - as there shouldn’t be problems. and if there are we want to know about them

  73. killerminibus

    ok… is it just me or are the measurments in the springleap kit a bit off? actually really off?..

    It says in the instructional pdf that your design should be no bigger than 50cm (height) x 38cm (width)… however the shirt documents (photoshop, illustrator etc) seem to only measure 10,16 × 10,16cm (the canvas size): in other words the design would be bigger than the t-shirt? hmm… not right. so how do we relate the sizes? or is it just a kind of guesstimate?

  74. killerminibus

    ok… is it just me or are the measurements in the springleap kit a bit off? actually really off?..

    It says in the instructional pdf that your design should be no bigger than 50cm (height) x 38cm (width)… however the shirt documents (photoshop, illustrator etc) seem to only measure 10,16 × 10,16cm (the canvas size): in other words the design would be bigger than the t-shirt? hmm… not right. so how do we relate the sizes? or is it just a kind of guesstimate?

  75. Post
  76. EranEyal

    Hi killerminibus

    The canvas size of the template is just an indication for placement.

    When creating your image, the measurements for your ORIGINAL work still stand.

    So if you are working on vector based programs this won’t affect you - only really on Photoshop.

  77. killerminibus

    Thanks for the quick response! However… I’ve been using both Photoshop and Illustrator for my designs- the canvas size in photoshop is 10,16 × 10,16cm and the t-shirt size in Illustrator 21,5 × 27,9cm… so it’s better than the photoshop document but still not fitting in with the whole thing… erm… what size is the t-shirt supposed to be? maybe if I can resize the shirt to what it’s supposed to be I can figure out if my print is the right size or not…. Thanks XD

  78. EranEyal


    The trick is to create your design on a separate doc from the template at that size or less and then position it on the shirt.

    So you resize it to fit the shirt

    If you are in the top 10 then we will ask for the original large artwork to go into production

    Does that help?

    If not - I am online at the support line - come on and lets chat about it

    Just click on the “Live Help” Icon on the right of our header

  79. sparky

    Hey guys,its sparky again
    Im back with my old prob,i download the template,open it on adobe reader 7.0 and then ??????
    Is adobe reader the wrong thing to use or am i just missing something.??????????????


  80. EranEyal

    Heya Sparky!

    Which file are you trying to open?

    If you try open the Adobe “READ ME FIRST” or “Springleap T-SHIRT DESIGN 101”, with Adobe Acrobat - those should work fine as they are saved in the old v5 format (the current which is free to download is v8).

    If you are trying to open the template pack Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator files (psd and ai files) you will not have any luck with that - you need Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator to open those.

    If you don’t have them you can download trial versions from the

  81. EranEyal

    Hi Dillionaire

    There should be no reason to unlock the locked layers - just create a new layer and place your art within that layer as the top layer :)

  82. Post

    heya Tay

    what a difficult decision trying to work out the King of Comments Queen of Quotes for August. Everyone is really coming to the party helping the designers with some incredible input.

    After sitting for ages discussing and debating the winner, we finally gave it to DustyRich who walked away with the R500 prize

    This month is going to be massive though as Sony Ericsson is giving a CELL PHONE to the winner.

  83. Thyself

    Hi there
    I submitted a design quite a while ago and its keeps stating “Pending approval” who is the approval coming from because its taking some time?


  84. Post

    heya Thyself,

    which competition did you submit to?

    If it’s the main comp for October, then it takes a few days, but there is a quite a queue so the guys will get to approving as soon as they can.

    If it’s the markham, timecode or Louise Carver comps, then approval will be soon

    which one did you submit to?


  85. Thyself

    Hi Eric
    I submitted it in the 1st week of september for the september entries.Is that fine? Or is one only suppose to enter prior to the month they want enter in?


  86. Post

    Hi Thyself, You couldn’t have entered in the 1st Week Sep for the september entries.

    Entry’s for the next months comp close on the 27th of each month. So if you entered in the first week sep, then you entered the October comp.

    But stranger things have happened so tell me - is your entry showing up in the voting this month?

  87. sparky

    Hey Guyz
    I’ve tryed downloading adobe illustrater.I chose to try illustrater,i enter my details and then it goes to the download page.I click download and nothing happens.Does anyone know something that can help me???

    Thnx Sparky

  88. Post
  89. EranEyal

    Hi Sparkey

    What browser are you using?

    I suspect that you need to go into your browser / antivirus settings and allow popups - I would also try to right click on the download button and choose : open in a new window.

  90. Afman

    Your design instructions are confusing and contradictory or I am slow in lateral thinking. You specify Illustrator, Freehand and Photoshop. The first two are vector based. I do the initial designs in them but you then request a jpg ,gif or png and these will pixalate the design and result in blurry images. OK for thumbnails and concept clearance, but lousy for printing. How will the final art be sent? Anything via Internet is pixal based.
    Is the size you give because that is the shape you require for T Shirts? Does that mean the designs must implicity follow that parameter? I tried to follow that and streching was the result.
    You talk about sending art as a psd@300dpi. That’s great for getting stuff sharper but how does that fit in with the 150dpi request or is that the final approved art size?
    If these questions are obviously stupid please fill me in on the missing clues.

  91. EranEyal

    Hi Afman

    Hope this helps to clarify a bit

    1. The 150dpi vs 300 dpi issue - the images you submit for approval are not the files we can go to print with. If you are using a raster image program such as Photoshop then all your original images need to be in 300dpi. The images for the site are 150dpi. 300dpi is necessary to go to print but WAY too large for the site to handle.

    2. You can use either vector or raster programs as specified. When exporting the images you can control the output in the export panel in both freehand and illustrator - but you need to make sure that you are exporting to the correct pixel size. This can be done in two ways off the bat : 1. save your jpg’s at 150dpi and edit the final jpgs in photoshop by editing the canvas size, or create a boundy box in illustrator to the right pixel size.

    The blurriness you are incurring is because the images you are outputting are not the correct pixels size and site is expanding orcontracting your image out of its native aspect ratio.

  92. Onanymous

    Hi guys.
    I’m trying to submit a design for the Markham competition, but it keeps telling me that my files aren’t uploading properly.
    Could it be a browser issue, or should I try using something other than a .png?

  93. Post

    Onanymous - try a different format and see what happens? We’re having a few sporadic issues on the WYSIWIG but nothing has been reported wrong on the uploader.

    Slakk - 150dpi is the size you need to save in.

    Asking Eran to check this post so he can comment on both your questions.

  94. Onanymous


    Turns out it was the format. Jpg & gif works fine, but I still can’t upload any in png’s.
    Thanks anyway.

    I was also wondering - why 150dpi instead of 72dpi for the preview images, since 72dpi is screen res, and 150dpi images are displayed at 72dpi anyway?
    Especially since high res images have to be supplied for printing purposes afterwards anyway?

  95. Post
  96. EranEyal

    Hi Guys

    Firstly about DPI - this is a setting for resolution and it stands for “Dots Per Inch” - this is basically describing how many pixels are in an inch - a pixel is a dot of colour/light and images such as photos and the way our eyes make up the world we see is made up of pixels - dots of light and colour. This is called a raster image. Programs that are used to edit Raster images include Adboe Photoshop, Corel Photopaint and Paintshop Pro.

    Since the images are built up of pixels, the more pixels you cram in a set amount of scale - the higher the resolution is and thus the clearer and sharper an image becomes.

    This has 2 drawbacks - the more pixels you cram in - the more information there is and thus the file size grows quite quickly.

    The other drawback is that once you have created the file - if you chose too low a resolution setting then when you need the picture at higher resolutions, there really is no going back and you could be in quite a pickle. So if you think you need anything in the future in a bigger format you should create your designs or store them at nothing less that 300dpi - which is the standard for print media.

    As pointed out below by Onanymous, your screen displays pictures at 72dpi - at springleap we may require the item to be scaled upwards on different areas of the site so to allow for this we request that all your preview images be submitted in 150dpi.

    If you are in the top 10 and go to print we will always ask for a 300dpi Photoshop file - not a tif, jpg or such as we need to colour separate your images for print - so please always send us the ORIGINAL PSD file to make sure we can print your design as it should be with as little hassle to us as possible in what is already a fairly complex and intricate process of silkscreening.

    The other method that can be used to create graphics is * VECTOR*. Vector based graphics packages such as Adobe Illustrator, Coreldraw, Macromedia Freehand and such work by a system of lines and colour that are not dependent on being made up of pixels of light and colour.

    In essence vector graphics can more be defined as a series of commands or mathematical statements that describe the creation of graphics. Since the maths that underlies the process is all there, it becomes easy for a program to merely scale these up or down in size (don’t worry - you don’t need to do the math - the program does it all for you and all you ever see are the graphical tools). So if, for example, I create a triangle and choose a gradient fill and then extrude it to create a 3d looking object - the program just sees this as code and stores the code rather than the information of pixels and their placements. The problem with pixel-realted graphics is that if there aren’t enough pixels - the program can only really “guess” what is missing and fill in the blanks via a method called interpolation. Trust me when I tell you that this never really works out and you just get an ugly blurry image.

    So it’s up to you - I love vector-based programs as they allow me to store my graphics in such a way that I can always scale them up later without loss and every vector program allows the user to export to raster that is to formates like jpg, psd, png, tiff and so forth.

    Every program has it’s place and it really just comes down to what the artist likes to work with and with what he/she is most proficient.

  97. familycanvas

    Hi y’all, pleeeeez help, I have downloaded the submission templates but everytime I try to publish or export, I seem to have a white shirt coming through on top of my design. Even if I just change the color of the shirt, there still is a “shadow” of a white shirt coming through.

  98. Onanymous

    Thanks for the feedback!

    I’m really sorry to be such a pain, but I have one more question regarding the Markhams competition:

    The images in the downloadable design pack aren’t very high res and there aren’t any vector files either.
    What would be the best way to handle the final artwork if you don’t want to use the t-shirt wizard?

  99. killerminibus

    i have a question… u guys say we are allowed to enter 5 submissions per month. the external comps (like the submissions into the louise carver and timecode comps),are these submissions included or excluded in the 5 designs u are allowed to enter into springleap per month?

  100. Post

    the themed comps are excluded in the count. you can enter up to 5 designs in the main comp every month (we really need a name for it - time to find a sponsor!), and the other themed comps are all different so read the postings on the themed comps to find out how many submissions are allowed

  101. Post

    heya nikkisponsor - you mean how do you change stuff in your blog postings in “peeps”? amending blog postings is on our “to do” list - will get it up and running ASAP

  102. simon

    Just a quick one regarding the top 20 prizes. On the site it says you receive a limited edition poster of your design. Just wondering if you guys are still ganna send them? Just wanna know coz I’ve had 3 top 20’s since the site was born, but haven’t seen a poster so just wanted to double check. Thanks for an awesome opportunity to design!

  103. IntegralApparel

    I am wondering if its the card inside the hang tag?

    On a second note, as a top 20 winner it says you win another random winning design, but if you win 2 in one contest, would be entitled to 2,3,4 or even 5 winners if all yours won?

  104. Post

    simon - the poster prize was the postcard poster as IntegralApparel mentioned BUT we now have David doing some incredible hand drawn replica’s of the winning designs, and we’ll email you a copy of your design signed by the whole springleap team. They’re taking time to do though coz they’re really good!

    IntegralApparel - you get 3 Tshirts for every winning design you get in the Top 20 and now the Top 10. We did previously allow them to be different designs but it’s proving an admin NIGHTMARE, so we’ve changed it that you now get 3 of each of YOUR winning designs. You’ll be able to choose what sizes you want, so you can keep one or 2 and give the other ones away to friends or family. Or maybe frame one?

  105. Post
  106. simon

    Ok cool, that answers my question, thanks. The hand drawings sound pretty awesome!

    Another prob, the Markham gallery is very erratic at the moment. The gallery paging is not correct, and shirts that appear on page 2 sometimes show again on page 6, and then it says I’ve voted on all the designs when I haven’t even logged in. If it helps you guys I’m using Mozilla Firefox 2.

    Just thought I’d let you know so it gets rectified.

  107. nikiagold

    hey man its sucks a little that you can not update personal information or am i just being a nut, is there a special place you go? i get that you don’t want people to change their username thats cool i agree but it would be super if i can enter my real name and details now that i can see just how not dodge and cool your community is…

  108. Post

    Simon - your other question slipped past me. We’re working on the Markham gallery - if anyone notices anything that isn’t working, please let us know…

    nikiagold - you DEF should be able to edit your personal details. what is happening when you try?

  109. lovechild05


    I’m new to Springleap. Submitted my designs a couple of days ago; still awaiting approval! What is that & why does it take so long?

    One other thing I wanna klnow is how does one cancell their account & retract their designs on this site?


  110. Post

    hi lovechild05 - we’ve got a huge amount of designs coming through this month which is why it’s taking longer than usual. it shouldn’t take more than a few days. if it’s longer than that, then please use the contact us form, and give us details of the design and we’ll check why it’s taking so long.

    if you don’t want to use springleap, just don’t submit - easy - but we hope that never happens. if you have submitted your designs, and want to retract them, let us know BEFORE the competition begins, and we’ll delete them from the competition you entered

  111. Post
  112. nikiagold

    well when i go to my profile it shows all the things ( blank/not set cause i didn’t enter it) and when i scroll over or try to edit …. not working?

  113. NeXXuS

    Probably pretty arb problem, but was wondering why in the template pack, Photoshop tells me that there is a problem with the PSD template??

    Illustrator AI template works fine, but I’m a 3d bunny and hardly use illustrator and so would prefer to use the PSD. no biggy really, it’s an excuse to learn I guess :) (oh, use CS2 by the way, and before you ask, have tried downloading the template pack again:)

  114. Waynepoo

    Hi there

    Just wondering how long it takes for approval on shirts? Im thinking my thumbnail’s arent correct and would like a suggestion or help to correct them without being disapproved.

    Awsome site tho, def be doing some purchases here. Thanx for the cool stuff

  115. NeXXuS

    Just as a matter of interest, one of the designs I did was rejected because you thought it was a photo :)

    Thanks for the compliment guys, but I did mention in the blurb attached that it was a figure posed in Daz|Studio. The figure is Victoria 4 one of their range of 3d models (check out for confirmation)for Daz|Studio and Poser and she’s wearing the Domino outfit for V4, I think. As she doesn’t actually exist, getting her permission might be difficult :)

    However, it was my first design posted on here and my first T-shirt design ever and when I compared it to the others I’ve put up. I’d rather it wasn’t on anyways.

    Just so you know though, I DID read the rules and it’s not actually a photo

  116. EranEyal

    Hi Nexxus

    Thanks for the heads up - I think that even then it is a difficult decision - I am not sure if we can use one of the standard models from their pack for commercial gain - it could be a very stick situation…

  117. EranEyal

    Hi Waynepoo

    Sometimes we are innundated with designs and it can take some time to approve all of them - in general we approve the ones that are non-problematic outright and the rest we have to laboriously work through and sometimes discuss.

    Since we are not a huge team yet, the work can be a bit exhausting. Most sites take 2 weeks or so to do approvals…

    Having said that - we try our best to get it done asap.

  118. EranEyal

    Hi Nikiagold

    To change items on the profile page, click the “(not set)” fields and a text box will open - make sure that you click the green tick after you are done!

  119. Post

    sorry Untamed300 - don’t know how that one slipped past me.

    Log in, click on myCrib and one of the options below is myCreations

    does that help?

    And thanks for helping Giggles.

    Giggles, go to the submit page and follow the info required. any probs let me know

  120. Post
  121. EranEyal

    Hey there skateboardp

    You can change the t-shirt colours by disabling the layers above the colour you want.

    By default the white layer is turned on, and then the black layer below it - please refer to the “READ ME FIRST.pdf” before designing - it should have all the information to bail you out of situations like this.

    Tell me how it goes :)

  122. Post

    Untamed300 - look at the TOP of the page in the main Nav menu - the “login” button should have changed to myCrib with a whole lot of sub-options below that

  123. mikdog

    Just outta interest, how many of you have legal versions of Photoshop? I’m proud to say I have legal 100% everything…music and software. PS CS3 cost me an arm and a leg but I’m happy I did it. I’m on Mac.

  124. mikdog

    I gotz a question: say you enter your design, and you’re not the OVERALL WINNER that gets R7k, but you’re one of the TOP 10. Can you opt to rather have your design taken out of the competition? Because you know its worth more than getting 3 shirts and a shirt voucher?

  125. familycanvas

    hey guys, familycanvas here, thanks for the feedback on my design, i will be fixing the problems and resubmitting soon, what i am worried about is other designs that were submitted long before this one that have not received approval or denial yet. one was even submitted before the end of last month!!
    any comments?

  126. EranEyal

    Hi GAKI

    Just for the sake of the other springleapers, you can disable layers by clicking on the “eye” icon to the left of them.

  127. EranEyal

    Hi Mikdog

    No - if you enter your design and you are in the top 10 then it must go to print -

    Remember you are getting a lot more than 3 t-shirts and a voucher - which actually has quite a high value btw - your name is on the back of the shirts giving you massive exposure, in the future reprints will be in massive quantities and get your name even more out there and there will be royalties attached.

    The other big question is what exactly would you do with that design?

  128. mikdog

    What would I do with the design?

    I’d rework it and enter it again with the aim of nabbing top spot if I knew it was good enough, or enter it in another compo.

    The dilemma, say you put about R7k of work time into a shirt and you come short. Its like setting a reserve price on an auction. Otherwise your R7k antique chair might go for R400.00 and you’d be a bit bleak.

  129. Bingbong

    For the AMD comp, does the usual 5 shirt rule apply? and do ‘tag’ your shirt in the description to say thats its specifically for the AMD comp?

  130. Post

    Hi Bingbong,

    AMD have not given a limit on the number of entry’s, but I think 5 per designer is more than fair…

    So lets keep it at a max of 5 designs per designer.

    When you enter, there should be a radio button next to each of the current competitions, and you can just select which competition you want to enter.

    So at the moment there are 3 competitions you can enter:

    1. The monthly springleap Comp
    2. The second Markham comp
    3. The AMD comp

    Any questions? shout!

  131. Post

    @mikdog i’d like to open the question to the other designers. would you prefer if in the springleap main comp every month, we only chose ONE winner, and NO Runner-up’s and that winner we printed and sold, but there were NO runner-up’s?

    We’ve found the winning tshirt is selling far better than the runner-up’s, so it actually makes sense for us to consider doing that.

    However, we’re trying to promote up and coming designers & that is why we opted to print 19 runner up’s each month (and then 9 when we realised some of the lower ones just weren’t selling at all).

    Here’s an idea? Would you guys prefer a WEEKLY comp rather than monthly. A new comp each week and we’ll split the monthly prize into a weekly prize. So you enter and it goes into the next comp, and the winner gets printed but no-one else?

    Guess makes it more exciting for everyone, coz much more comps, more results etc?


  132. Post
  133. saz1

    I don’t think it should be made into a weekly comp.. maybe cut the runners down again to 6 or something if its affecting production speed but don’t split it up.
    What happens if not everyone gets to vote?

    Maybe rather introduce more than one comp a month. like have a springleap special comp.
    only its themed. so one normal comp and one where there’s a theme for the designs?

    Just a thought..

  134. Post

    hi phethikhosa,

    the May & June tshirts are already in our stockroom.

    We’re having a bit of trouble with getting the quality at the printers right for the July, August, September & October designs, and am working as fast as we can to resolve the issues and get the tshirts out.

    Sorry! We’re working flat out to get everything sorted out to get you the Tshirts you ordered ASAP

  135. Post
  136. Dancingstitches


    How do I participate in the AMD competition?
    Do I upload ir to Springleap in the normal way?

    Does the rule of no company names also apply to the AMD competition?

  137. Post

    heya Dancingstitches,

    upload your design to your workspace on springleap.

    and when you have added all the required images and info, then you’ll see you have options of where to submit your design to and choose the competition you want to enter.

    in your case the AMD competition.

    does that help?

  138. mikdog

    I gotz a question. I’ve been reading through the legalese terms and conditions…it SEEMS as though if you have a winning design, Springleap has non-exclusive right to it. Does this mean that you’re free to enter it into other t-shirt competitions? Ta.

  139. Post

    Hi Mikdog, If your design is one of the winning or runner-up designs, then springleap has an exclusive right to use the design. We’ll be using the designs for multiple products in the future, and will pay a royalty every time we use the design. Initially the royalty has been set low, but as we start to generate turnover, we’ll be increasing the royalty as high as we possibly can.

    If the design is not a winning or runner-up design, then you are free to do whatever you like with the design.

    Does that help?

  140. mikdog

    Hmm…have you changed the ‘terms and conditions’ recently? I clicked on the ‘terms and conditions’ before entering a submission recently and clearly remember reading pretty different terms. Now its pretty clear, similar to threadless’ terms and conditions. Before it said a ‘non-exclusive’ agreement. Maybe I read that on threadless’ website. I’m sure it was here though. Oh well.

  141. Post
  142. mikdog

    Then its my neurons that led to believe I read ‘non-exclusive’ contract on Springleap. I’m so sure I read it here. But if I read the T&C’s now its pretty black & white. I bet this is what people feel like when they’ve been abducted by aliens and their memory doesn’t match up to what others tell them.

  143. mikdog

    I got a question. What’s the deal on people using VECTOR PACKS for their designs?

    A bit contentious. Copy/paste and all.

    Here’s the deal on T&C on Springleap’s SUBMISSION page:

    “By submitting your creation to springleap you acknowledge that the creation is a completely original work/ design that has never previously been published, produced, reproduced, licensed and is your own work. Furthermore the creation contains no trademarks, logos, copyrighted material, or any other intellectual property belonging to any third party, or any material, which springleap in its sole discretion, deems to be profane or offensive.”

    I’m guessing the vector packs fall under the LICENSE category? I dunno? Anyone care to shed some light on this one? Once you buy the vector packs, did you suddenly make them yourself? Or do they become your original ideas? Or does the third party no longer exist? I’d really like to know!

  144. Goggl3boy

    Once you buy them they are yours to use as you see fit, royalty free. You don’t even need to say you used them, its just a courtesy on the site to point out which items are stock.

  145. Post

    Hi Creator - go to SHOP at the top of the page, and click on the different designs. Below the design you’ll see the sizes. Click a size to add to the basket and then click on the top right corner to check out and pay.

    Does that help?

  146. Post

    heya Fe,

    Jade sent out mails giving everyone that ordered July, August or September Tshirts BONUS tshirts to make up for the delay.

    Did you get the mail giving you your bonus tshirts?

    We’ve now started July printing (FINALLY), and are trying to catch everything up as quickly as possible.

    When I chatted to you about 2 weeks ago, I mentioned you should come to the office to choose your bonus Tshirts…and we sent a mail to you with details of the bonus tshirts - didn’t you get it?

  147. IntegralApparel there a way to remove comments from a winning design? I’d hate to have customers come and then see a bunch of cuss words and flame wars started by someone who hasnt contributed nothing but a negative vibe. I don’t mind any of the normal comments, but the ones with cuss words and name calling should be removed, that could detract a customer from buying..just my .06 cents

  148. Post

    we’ll have to discuss whether we can remove postings. coz it opens up a can of worms of which postings can be removed. some will be easy, but some will be on the grey line, and i can see others getting unhappy with us.

    this is the part i don’t like - coz whatever we do, we’ll have people that said we did the right thing, and others that said we’re doing totally the wrong thing.

    but we’ll bring it up at one of our brainstorming sessions. Perhaps, we need to blank out swearing with asterix’s or something like that. guess i should see what the other sites do…

  149. mikdog

    If I may chime in, you generally find charming comments on, but its a free for all on TBH I quite like the ‘devil may care’ attitude of because you get honest opinions. I think swearing shouldn’t appear though, thats crass and very miff. If you have some kind of filter that changes popular swear words into funky words, like cheese and ham and potatoes, that’d be cool. But I will agree scotty’s on a rampage! RAAH! I say it adds a bit of flavour to the mix, if you can’t take the heat, eat a piece of cheese. Integral, you’ve also been fighting back my bra, I’d say ‘it takes 2 to tango’ so my advice is to just chill, if your design is kiff it’ll speak for itself no matter how much someone wants to rip it, people buy shirts because THEY love them, not because you logically defended how awesome it is. Although, I never knew about vector packs until recently so I guess I learned something from your guys’ dialogue. I remember an old adage somewhere on teh Internetz, scotty this is for you: ‘Anonymity + Internet = A$$hole.’ But hey, before judging I always say, maybe he has a point.

  150. Post

    mikdog - GREAT IDEA about the replacing of words. hahaha. can just picture changing every crass word for CHEESE or something funny.

    Now where’s that cheesing TV remote?

  151. mikdog

    For potatoes sake I just bumped my toe on the cheesing couch whilst looking for the egg-sandwich remote. Boerewors rolls! Jokes.

  152. scotty

    oh no scotty found theMeat section, whatever will Integral say & download? i would like to think that my posts will have an impact and i did the right thing regardless of my obvious discourse towards Integral. so negative vibe or oh “I never knew about vector packs until recently” moments. scotty is staying and saying it anyway so deal with it. this keyboard thug with cheese daggers will kill you with rainbows til you drown in your own clown vommit.oh G*d the vector theft is spreading like Aids. to more dic*ks and puss*s. im pretty genius hey. and arrogant too :)

  153. mikdog

    Well, I guess it makes it interesting to have someone ruffle some feathers. I’m like a dove! CROO! CROO! Buk buk buk peck peck peck at the seeds on the floor CROO! CROO! Biting under my wing a bit, then walking with my head still, then I suddenly move it, like a chicken dance. Buk buk buk. Gimme a piece of bread please I rz hungez mmm.

  154. Goggl3boy

    lol, scotty will get bored soon and find some other forum to go and spew his rantings on. I’m pretty sure scotty gets beat up by his girlfriend often and this is his way of lashing out. We are here for you Kumquat, vent all you need.

  155. MOOTJIE

    Hi there I have a q…the colours that we need to keep under 7 colours, are they cmyk? or how does the printing work? can we use pantones? which i doubt im sure, but im a little lost.

  156. Post
  157. EranEyal

    Hi Mootjie

    It’s pantone - not CMYK - CMYK is more relevant for litho or digital print. Colours are treated as spot colours. When you submit your work it is preferable that you list the specific pantones as this ensures that your t-shirt design (if you win) gets printed in the way that you envisaged it :)

  158. MOOTJIE

    ok I know i might sound a bit slow, but again confusion has set in…not that difficult i know. When submitting your design, the first 2 images, the 124px x 88 px and the 640px by 800px, must it be just the design on its own or must it be on the tee? what is the 600px by 600px then? mmmm sorry just want to be certain i dont make a mess. hehe

  159. Post
  160. RatSlayer

    Is there any way the name of a design can be changed after it’s been submitted??? I accidentally put a typo in the one design’s title and it drives me crazy every time I think about how stupid a mistake it is to make!!!

  161. Post
  162. Bingbong

    sigh im getting so horribly confused on the whole dpi thing… how and where do i set it on photoshop, and how is it related to ppi? thanks =]

  163. mikdog

    Go to IMAGE > IMAGE SIZE > then enter at least 150 DPI. Dots Per Inch versus Pixels Per Inch…hmm. I think pixels per inch only really relates to screens? And I think it should be pretty standard on most monitors? I’m only guessing. I just know that printers and whatnot want 150 DPI at least. I guess it packs more DOTS (pixels) into an inch than the NORMAL screen resolution of just 72 DPI, which I assume also means 72 Pixels Per Inch. I stand to be corrected though.

  164. Bingbong

    thing is that under where you say to go there is only Pixels/inch, but i suppose that its treated the same way then? thanks much

  165. onalerato

    i registered a while ago as nam1 but could not log in even though you were able to send me mail. i even used your “forgot my password” option and you sent me the right details. still couldn’t use them. what gives?

  166. Post

    hi - you need to confirm your account. on the nam1 you didn’t. i just confirmed it for you, to show you that you’ll be able to log in on it now

  167. mikdog

    OK, i got a pretty serious quezzie. If the AMD compo says the deadline is the 5th Dec, does that mean we can still submit entries until 12:00 PM ON the 5th December (today)?

  168. Post

    hi - you can submit until it doesn’t show the AMD submission any more. but if you have done a design and the link doesn’t show up then TODAY ONLY (coz we should have put a closing time), enter it to the main springleap competition and use the contact link in the header to send us details IMMEDIATELY

  169. Post

    hi KG - sometimes a day, and sometimes up to a week depending on how many we get. But we’re aiming for approval or pending or rejection within a 48 hour turnaround time

  170. Post

    hi Nanego711 - all the springleap tshirts are the same price. R183, $19 etc - the prices are on each tshirt. just look at the design you like and you’ll see the prices and be able to add them to your shopping cart.

    we also have specials for the springleap community, so if you haven’t already, join springleap so you don’t miss out

  171. Post

    hi illtppt - sorry to hear that. can you give me more details so i can sort it out for you. what do you see? do you want to contact us on the contact page, and we’ll send you an email to send a screenshot to so we can sort this out for you. Sorry to hear you’re having trouble!

  172. Post

    heya folkaa,

    to put your design in so that people can comment on it, you need to enter one of the competitions. click on “create” in the header, to see the FAQ and the prizes etc.

    if you want to start a NEW blog post, then go to “myPage” (hover your mouse over myCrib after you log in and you’ll see the options), and you’ll be able to start a new blog post of whatever you choose from that page.

    does that help?

  173. Post

    heya folkaa - it can take a couple of days to get approved. we’re getting HUNDREDS of submissions are going through them as quick as we can

  174. NeXXuS

    Hey gus, know you’ve got a ton of submissions to go thru, but my design Skinweave has been pending for almost 2 weeks now and was entered for 1-14 Jan so getting a little worried.

    And while I’m at it, I’d like to wish the Springleap team and everyone else who submits to or supports this site a fantastic (and above all, safe) christmas / festive season depending on how and what you actually celebrate.

  175. Post

    heya NeXXus - i’ll chat to the design approval team to find out what the holdup is and hurry things along. have a wonderful end of year

  176. Gifted

    If I want to buy a specific design which I previously saw but can’t seem to find it, but I know who the designer is, how to I find it ? There is no find designer button…

  177. Post

    heya Gifted - we’re adding a search function early next year. for now, just search around, or give the designer name here and we’ll tell you which designs from that designer are available

  178. EranEyal

    And don’t forget we have a LIVE help system that does not require you to have any software to operate it ssave your browser. CLick on the “?LIVE HELP” tab on the left of our header/logo and if the sign says “online” someone will help you in a jiffy!

  179. EranEyal

    dpi is a unit of measurement for resolution in raster images. It stands for ‘dots per inch’. ie howmany dots of colour (pixelsy are packed in an inch. the more dots there are in a single space (the higher the value) the more crisp the picture.

    72dpi is good for websites and nost internet media. 153 is good when a web site wants to allow people to zoom in on the detail. 300dpi is for print.

    Raster programs are Adobe Photoshop or other programs tht create images or manipulate them (eg photos) by working with these pixels.

    when creating any art you should keep the original in 300dpi and at the right size for the medium.

  180. EranEyal

    I should also point out that when you download the Springleap tshirt kit there are 2 must read pdf files located therein: the ‘READ ME FIRST’ and the ‘DESIGN 101’ pdf. these will help you immensely before designing or final submission.

  181. KG

    I submitted a few designs at least 3 weeks ago and they haven’t been shown for public voting as far as I can tell. Didn’t I read somewhere that the competitions will be running fortnightly? Or have I missed something?

  182. Post
  183. mikdog

    Tried a while ago to download the kit, also clutched out many times. Could have been my connection, but from what I remember the file downloaded completely but then I couldn’t open it. Hmm. Maybe eet ees corrupt?

  184. EranEyal

    Hmmm sorry guys - just downloaded and opened fine. Perhaps press f5 to refresh the page and then download. Also try to clear out your cache. Perhaps it is refreshing the file from the cache.

    Worst case senario - e-mail me on and I will send one to ya :)

  185. mikdog

    Hmm…kind of a meagre turnout this month? No whoppers that I’d say for sure would win. Hmm…hopefully midway through the month things will look a bit more interesting with the second bi-weekly compo. I’m just guessing its due to holidays.

  186. EranEyal

    Yeah Mikdog - bit disappointing… but I am sure we will have more by mid month - Can’t wait to see what u got up your sleeve. Infinity was a CRACKER!!!

  187. folkaa

    how do i put my aproved design into talkT??so that people can vote??
    or is that done like automatically??when my design is approved??

  188. Post

    heya folklaa - it will happen automatically. after your design is approved, it goes into the comp you selected. and once that competition goes live, your design will be available for voting, and for commenting (on talkT)

  189. Post
  190. TokyoGoGo

    hey guys,

    um i sub’d a design about a week ago. i thought i entered it into the current Jan comp, might’ve made a mistake though. Could you please let me know if i did. or if its up next month… rather confused. Thanks

  191. Tu

    Hey hey, I have a similar thing with TokyoGogo, my invaders design was entered, but I don’t see it in the competition. Any clue why?

  192. Post
  193. Tu

    heyyy just by the way… If my other sub hasn’t come up yet (which I don’t think it has), leave it for this comp… Have it go to the other comp :)

    Cheers :)

  194. carrinf

    Maybe it`s too early… but I can`t seem to edit my profile information.

    Can view it and see what isn`t set etc. but can`t see where to edit the info.

    Let me know, tnx!


  195. BambooBear

    my submission for the next comp has been ‘pending approval’ for 4 days now…
    just wanna know if u guys have got it?

  196. Post
  197. dollpants

    Hey dudemen, i subd my design a week ago, im new at this, was wondering how long does it take for approval or disproval? Thanks :)

  198. Post
  199. Post

    dollpants - think we need to bring in someone just to approve designs! wow, it’s a lot of work. we’re working as quickly as we can to get everything done

  200. stratboy

    My t shirt design has been approved. I can’t see it anywhere. How do i see the latest t-shirt designs and if anyone has voted for mine?

  201. Roo

    Ive entered two designs under the names “thinking cap” and “bound in unity” into the competition in January and got them both approved but they are nowhere to be seen in the new voting list for February. Have I missed a step to get them submitted that i dont know about?

  202. Loki031

    Hwsit Springleap dudes..

    My designs still awaitin approval…1 week n counting!
    And I dnt wanna submit n e thing else until I know whether I gt this 1 right..

    Pls assist oh gracious onez>>lol

  203. EranEyal

    Guys - we have a simple rule regarding submissions :

    we approve designs where the artist has followed the rules first and the most problematic ones last. Please read the rules and the letters we send when we reject/ or send designs to “needs more work”.

    It is very frustrating to see the same mistakes in people’s submissions again and again and again and again….

  204. Loki031

    lol My bad Brig, Im usually submitting around 3am so the brain is a bit cloudy…also Im teachn myself CS3 so im still tryna figure out the technical side of things ie: saving properties, size, dpi, etc…

    Hopefully the next 1 will be submitted without n e hiccups/bugz!

    2nd half…LoWLoW

  205. Post
  206. Kazzitto

    the download tshirt templete pack has a file of Photoshop that is higher than mine, so it’s not reading. I was wondering if you could simple leave a JPEG file of a tshirt. I can work with that ok.

  207. EranEyal

    @sparky That’s a bit of a tough question to answer as I have not tried. I do know tha Elements has very limited capabilities but should be able to open the Springleap hotoshop Template file located in the Springleap t-shirt template kit.

    Give it a shot.

    Otherwise visit ADOBE.COM and download a trial of Adobe Photoshop that lasts for 30 days to get u started

  208. Carina


    Im having trouble setting my desighns at 150 dpi without having them come out all blurry.

    I use corel draw x4 for my desighns.

    Can you pleez, pleez help me?

  209. illuminator

    I’ve registered and I’m trying to add things to my profile and my page, but when I click to update anything all I get is a blank page with a couple of lines of code at the top. What to do? Help!

  210. EranEyal

    @Carina - First problem : you are using Corel - Corel is an outdated and cumbesome relic that has somehow survived since the 80’s. EVERYONE is on Adobe these days.

    Nonetheless :

    1. Make sure that you start your design at a decent size 300dpi ready for print.
    2. When scaling down your 300DPI image, make sure you set your aspect ratio to fixed so that the image does not stretch/get blurry.
    3. Set to 150 dpi at the size you want it at.

    The MAIN thing that comes to mind is that it is possible that you are designing the original in less than 300DPI. PLEASE ALWAYS DESIGN IN 300DPI this s standard print quality for al print media includin t-shirts. Please also consider what size you want the print tactually be and design to that size

  211. TokyoGoGo

    Hey guys, my “mydesigns” page doesn’t seem to be functioning. just loads a blank page. dunno if the problem is on my side tho. Could you please check it out. Thanks

  212. nccreed

    Hey, it seems that the ‘My Creations’ page isn’t working either… It says ‘zero size reply’… could it just be my pc? its been doing that since last night… thank you :)

  213. Post

    yeah - we’re finding a few problems with the profile pages and myCreations pages which we changed recently. we’re going through them to try find out what is wrong and fix them up. hopefully get them fixed soon

  214. SilverSabre

    Hi Eric, I’m also having issues with the my creations page.

    I want to upload my designs so please to be fixing ! :)

  215. Post

    @SilverSabre - are you having probs uploading a design to the comp?

    @danah - go to the “create” section and upload your design into the workspace. Once uploaded, choose which comp you want to enter? isn’t it working for you?

  216. nccreed

    Hello there, I submitted 2 designs through the “create - submit” link (I usually do it through “My Creations”)… the uploads all went smoothly, but as soon as I clicked the submit button, the page went all weird! Can you tell me if my designs came through or not please? Thanks!

  217. Post
  218. nccreed

    Sorry, me again.. was just wondering, do you guys still choose the top 10 of each comp to be printed? Where can u find these? x

  219. Post

    @nccreed - we now have 2 comps per month instead of 1, but only print the winner. once we have the printing up to date, then we’ll be launching new comps as well.

    @SilverSabre - we’re urgently looking into the design submission problems

  220. mikdog

    Hi, I can’t find anywhere on the site when the deadline is for submissions? I mean, is the deadline the 1st and 14th of every month?


  221. mikdog

    Also - dudes! You have to update your SUBMISSION T&C’s! Its still talking about the old system you had going! There’s quite a bit of the ONE COMPETITION A MONTH information still lingering about. Maybe a website update will clear out the cobwebs?

  222. sikoteni

    ok i figured the photo thing, but now i just have this question, i entered swaziland but it cez i’m from south africa

  223. Post

    haha Mikdog - that’s cause i’m too busy answering your questions on email.

    approval of designs takes anywhere from 2 days to a week depending on the number. and we’ll making plans to speed this up.

    and we’re busy sorting out tons of stuff on springleap, to make it more like standard bank - better, bigger, faster. and set up sections so if there are questions we get to hear of them quicker and answer them faster.

  224. Post
  225. Post

    @sikoteni - we just did a whole bunch of updates to the profile pages. so u shouldn’t be having issues now. if you are, check the “wordUp” section where i’ve set up a message section for problems with the profile pages so we can sort them out ASAP

  226. Post

    @RedEye - haha, i’ll tell the design approval team. Seriously, they’re working as fast as they can - we’re only a small team of 10 people running springleap, and we’re SWAMPED!!!! But i’ll kick them - maybe that will speed them up

  227. Post

    heya @marithasteyn. just go to the page with that design, and under the design you’ll see numbers from 1 to 5 with 1 being you don’t like it and 5 being you do like it. click it, and you’ve voted

  228. Post
  229. Post

    heya @petherh (is this THE peterh). we’re having a few probs with changing the profile pages in IE. should be fixed in the next week. sorry about that. firefox works fine though as far as we know

  230. cloMO

    hi panadabearANDj.. :-)

    to answer your question, there are many ways of creating a design/tracing a drawing onto your screen from paper.
    TABLETS- not many people own tablets; they are a feature that many a designer wishes they had. ‘Pen tablets are one of the fastest and most comfortable ways to work with your computer—offering you an alternative to working with a mouse.’ I have personally never used one.
    SCANNING- is an easy way to get your image onto the screen, however the tracing part may prove to be difficult. Use the Pen Tool which is time consuming. There is an easier tracing option on Illustrator- click on OBJECT>LIVE TRACE>TRACING OPTIONS and choose one you like.
    I normally draw something on paper and scan it because that way your work is 100% original. You can find inspiration online but try keep it fresh :-)
    PHOTOSHOP-Also has a pen tool (like illustrator) where you can physically draw over every part of your image re-create it in vector form but Illustrator is the best I reckon.

    Does that help? :-)

  231. AntiNexus

    I are can to be having designs that I want to re-enter.
    Do I need to re-upload or is there a way to simply link it into the entry for a new month?

  232. Post
  233. Dotspot

    Hey on the submission pack I only get the read me first pdf and the one below it…the rest of the files I can’t access!!!!

  234. cloMO

    Hi Dotspot!

    What program are you opening the template with?
    There are different templates for different programs:
    Adobe Illustrator
    Adobe Freehand
    Adobe Flash
    Adobe Photoshop
    Coral Draw template is coming soon.

    Does that help?

  235. shadow00

    what if you do not have these programs:
    Adobe Illustrator
    Adobe Freehand
    Adobe Flash
    Adobe Photoshopi heard they coast money, is there a wayt to get them free or are there any other programs that will wrok for the templates?
    if so how do i get them?

  236. Post
  237. IntegralApparel

    shadow00: It probably wouldnt be in your best intrest to look for free copies on a public forum.

    Think of it as an investment for your craft, then you can write it off for taxes if your self employed.

    The same way hunter invest in a gun, or a Tournament fisherman invest in a boat.

  238. AlexLehours

    Hi I was just wondering how someone actually votes for a design. Do you just click on the image you like??



  239. Post

    heya @AlexLeHours - to vote on a design, log in, and then you’ll see numbers from 1 to 5 under the design. 1 means you don’t like. 5 means you think it’s a winner. click the number you want for each design…

  240. ill

    Ok…hi new to the site, i think i posted in the wrong place earlier. Just wondering how does a winner receive their prizes, shipped tees and wire transfers to accounts? how?

    thanks in advance.

  241. Post
  242. ill

    I have one last question….Where do i send the Photoshop/illustrator file of the design to? it doesnt say in the Submit package.

    Also, at what point do you ask for the mailing and account information required to send a winner their prizes?

    thanks in advance

  243. ill

    i NEED some help again regarding the colors. It says in the submit package that if using a dark base color tee, white base must be applied. I understand that, but what about parts of the design that would just be outlines and would be “filled” by the color of the shirt? I ask because it says something about rejection if white is not a visible color and one has 7 colors in there design.

    Really need to sort this, its holding up my submission.

    thanks in advance

  244. Post

    heya ill - you upload on the submit page of springleap. if you're a winner, we'll email you for bank details etc. i'll get thebrigand to answer your question about the design - or one of the other design team guys. cheers E

  245. incubus

    Im really interested in this competition but i dont know much about computer design or how to get the submittion kit working…. dont get me wrong… i do tons of artworks, but on paper! i just need to know how to get everything workin, im clueless

  246. Post

    @incubus - you’ll need to get a copy of photoshop or illustrator or one of the other programs we recommend in the download pack, so that you can create your designs in the right format. good luck

  247. Post

    heya @BruBro - for the main fortnightly competition, anything goes (as long as it’s within the rules etc). For the themed comps, there are briefs

  248. IntegralApparel

    What the hell?? I sub a design weeks ago, gets denied twice saying it
    s not approved, and tells me to go check why and the design isnt there anymore, so now the design missed the cut for this month? What is going on! Still waiting for prints that were “shipped” on march 27th!!!! This is getting annoying now..
    Please let me know whats going on and why I would receive an email telling me to check my design to see why its denied and the design dissapears, atleas the site is consistently inconsistent!

  249. BambooBear

    yea dude, i also got denied for some reason. it said my shirt color was wrong but i used the exact template like i always do… :\

  250. EranEyal

    Hi Sadiyah

    Try log out and clear your browser cache.

    Then do a hard refresh. On a PC this is F5 and on Mac it’s R.

    Thanks for the heads up - we will inform our developers :)

  251. cloMO

    HI jonfra,

    You cannot ‘withdraw’ a creation. You can re-submit a design. If you have submitted and it has been approved and the competition is not live yet, you can e-mail me and I can reject that design and approve your new one.

    Does that help?

  252. cloMO

    Hi BambooBear,

    Please feel free to e-mail me too. Its not cool that your not happy or there has been some confusion. Lets sort it out :-)

  253. brett

    Hi…thanks for this opportunity to submit my designs,but can you provide a template for Corel Draw? either in EPS. or CDR.?

  254. Sugarfree1


    My design got rejected and i therfore edited it and submitted my new and improved design with the problems fixed about a week ago.

    Kept waiting for it to be approved and it never was. I submitted it for the April 30 1 to May 14 2009 and now since it is still pending approval, i missed the deadline.

    Is it possible that you overlooked my design? and since it was submitted for this competition, will it be rejected again for missing the deadline?

  255. Post
  256. cloMO

    Hi Brett,

    We are working on providing a Corel Draw template. It should be up and running within the next few days or so. So keep a look out!

  257. cloMO

    Hi Sugarfree,

    We are working as fast as we can - our first priority is to approve designs that have no problems, and then we move as fast as we can to sort the others out and help everyone get their work right for final approval.

    Sorry for the delay - we are working as fast as we can. Your design has already been approved, please bear in mind that most sites take up to 2-3 weeks to approve designs, where we mostly get it done in 48hrs or so.

  258. Sugarfree1


    Yeah i noticed that. Guessing it will be submitted to the upcoming competition and not the one running currently which I originally submitted my design to?

    Everything is fine though, looking forward to the next comp :)

  259. Vuittots

    i own my own clothing line…im 19 years of age…and i want to submit my designs to springleap so i can win to fund my clothing line!!! is it possible for me to submit copyrighted designs which are copyrighted by ME??


  260. EranEyal

    @Vuittots thanks for joining - glad to have you here! You can submit t-shirt designs into our competitions, but make sure you have read the rules in the t-shirt template kit first.

    If you win the copyright for only the winning design belongs to and cannot be used by you except for displaying in a portfolio or to attract attention to the t-shirt for purchase at Springleap - but check the PRIZES you get if you win!

  261. SomethingClairva

    I just entered my first design but the where the image for the final T-shirt is suppose to be it is just a link and no image appears?! is this normal??

  262. cloMO

    Hey SomethingClairva,

    I am working on getting you an answer.
    Have you made sure your file is in the correct format?

  263. cloMO

    Hi SomethingClairva,

    I have checked your design and there is no image for the t-shirt preview as you said. Is your design in CMYK? Try making it RGB and see if it works but keep it in jpg format.

    E-mail me on to let me know.
    Resubmit it when you have changed it.


  264. ser1tdc

    alright..i have submit a design..and its have been approved…so now i just cant find where it is..where someone could vote for it…
    so i could post a link to some of mine peeps to check it out!
    now i am just confused…little help please…
    i would appreciate it…

  265. cloMO

    hi ser1tdc!

    Your ‘Sound Bombin’ design will be out this Friday when new competition starts! Goodluck!


  266. hollywood

    Howzit. 3 Questions. Where do I locate the available competitions. For 1 such- is the competition to win the AAA bursary only open to 10-12 graders + how many T-shirts do you get entered into your vote +- per month?


  267. Post

    heya @Hollywood - go to create at the top of the page, submit your designs, and then you can enter up to 5 designs in each general competition - there’s a new one starting every 2 weeks. The AAA comp is only open to grades 10 to 12 in South Africa. There are anywhere from 40 to 120 designs per general competition. The theme competitions such as the AAA which are ad-hoc get totally varied numbers - it changes for each one.

  268. theblueman

    Hi JP
    Well in the checkout page there is a area which asks for the coupon code, just fill it out and you’re set! If you need anymore help please drop us a line on the live help option.

  269. jpleriche86

    Thanks Dude

    I tried that though, copy pasted from twitter, but when i got to check out it was still at the normal price? maybe i’m putting ti in wrong?

    What is the coupon thing meant to say? and will it register straight away at check out?

  270. theblueman

    Hey JP

    That should Work!
    the coupon code is twitterpower all lower case and one word.
    Yes it and it should register on checkout.

  271. jpleriche86

    Radness, thanks.

    LAST question. How small is a small? i’m a usually a regular sized guy but tight is right. would small fit.

  272. theblueman

    Our Tees are fitted, for a full sizing chat click on the sizing chat button on the view page of any design. To be safe i would go with a medium.

  273. Post

    heya n2rrad - just send us a mail through the contact section with your order number, and we’ll send you an update

  274. Post

    heya - blackmetalpanther - check the home page. but u have got me thinking. we prob need a dedicated section for the LATEST winner or something like that

  275. Nix101

    so I want to get started, but Im working in Corel 13 and Photoshop. I cant seem to open the T-Shirt template in Corel…help please?

  276. Nix101

    you guys are probably getting sick of me already…..sorry, but I cant seem to get my larger image uploaded, it keeps re-sizing it, squashing it into a square format, when the design is a rectangular shape, although I am very carefully keeping to the required pixel sizes and is even well under 200k….please could some one help. and im not even blond!
    This is my first attempt, so im sure I will get the hang of it all…eventually.
    many many thanks in advance, Nicky (nix101)

  277. eilykkk

    How come some designs seem to feature more than others? in fact today I could not find the design by Shadow ‘Hustling” and I was trying to show some friends. ive been online 3 times today with no luck. is there a way to rectify it?

  278. snowstorm

    hi…what if I’m not so good with vector creation and illustrator but can sketch pretty well. Do I have to get some to do it for me or can I submit color sketches and some1 works on them should I win…


  279. Candicet


    i was just wondering where on the site i can find the top 20 designs for each fortnight. i remember on the old site you had the winner and the top 20 for that month, incase you wanted to order a shirt other than the winning design.

    thanks alot

  280. madly59

    I was told to use this code for a free T-shirt pigeon22346 …then tonight there was a tweet for any statement tweeted with the words pigeonraces2009 which I did .... but I have not heard from them on either. Where do I post my code (above)? I will wait and see if I am contected by peeps at pigeonraces2009 today. Thank you! @madly59 ER NURSE in TEXAS …love blood and guts and am already designing a few different Tees! TTYS~

  281. TheW

    He eric.

    I submited my design APPLIED ART. It should be for the next contest beginning today but for some reasons i only could submit it to the township-bling-contest for October. Is this normal? Are you doing only specialcontests now?. If it is possible could you put it into the one who is upcoming? Would be great. But maybe i’m wrong and everything is ok like it is. Pleas let me know what’s up.

    Thanks and best regards.


  282. amyabrahams

    Hi earlymemoirs

    For up and coming theme competitions please look on the website, on the right hand side of the page you will see the different banners for the next two theme competitions.

    This is the link for the latest theme competition

    Township Bling

  283. cloMO

    @ NIx101,

    Hi! Corel Draw hey? You must use the EPS template and it should open. Let me know if you have any problems and I can send you a PDF.

  284. cloMO

    Hi shnwaby,

    If you go to your PEEPS page where your name and profile pic is. If you click on MY PAGE. It should be in the same bar that ‘my page’ is on. If your creation has been approved for a competition it will only show up when the competition goes live.
    If you have any questions e-mail me on

  285. amyabrahams

    Hi shnwaby,

    Once you are logged in to you need to hover over the words on the main bar on top “my crib”, amongst the options you will see “my creations” along with “my page”, my profile” and “log out”.


  286. justinc33

    I just signed up and downloaded the tshirt template kit, but Im having trouble gettin it to work with photoshop cs4.
    do I need to move it to a specific folder?

  287. cloMO

    @ Soz,

    hi there :>
    there are ONLY themed competitions now. We’ve got some killer themes coming up. I can also help you with some inspiration if needed as i have some pictures saved to help you guys.
    e-mail me on if you need help.

  288. cloMO

    @ justinc33,

    We used CS3 to create the file. But we have changed to CS4 now and the PSD file works on my CS4 so it should work on yours?
    What message pops up when you try to open it?

  289. AnuSakhmet

    hi i just signed up, and i would like to up load my art, i have a few questions, 1. can i put art work that i already have on my computer on your template, if so please show or walk me through how to do so, 2. i just started to use photoshop, and 4 now it’s a headache and i have alot of art but i don’t know how to make the changes that you guys want, like thumbnails

  290. cloMO


    Hey there! :)
    What are you opening it with?
    What does it say when you open it?

    I have sent you an e-mail.
    So just respond either here or there.

  291. snowstorm

    hi Guys.

    I’m a bit confused. Are all the competitions now theme based OR are there two seperate caegories: one for themed competitions and another for just random designs.

    The details on the site still say you can submit anything but when I try to submit a design, the only options I get are to submit for a particular theme.

    Please enligten me.



  292. Post

    Hi Snowstorm, we introduced theme comps a few weeks ago, and put the general comps on hold for awhile. But in the next few months we’re hoping to have both - regular theme comps and general comps. But for now, for the next short while, get those creative juices flowing for the theme comps

  293. roofus

    i’ve uploaded a couple of my designs into your competition but when io vote my designs are nowhere to be seen. Infact, I can’t find them anywhere on the springleap site, except in My Crib.

  294. roofus

    i’ve uploaded a couple of my designs into your competition but when I vote my designs are nowhere to be seen. Infact, I can’t find them anywhere on the springleap site, except in My Crib.

  295. Post

    sorry guys! been crazy here. we’ll start checking every day!

    mikdog - if u want to enter, chat to Chloe, and we’ll see what we can do to help as we were late answering your question. it starts today, so speak to her NOW.

    mizzasaville - there is a LOT of designs to be approved. it shouldn’t take longer than 2 working days. did it take longer? or for us to reject, make pending etc.

    roofus - which comp did you enter?

    we’re now checking this EVERY DAY

  296. Post

    mizzsaville - designs get a approved within 2 working days. sometimes we take 3, but not 3 weeks. are you sure it wasn’t sent back to you for more work or for a problem? pls send us a contact mail through the contact page with details of your design so we can check out what has happened to it. tx Eric

  297. Vood00Child

    Hey Eric, just wondering if theres a shoutout for suggesting improvments for springleap or anything, if there is im sorry i havnt looked, my internet is working off dial up at the mo and loading springleap is painfully slow- Thanks :)

  298. amyabrahams

    @Vood00Child has many plans for the near future! I cant wait, everything will be worked out and all the kinks would have been a thing of the past.

    If you have any suggestions you may email me personally

  299. amyabrahams

    @SuperJman There are two theme competition banners on the home page, on the right side of the screen.

    The latest two are The Hard Of Rock and The Living Dead

    You can get the briefs by clicking on them on the home page or below:

    The Living Dead

    The Hard of Rock

    Whenever one competition closes we will add a new brief to the site

  300. LelanieH

    I need to please change my username as well as add my surname….or create a new account but first want to delete my current one..HOW do i DO it?

  301. Tu

    cmyplay, the theme deadlines are shown on the little banners on the top right of of the springleap homepage. Also if you click on them there are more details as in when submissions start. Submitting a week before deadline’s the safest.

    Open competition… Yeah I like that too, but then I also like a non-completely-score-based printing system (Like Threadless), so we don’t always get what we want

  302. cloMO

    @ Sergio37,

    The score? hrmmm.. There should be an average rating next to your design. Which design is yours and I’ll direct you to it?

    @ royzart,

    What seems to be the problem? Can you send me a screen shot to

  303. deb

    My silly computer refuses to allow me to open the template kit as “photoshop cannot regocnise the file extension”
    Wat do I do? =)

  304. sandrockj

    I downloaded the T-shirt submissions kit and when i open it in photoshop, there is only one layer, the “T-shirt Template” layer and no “colour templates” layer…am i doing something wrong?

  305. SYIK

    i also got a design that needs approving… i submitted it a while ago and it sucks if it gets regected before tommorrows due date …

    Thanks Again


  306. cloMO

    @ syik,

    it’s all done
    you just need to change the size of the Thumbnail and T-shirt Preview as they have stretched. I can help you with that and make sure it is done for the competition tomorrow.

    E-mail me and I’ll help.

  307. anniebananie

    I am supposed to replace a shirt in an order, because one of them was prebuy. How do I replace it? I’ve got the reference number.

  308. sarufish

    @Lokololly It’s called
    PLEASE STAND BY FOR TOTAL PLANETARY DESTRUCTION· I’m pretty sure it’s been printed. I’ve already gotten a confirmation email that it’s been shipped. I guess it could be a problem on my end, but I just want to make sure I get every possibility covered.

  309. onionfusion

    I submitted a design called “Mysterious Flavour” to the last competition (something with “LOL” in the title) but it is still pending approval. I think this may be because in the small and large previews the background colours were not the same as the t-shirt. I have corrected the mistakes but I can’t seem to edit the ones I submitted.

  310. Post

    @sarufish - international orders take about 20 working days which is about 4 weeks. pls let us know if it hasn’t arrived in the next 2 weeks

  311. Post
  312. SkipGirl

    Hellooooo :)

    I ordered two shirts last week, and they haven’t been delivered yet.

    Anyway that I can find out where they might be?


  313. TheWheelerBrothers

    Hey er boddy! is there anyway in seeing how your design is going in the comp? like what the votes have been like?

  314. Schlinky


    I bought a light blue eSimpoweni’s t-shirt in Medium as a Christmas gift but alas, it is too small for the recipient. Is there anyway, I could exchange it for a large in white, preferably or I’ll take light blue again?


  315. RoxzyLok

    @schlinky Drop springleap a mail mehul[at] and we’ll try sort you out.

    @visualmaker Unfortunately not – designs cannot be resubmitted for the same competition. the colour scheme for upsidown look great through:)

    @TheWheelerBrothers LOL

  316. twisted

    Silly question maybe… so excuse me its my first upload.

    for the Themed competition - Faces of Africa
    If i want to enter, i have created my design, but on submission i can only select the best of the best themed comp… Can we submit yet? or am i just being silly.


  317. ivanfanning

    Hey i’m struggling to add my images onto the T-Shirt submission template. I’m not sure if i must delete the writing thats on the front and then just cut n paste the image on top or if there is something else i’m supposed to be doing?

    Please help


  318. dotnot

    Hi Ivan, lemme see if I can perhaps assist you. I’m no expert, but I have submitted one or two of these.

    When downloading the starter kit, they supply you with a multitude of files. I have no idea which ones you are trying to use? I use the photoshop one.

    Always keep a high-res file of your original artwork somewhere, before prepping your submission.

    When submitting your tee, you will have to get 3 different images ready:
    1.)Thumbnail PIXEL size: 124(w) x 88(h)
    2.)A larger image of the design PIXEL size: 640(w) x 800(h)
    3.)The design on the tshirt template PIXEL size: 600(w) x 600(w)

    Please note that the photoshop t-shirt template, even though it has all the pretty colours ready, is not the exact size you need for you final t-shirt submission.

    To answer your question, yes you must delete the writing that’s on the front. and yes you must cut and paste your design on there.

    If you are still unsure about anything, have a read through this:


  319. opelastraopc

    i cant seem to get the sizes correct ,i entered the competition but it is still pending and it does not look the same,on my pc its clear,but here its blur

  320. Rowa


    I entered the themed “Springleap US” competition, the voting starts today. where do i find my design so people can vote for it?

    its my first time entering a T design so i’m super confused…

  321. afrouladys

    hello I’m not sure what size do you want the t-shirt pic in you said 600*600 but you also said I shouldn’t resize so now it’s at 1248*1100. So what size do you want it now?

  322. afrouladys

    I’m still waiting for approval for an image and it has been a while when will I know if it got rejected and will I get a reason?

  323. Nicky01printo

    Hey there,

    I would just like to find out if I can change my login name?

    I don’t want it to be Nicky01printo but if it can’t be changed then it’s 100%.

    Thanks :)

  324. DanieS

    I’m still waiting for approval for an image and it has been a while when will I know if it got rejected and will I get a reason?

  325. Post
  326. suhail

    waazzzup:) im abit confused on the saving part..working on freehand do i change the pixel size? do i hav to put my design on to a tshirt tepmlate in oreder 2 upload it?

  327. Post

    Hi Suhail - please email chloe on chloe AT springleap DOT com with your design questions. Keep in mind it’s a public holiday on Monday, so Clo is probably enjoying Cape Town sunshine, so might only get back to you on Tuesday

  328. ser1tdc

    hello springleap!
    please help me..
    where and how can i turn off this “wordup” and question that people discuss?
    they are coming in my inbox e mail all the time…its making me crazy!

  329. Post

    hello @ser1tdc - yeah, it’s causing a few of us problems as well if we posted on the posts with a lot of comments. unfortunately, at the current time, you can either receive ALL comments by email or NONE at all.

    To stop ALL new comments (on threads you started all commented on in the past), do the following:

    1. Log in
    2. In the Header Nav Bar, click on myCrib, and then myProfile
    3. Untick the “Blog” box, under Notifications

    Let me know if you have any more problems or questions?

  330. EranEyal

    @Loreapar - currently it cannot be done due to the way the commenting system and designs are built into the profiles - we are chatting to the developers this week on all sorts of items and will mention this.

    Regarding receiving e-mails - not to worry! We have switched off the annoying system we thought was “bug free” that was spamming everyone and will relaunch it with improvements and fixes later this week so we won’t annoy you

  331. moasa

    I need to deactivate my account. because your notifications spamming on my mail. please delete my account. Thanks

  332. EranEyal

    Hi Moasa

    We had a glitch on the new e-mail system and someone spammed the message-boards, we have disabled notifications so you shouldn’t be receiving anything anymore.

    Our sincerest apologies!

  333. skaaptjop

    How do I unsubscribe from posts, shoutbacks, newsletters etc? I really don’t want that stuff in my inbox and can’t find anywhere on your site to update my settings

  334. amyabrahams

    @skaaptjop the email notifications has been turned off - if you are still receiving them go to your profile page and turn it off

    Regarding the newsletter - at the bottom of the message you will have an option to unsubscribe

    If you require anything further please email me

  335. Lisav

    hi i am sick of my mails being ignored… please let me know if there is a muber there i can call i ordered a shirt in jan and still dont have it… on my order it says my order has been shipped… please help

  336. amyabrahams


    I have just responded to your email - Mehul will be getting back to you shortly regarding your order

    @urxmun what would you like to update?

  337. amyabrahams


    Log in and on the header you will see a tab called ‘create’ when you hover over ‘create more options will appear, click on submit - here is the direct link SUBMIT

    If you have trouble submitting please email

  338. Maverickrgr

    Can I please not be informed whenever anybody shouts out on this website. It’s clogging my email…
    How do I deactivate email notifications, or unsubscribe…

  339. amyabrahams

    @Maverickrgr Hi, please log in and go to your profile and untick the notifications box. You can find you profile under the my crib tab

  340. EranEyal

    Heya @Maverickrgr - we are relaunching the e-amil notification service later this week.

    New Features :

    1._ Authors of a post_ by default will receive notifications of responses/comments but a tickbox will be provided on every post for them to disable/enable the feature. - the thought process behind this : Authors of a post will WANT to talk to their commentators and see what the opinions are as well as exchange ideas etc. Designers will be considered by default as AUTHORS of their designs as a post so they are constantly notified of all comments on their designs/submissions.

    2._ COMMENTATORS on a post_ will by default be off - they can however activate the notification on a post-per-post basis, and deactivate the notifications from that post at any given point in time.

    3. ALL NOTIFICATIONS OFF feature currently exists - we recommend HIGHLY that this feature is not disabled, as you will be losing out on all ability to chat to the community. - This sucks. BUT we respect your right to choose thus so - you can actually already do this by going to to MY CRIB>MY PROFILE> and uncheck the blog notification box - I recommend against this at this point and request your patience till later this week when the new improved system is launched.

    4. Comments on your personal profile/wall will be enabled by default


    Great things to look forward to - as well as the launch of the Ekomi on our site providing transactionally tied feedback, product reviews and more!

  341. Maverickrgr

    Thanks guys! I appreciate the chat function, but had enough witticism of who people think they are!
    Great site tho

  342. iCookiKidd

    hey, how do i edit my profile?? i accidentally put my year of birth as 2010 ((blush blush)) i tried clicking on it but doesn’t work… sigh >_> please help me!!
    i’m -4mil seconds old!!! or is that young?? ((lol))

  343. Lexi87

    Hey iCookiKidd :)

    Make sure you’re logged in….then click on myCrib in the top right-hand corner >>> click on myProfile >>> click on the D.O.B you typed in and EDIT.

    It should work - I tried it now myself :)

    Holler back if you get stuck again

  344. iCookiKidd

    @Lexi 87 - wow it actually worked… hmmm.. last time i clicked on it didn’t respond at all :/ but thanx sooo much!! ♥

  345. 23dimensinal

    does my design have to consist the word “SPRINGLEAP” in it? ‘cuz most of the designs i’ve seen here do have that…

  346. Lexi87

    @ iCookiKidd

    it’s all good!

    @ katovic

    please email Chloe at she’s in charge of design and is the best person to speak to about all design-related questions :)

    @ 23dimnesinal

    What comp. are you referring to? If you’re entering the Springleap US competition then your design does have to have the word “SPRINGLEAP” in it. But for the others, feel free to do your own thang :)

  347. Lexi87

    Hey Gibbs

    Make sure you’re logged in…then click on myCrib in the top right-hand corner (next to the shopping cart) >>> click on myProfile >>> and edit! :)

  348. iCookiKidd

    Heya :)
    ‘m havin a little trouble uploading my creation for the competition, when I want to upload the Thumbnail it tells me There was an error uploading your files.
    PLEASE help!!

  349. Lexi87

    Hey gurugaste77

    Make sure you’re logged in…then click on myCrib in the top right-hand corner (next to the shopping cart) >>> click on myProfile >>> and edit! :)

  350. amyabrahams

    @ dillypips

    Artists who submit their designs late due to whatever reason unfortunately don’t get special publicity. But it’s no biggie - they’ll just miss out on some votes.

    A lot of people vote on designs quite late too - so that’s not to say they’re totally out of the race.

    GOOD LUCK with your design!

  351. suburbanhijinx

    Did rules in regards to what designs can win change for the open themes competitions?

    THe latest winner (which is an amazing design) was not in the voting this past period. Is the winner decided as the best out of every Open Theme winner? How are the open theme winners chosen, I know its a springleap panel, but does the springleap panel just pick out of any design or any design that is in the top 10?

    Is there anywhere that I can be directed to see official rules?

    I’m not trying to be a pain, but it seems like some things on this site are becoming rather shady or I am incredibly misinformed…

  352. EranEyal

    Not at all - it was in the competition but a late entry. You can ask for your best of the best to be transferred into a current competition.

    Due to caching issues it did not show on some people’s computers.

  353. suburbanhijinx


    Seems weird that it wouldn’t show up for an entire two week period and not one additional comment on it since the best of the best comp…It never showed up on my comp or any of my friends and relatives comps either.

    I guess I don’t get the point of having a submission deadline cause if you miss the deadline you can just get a late submission…

    Besides I thought you had to “tweak” or change a part of the design or shirt color for it to be eligible in another comp?

  354. EranEyal


    as said - it can be a caching issue, and it was added late. As I made clear - with open competitions we are happy to move your old designs non-winning designs into the new open-theme competitions - all you need to do is ask.

    The deadline is for new designs as these need to be approved and go through a process which the ones that are already approved previously do not.

    You do not need to tweak the designs unless you want to and we recommend it as people have seen the designs before - old comments get carried with the old design which can work against you as opposed to working fresh coupled with the fact that people have seen the design before and may get bored. Depends on the strength of the work (such as yours which are generally extremely good).

  355. Lexi87

    @ estelle - at the moment we don’t have long sleeve T’s but we are currently working on extending our range for the future :)

    @ Gibbs - If you want to unsubscribe from our newsletters, there’s a link at the bottom of the letter that you can click on to stop receiving them.

    If you want to unsubscribe from receiving blog notifications, go to myCrib >> myProfile >> under notifications, uncheck the blog box

  356. tamvorster

    How do I contact you apart from e-mail? I have not yet received my order and no one is replying to my e-mails. just want to check what is going on?

  357. Lexi87

    Hi tam

    I know that Mehul, our stock manager has been in contact with you.

    We were waiting on our Pacman t-shirts that only arrived today. So tomorrow your order will be sent through :)

    Apologies for the inconvenience

  358. CorpinDesigns

    Hi Team,

    I have a question ! What types of concepts we can work and submit for the best design?
    Springleap is one of the concept and else ? Please let me know for clear picture. :)

  359. sebasebi

    Hi team, I still havnt recieved the payment for mi wining design “Mr. Cosmos” and “ All we are is energy”,who can solve this problem?

  360. Lexi87

    Hi Kinglsip

    Eric is making payments on the winning designs today.

    Chloe informed me that your “I mean like WOAH” design needed to be changed so until she gives the go ahead we unfortunately cannot process payment for that design.

    Your “hey baby” design is good to go so Eric will make payment on that.

  361. kingslip

    hey lexi, i sent it to her with neccesary changes 2 weeks ago. If there where new problems I am yet to hear about it

  362. Lexi87

    Hi sebasebi

    Sorry for the delay. We’ll get payment across to you as soon as we can. Once again apologies for the inconvenience.

  363. DuncanBoxie

    Hi Anila. If you look at the very top of the page you will see a VOTE tab. Roll over it with your mouse and select gallery. The gallery will show you which competitions are open for voting and which designs you have already voted on.

  364. Frunch

    The randomisation of the images to vote on - “You choose the winners…” - doesn’t work properly. Some designs/images are repeated while others aren’t shown at all. Some tweaking with the randomisation code, i think.
    Everyone should get a fair chance.
    Anyone else notice this?

  365. Frunch

    Do only designs i haven’t voted on get shown? Because that makes sense and my previous question doesn’t really count.

  366. Lexi87

    Hi Frunch

    If you’ve already voted on a design then normally it won’t appear again. You should be given an indication of what you’ve already voted on.

  367. mincestew

    We have a meeting with you guys at 11. Where are your offices?

    Please give me a shout or send me contact details/

    Stuart 0713771373

  368. kingslip

    hey guys

    struggling to upload extraphoto’s to my designs, am clicking on the ADD button and it takes me to the gallery which advises me to go back and click on the ADD button, i’m stuck in a paradox. HELP HELP

  369. Lexi87

    Hi kingslip

    I have emailed the problem to my manager. As soon as I get a reply from him I’ll get in contact with you again :)

  370. Warren222

    Hi Guys

    My name is Warren Havenga and im a graphic designer from sunny Durban.

    I’ve seen the “Tiger Hood” and got to have this thing!!

    only problem is you dont have my size, please can you reprint the xxl for me?

    I’ve tried applying through the site but dont get a reply, please help?


    keep up the good work
    (going to be submitting a hoody design soon i think its a winner)

  371. Warren222

    Hi Guys

    My name is Warren Havenga and im a graphic designer from sunny Durban.

    I’ve seen the “Tiger Hood” and got to have this thing!!

    only problem is you dont have my size, please can you reprint the xxl for me?

    I’ve tried applying through the site but dont get a reply, please help?


    keep up the good work
    (going to be submitting a hoody design soon i think its a winner)

  372. Lexi87

    Hi Warren

    Unfortunately we can only reprint designs once we get enough reprint requests - there’s a certain number of units we have to work with.

    But great news about the design :) Can’t wait to see it!

  373. DuncanBoxie

    Yo Marmora.
    Ok, first and foremost you need to download the official Springleap template pack. To do that simply roll over the create button at the top of the screen and click submit. When the page opens up look on the right of the screen and you will see the text “how do I enter”, below that click on the link prompting you to download the template pack.
    The pack is loaded with all the info you could possibly need.
    If you come unstuck or have any other questions, drop us another message :)

  374. DuncanBoxie

    Ello Waterbitten.

    Basically as soon as the payment is received on our end we will send a confirmation through to your email address.

    I take it this is why u are asking about changing email addresses?
    Unfortunately once you have given an email it cannot be changed.
    If you really need to change it, its probably best to just create another account with us.

  375. DuncanBoxie

    Shaun the design may be pending for a little while, we have so many designs coming through. We will send you some feedback asap.

    WnJ, what exactly do u want to change?

  376. childofcolour

    Hey there, am pretty new to spingleap and was wondering regarding voting, if there’s somewhere on the site where we can track and see how the votes are going and who’s got how many votes for what competition?

  377. DuncanBoxie

    Hiya Childofcolour :)
    ATM we do not have advanced vote tracking features. However that is a suggestion that is on our list of things to tackle. SO hopefully soon-soon!

  378. snowstorm


    I submitted a 3 designs a couple of days ago. I wanted to change the images but the edit feature is no longer available to me. I used to have the option to resubmit immages but it has suddenly vanished. Can you help?

    PS: I have both pending and approved designs but that doesn’t seem to make a difference.



  379. DuncanBoxie

    Hi there Snowstorm I see the designs you have submitted.
    One of our design guru’s will take a look and see if they are in order as soon as possible.
    I see that one of them has also been approved, so good news there

  380. krissyarcher

    Hello. I just joined and I’m learning how to submit a design. It says the last step is to submit a tshirt preview. I downloaded the kit, which is supposed to open with my Micorsoft Picture It. But my software will not open it all. Is there an alternative to create a tshirt preview? Thanks.

  381. krissyarcher

    This is a reply to my question from yesterday.
    I just found out that I need certain programs to run the shirt template. Is there anyway to get one of those programs free? I seriously don’t have any income to my name and therefore cannot afford to buy one. Thanks.

  382. Siltdesigner

    Hey Guys

    Im really getting irritated with all the “Who are you?” emails and would like to unsubscribe how do I go about doing that?


  383. DuncanBoxie


    Go to My Crib > My Profile > Look under Notifications and uncheck the blog box.

    Let me know if the problem persists.

  384. Siltdesigner

    @Duncan_ Thanks a mill…Weird thing was that the box was unchecked so ive checked it now and will see what happens.

    Thanks again

  385. krissyarcher

    Thanks guys. I’ve been using Gimp for years, so naturally that was the first thing that I tried. It can’t open an EPS filename (which is what the shirt template is). And I tried Inkscape and Fatpaint and neither one can open the template either. Sorry to bother you with questions.

  386. kharmazero

    @krissyarcher,in this case forget the template and use the Tshirt template human mock up.Anyway it will look better and more realistic.

  387. DuncanBoxie

    HI there Toastmmm. First go to the actual page of the design in question. On the right hand side there is a black box saying “Add a photo”.
    Click the choose photo button to upload the image >> fill in all the required info >> don’t forget to click the box that certifies that you are allowed to add the photo (its at the bottom) >> click “Submit”

  388. DuncanBoxie

    @Toastmmm: was that for your profile, or for a specific design??

    PS: thanks Kharmazero for helping out the community, much appreciated :)

  389. Smali

    hey admin….

    whats the deal with the “entrepeneur” comp? is it still goin on? or what cz i cant find the link to it anywher on the site

  390. DuncanBoxie

    Smali the Entrepreneur competition has extended to the 15th December. Please try upload your design once more, it may have just been a glitch, let me know if it still doesn’t work.

    Freeagent08 the designs are all in the process of being vetted by our in-house designer. Its a particularly bus time of year for us here at the HQ, but will get it back to you as soon as we can.

  391. rocketboi

    For the competitions, can one submit their design on the human mock up templates provided or should they be on the normal t shirt template?

  392. DuncanBoxie

    Hey there Rocketboi.
    You can use a human mock up, but please ensure that it is the same colour, or veeery close, to the colours that will be printed. Thanks. :)

  393. rocketboi

    cool beans.. and I got a notification saying my design was spproved but I cant seem to find it in the entries? is there a buffer period before it gets there? I’d like to spam all my friends with the springleap link

  394. Frunch

    Hi. I made a spelling mistake in description (the meat) of design I just submitted. How do you fix it? Can you or are the other springleapers worse at speling and wont notice or are just really relaxed folk and don’t care?

  395. DuncanBoxie

    Hi there Frunch.
    I will take a look and see what I can do for you.
    Think the SL guys n girls are pretty chilled when it comes to this sorta thing. So, no worries

  396. dotnot

    Hi, So how does the terms and conditions work regarding a winning t-shirt? Are yo allowed to use your own winning artwork in other international competitions? Or personally print more winning tees out of your own budget for reselling? Does the artist own any rights to his winning design?

  397. EranEyal

    Heya Dotnot - let me lay it out so it’s totally clear :

    If a t-shirt wins Sprinlgeap owns the rights to that design exclusively.


    1. Springleap owns the design. Period.
    2. You can’t enter it anywhere.
    3. If you want to use it for a personal use such as for a big portfolio evening, you need to ask us first (we always say yes ;P - in fact if it’s a showing or something we send people to the event!)
    4. You can never use it for any commercial benefit.

    We are always very clear on this.


    1. We do not own the right to any design we don’t pay for - ie if you don’t win Springleap have no ownership except to display the design at
    2. We may approach you to purchase the design on behalf of a client. (you can say no :P)
    3. The only time this may change is if it is in the brief eg : Raizcorp had a stipulation that any design that was entered could be asked to be displayed for non-commercial benefit and that the artist would be credited.
    4. You can do whatever you like with the design if it does not win.

    On a side note - we are working on an AWESOME way for you to make lots of cash on designs that don’t win where we don’t own the designs.

    Think I covered all of it.

  398. dotnot

    “On a side note – we are working on an AWESOME way for you to make lots of cash on designs that don’t win where we don’t own the designs.” Oooooooooo Cannot WAIT for THIS! YEY!

  399. kharmazero

    Hi all, i also saw that you are doing some posters prints by now.Will designers get something from this ?Can we have some samples?

  400. DuncanBoxie

    HI there Kharma :)
    Yes indeed designers will def make money off this.
    As for the samples I will have to get back to you once we finalize this in our budget.

    Riaan please drop me a mail at and I will sort you out no worries.

  401. EVILI

    HELLO! I entered the March 1st open theme contest and got accepted!! But now when i go to my design workspace to view my design it states 404 this page does not exist!! Did my entry get pulled out if the contest for some reason? My entry is called BYZANTIA. Thank you for your time and im looking forward for some reply.

  402. kelltrill

    Hi Springleap :)

    I’m new here and I’m trying to buy my first t-shirt. I’m using internet banking with FNB (South Africa) and the banking details made available aren’t adequate unfortunately. I need an account number (available), a branch code (not available), and a type of bank account (my options are cheque or bond, savings, transmission, subscription share, fnbcard, and wesbank accounts). I have tried adding springleap as a recipient with the information made available but it’s not sufficient unfortunately. Please advise.

  403. rentacrowd

    Hi, I’m trying to enter the Vodacom competition and my design “needs more work” but the find out why link shows me the 404 page not found link. Please help, I would like to edit my design so that it is accepted.


  404. ADarkHorse

    Hi there! I can’t seem to download the T-Shirt submission pack. All I get is an empty zip folder… Any suggestions?


  405. hevojack

    Hi there

    I was sooo excited to receive my Ts today. Really quick delivery!
    They are really awesome… only thing is the Kitten Licken one has a hole in the back - SUPER BUMMED about that!
    Is it possible to swap it for an undamaged one please?

    Thanks for your assistance.

    Kind regards

    Heather Jack

  406. matsanni

    i choose the wrong country , i should choose Indonesia for my nationality.
    can i change the country from France into Indonesia?
    i’ve tried, but i cant solve this problem
    please help me.
    at least you reply this question.

    thank yaw!

  407. lmt337

    Hi! I uploaded a design to the site and entered it into the open theme contest. However I can’t find it in the voting and when I click on the design on my profile I get sent to the homepage. Any idea what I’m doing wrong? Thanks.

  408. Bernelle

    I uploaded a design to the site and entered it into the open theme contest. However I can’t find it in the voting and when I click on the design on my profile I get sent to the homepage. Checked my mail and there is no other springleap mail ,only my approval mail that said it is approved. Also no other msgs around my profile.

  409. gorix

    I entered the open theme contest and my design was approved but when i look my designs i cant find it. it was not included in the designs for voting. please let me know what was wrong here.

  410. DuncanBoxie


    Hi there guys.
    If you upload a design and it doesn’t appear instantly, please check the dates on the original compo blog posting.

    Designs are given specific dates for voting!


    Dude email me with your new email at**
    Will sort that for u!

  411. waterbitten

    Hello :),

    Just wanted to find out: how do i add pictures to the gallery for springleap tees that are not featured in the banner?

  412. ashrodda

    Hi there
    I’m new to your site and am keen to buy a gift voucher for a friend’s birthday tomorrow and was hoping that you sent the voucher electronically (immediately) but it looks like it gets hand delivered. Is this the case? If so, I will rethink the gift as it won’t arrive in time. Thanks

  413. DuncanBoxie

    @waterbitten: go to the actual design page, look on the right hand side. There is a banner for “add a photo”.
    Upload and it will then be placed in our gallery!

    @ashrodda: it is always sent via email :)

  414. DuncanBoxie

    Hi Mischy. We don’t display how many people have voted, rather we give you a score, which you will see at the end of the voting process.

  415. zedman

    Hi. I requested that my email needs to change from to a while back.

    I had a response but no-one actioned it. Could someone please follow this up.


    Also cant we have all the T-shirts one page when we vote. The way it is now its quite irritable to click “show me another design.” Sometimes the same t-shirt appears twice or thrice.


  416. DuncanBoxie

    Zedman dude. Sorry for the wait.
    Will sort this out for you asap.

    We know about that image display issue with voting. We are on it

  417. RiccWebb

    Hey guys,

    I ordered a rather awesome shirt from you guys around 7 weeks ago, and even though I’m based in the UK…sad for me…I would’ve thought it would be here by now

    Reference: 5688-20110301-WEBB
    Transaction Date: 01/03/2021 12:27:28 AM

  418. CathRon

    Hey Ricc

    Glad you dropped us a mail too, so we can get onto it! We will track the parcel and let you know asap, otherwise we will resend a replacement. I have it in my diary to follow-up tomorrow for you! So sorry about this.

  419. monochromefrog

    hi, i’m new to springleap, i have a question about design submission.
    does the final artwork must be in a vector format? or i can use a hi-res psd format (300dpi or more)

    thank you :)

  420. r


    I have designed and uploaded a design into the open theme that you can currently vote for.
    But i dont see it on the voting page and if i go my submissions page and click on its link it doesn’t take me to the entry page, it takes me to the vote page. Can you help?

  421. rody

    Shout out to Eric

    How to upload a design in a competition?

    I have made a couple of designs for the Hansa competition

    Tshepo Lehutjo

  422. DuncanBoxie

    @r: Sounds like your the voting date for that submission has not started yet.

    @Rody: dude u all sorted now I hope?

  423. Izzicane

    Hey I’m having a problem with notifications, I tried numerous times to select the notifications on the My profile section. Tried clicking save and not saving but neither works. Can you please help me out? Thanks :)

  424. jmarkram

    Good day,
    I have 2 Ubuntu Coupons that is valid till the 9th June. I would like to purchase the Afrolution and Evolution? shirts in Medium but there is no stock. Will you reprint them and how can I order them before 9 June 2011?
    Jacques Markram

  425. DuncanBoxie

    Izzicane: dude email me the changes you would like to make to your profile. If its a glitch I will sort it out from this side.

    @Maishalove: for reprints go to the actual design’s page, hover over and click the size that you would like reprinted. We take note of this request and will inform you when it gets reprinted.

    @Jmarkram: Due to the traffic to our site, we have found inaccuracies in our stock-levels. The good news is we have a few Evolution Mens Medium left in stock, but Afrolution is sold out. Unfortunately, we are not planning to reprint Afrolution at this stage, but we hope that there is another design which you can substitute it with.

  426. jmarkram

    Thanks for the feedback Duncan. I am struggling to use the Ubuntu Coupons to order my shirts. Any suggestions…Do I need to place one order at a time? CHeers

  427. DHS

    Hiya, I’m having trouble getting in touch with you as your contact page apparently does not work.

    Currently, I’m working on my thesis which concerns crowdsourcing platforms. Although I have interviewed a few platform community managers here in the Netherlands, I would like to expand my research to some platforms from abroad as well. Do you think one of you (the one most involved with the community preferably) would have some spare time for an interview. I would be really grateful!

    Hope to hear from you!


  428. DuncanBoxie

    @markram: it should be 1 code per tee, so yes maybe do them separately.

    @DHS: Sure that can be arranged. I will email you :)

  429. bleet

    one shirt is approved but not showing for the HANSA comp….


  430. D4rkAc3

    2 Items from 2 Ubuntu vouchers shipped together in one parcel is one shipping charge of R36 please.

    Your website program does not allow this. Please advise.


  431. Lindybug

    Hi, I wanted to enter the Hansa Competition which has been extended to today, Monday 13 June, but when I went to submit it didnt have the option of submitting it into the Hansa competition. I instead submitted it under the “Return of the Rollover” or something like that. Am I too late? Is the competition not extended after all? If its still running, please forward my submission to the correct place. Thanks, Lindy

  432. Koncept

    Im having trouble uploading my designs. Ive uploaded a PNG (at the correct size)but I get an error saying “There was an error uploading your files”

  433. Bhejane

    Hi Guys
    On 26 May I bought some vouchers thru Ubuntudeal and, on the same day, wanted to order some “Got Your Back” tee’s. I think I did it right but havn’t heard anything. Please can someone tell me what is going on as I still want to use these vouchers for the 2 “got your back” t’s
    Looking forward to hearing from you. Mark

  434. DuncanBoxie

    @Koncept: Most odd, what program did you use to create the PNG? Perhaps try using a different prog. I know that sometimes progs can add a millimeter or two and throw things out of whack.
    Try and let me know!

    Bhejane: please email me at I will ensure the right people talk to you :)

  435. amyabrahams

    Hi Tim,

    The Groupon rates are a guide, but the ones on our website are actual

    If you have any further questions please let me know

  436. stadleroux

    Hello, I would just like to know when the current competitions close and how long it would take for the winners to be printed, because I’m quite eager to find out if I’d be able to buy some of the Ts for which I have voted. TIA.

  437. amyabrahams

    Hi @stadleroux

    Thank you for supporting Springleap

    On the right side of the homepage are all our current competitions, both those in voting and submission phases. When clicking on either of those banners you will be taken to a blog post that will provide all the details and dates for that competition.

    Only if a design wins will it be printed and stocked in our store. You will be able to pre-buy immediately when we announce a new winner and it usually takes 10 days to be in stock.

    If you require anything further please let me know

  438. stadleroux

    In the Hansa competition I voted for the winner that’s already been announced, but I don’t really drink a lot of beer, so it would be a little silly for me to wear a T with a beer ad on it.

    In the Return of the Rollover I voted for Spirits of the Forest and Space Marine; two very different designs, but both excellent in their own right, imo.

  439. katie77r

    Hi there! I have bought a Groupon voucher so i can buy 5 of your awesome T-shirts. The problem is nearly every cool t-shirt is out of stock! Please could you let me know when you will be getting more shirts back in stock, i have a month to buy so can’t wait too long!
    Thanks a bunch!
    A huge fan :)

  440. DuncanBoxie

    Hi there Katie :)

    The new designs are ‘being printed’ and should be in stock within next 3 weeks

    You can mail us through a list of the designs you like, along with size and whether its for a male/female, so that we can double check.

  441. stadleroux

    Yeah, I ordered the “Own Heaven” design over the weekend, so there has to be something special about that sebasebi guy…

  442. AlisonR

    I bought 5 of your t shirts through a voucher on group on. However every single t shirt in your males and females is not available in my size. you only have a few designs which are not my taste (and this is from the few that you can actually pick from that have the size option-all of 5 styles). i would like my money back as your coupon is only valid for one month, and I cant imagine anything will change before then. This is really dreadful, as you should not be advertising with so few styles and sizes available. i have emailed groupon, also to request an refund. Please let me know if this issue can be resolved.

  443. CathRon

    Hi Alison. Has anybody helped you yet? Please email me catherine (at) springleap (dot) com. While it is best to check our stocks before buying a Groupon, there are a few solutions I can recommend. Also, due to excess traffic to our site, the stock section became a bit buggy and we may indeed have what you are looking for in stock. Look forward to hearing from you.

  444. MSchenck

    I purchased Groupon voucher for 5 t-shirts, however everything I want to purchase is sold out
    And the voucher is only valid for a month.
    I have requested reprints of everthing I was interested in.

    Ladies (L) - Forest in my mind on true blue,Apocalyptic Sunset(Black),I know Chai Tea, Minions, IcreaMonster.

    And for the mens tshirt (M) - High Five?, Crayon Cartridge,bunnyCHOW and emigrasie.

    Please respond…your help will be highly appreciated!

  445. CathRon

    Hi MSchenk, thanks so much for also dropping me an email about this. I have just replied, so you should have some advice in your inbox!

  446. DuncanBoxie

    Hey there Annieberry.
    When you go to the SL checkout you will see a field that you can input your code into.
    It is case sensitive btw! :)

  447. gbksa

    I have 4 separate Groupon Vouchers. The problem is that I can only use one voucher per transaction and I’m charged for shipping each time. How do I go about claiming all four Groupon vouchers in one order for 4 t-shirts so I only pay once for shipping.


  448. CathRon

    Hi Gbksa. I think your best option is to email Amy (at) springleap (dot) com. She can possibly organise to group all 4 of your groupons onto one voucher code.

  449. aplatzoeder


    I have the same problem as MSchenk. I bought a Groupon voucher and have been keeping a lookout for over a week on your site, but everything I am interested is sold out. Also asked for reprints but have heard nothing. What should I do?

  450. CathRon

    Hi Aplatzoeder, it is always recommended, to avoid disappointment - to first check our stock (or get in touch) before you buy a Groupon deal. You can email marketing (at) springleap (dot) com for assistance. Thanks for your support!

  451. aplatzoeder

    Unfortunately your suggestion did not help. I did exactly as you mentioned, but when I received the coupon and I went back to purchase the tshirt, most of your stock was marked as ‘sold out’.

  452. moodlerr


    I seem to be having the same problem as many of the other users on here regarding the groupon voucher. Is it possible for us to forward our T-shirt requests to an individual at your store to have them printed on individual requests? I have spoken to Eran about this request last week, but i still have not received any feedback.

  453. CathRon

    Hi Koncept, please email duncan (at) springleap (dot) com. He can assist you with turning your notifications off to stop receiving comments on blogs you have commenetd on.
    Hi Groupon supporters, we are so sorry for the stock issues and want to do all we can to make your experience positive. Due to excess traffic, our stock system has a few bugs, so if you email marketing (at) springleap (dot) com with your wish-list (design and size), we can advise if we do indeed have stock and / or whether it is on a reprint list.

  454. kimstone

    Hi, I’m a complete klutz when it comes to resizing designs. I’m using cs5 photoshop and when I try to resize, the designs look tiny as jpegs. Can anyone give me a step-by-step guide to size the images correctly.

    Many thanks

  455. katie77r

    Hi there,
    I wrote to you about 2 weeks ago asking if there would be more stock of your t-shirts. I was assured there would be. I bought a Groupon allowing me to buy 5 t-shirts of my choice. The problem is time is running out (for me to redeem my Groupon) and all the t-shirts i want are still out of stock. I have requested the t-shirts i want countless times and this makes no difference. I will not buy t-shirts i don’t want, this is unacceptable, i want to place my order and still can’t. I feel i have wasted over R500 on a Groupon i can’t even use, please fix this problem!
    Not Happy!!

  456. Maike

    Hi @katie77r
    Apologies for your frustrations. We do have some new designs in stock, but it takes time to get all the designs printed.

    Are the t-shirts that you want sold out or still being printed? If they are sold out, then there is no guarantee that we will reprint them in the near future. Requesting a reprint does not automatically mean that it will be reprinted. However, if you like some of the t-shirts still to be printed, then you can already pre-buy them with your voucher, and you will be notified as soon as they are printed and ready for collection/shipping.

    Please email maike[at] directly with the designs that you want so that we can see what we can do for you.

  457. katie77r

    Hi there,
    I recieved 5 T-shirts today as part of a Groupon deal. My boyfriend and i measured our required sizes exactly and my t-shirt is 2 sizes too small and his are way too large. We did use your measurement guide but this wasn’t accurate at all. Can we return our t-shirts for different sizes?

  458. katie77r

    I apologise. I just realised that the t-shirts i recieved with the wrong sizing are the NEXT generation sizing t-shirts.I measured the t-shirts i wanted thinking they were the old sizing. Can i return the t-shirts and get the correct sizes?
    Regards, Katie

  459. CathRon

    Hi Katie

    You are very welcome to swap. Please mail lester (at) springleap (dot) com and he will arrange this with you.

  460. Animix


    I want to design a t-shirt and I wanted to ask you about the 7 colours that we are allowed. Are different shades of a colour considered as different colours? what do you mean by unique?



  461. CathRon

    Hi Hayley

    Welcome! Really excited to see your submissions.

    We screen-print all our designs, and each colour is mixed to a specific pantone, and a different screen is used for each colour. Therefore, if you create a beautiful design in 5 different shades of yellow (as an example), each shade would be classified as a separate colour, as yellow 1 may need more white than yellow 2, and then yellow 3 would need a spot of red, etc,, etc.

    I hope that helps, otherwise chat to duncan [at] springleap [dot] com for more advice! :)

    Happy designing


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