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The Guide to Submitting Creations for springleap:

Creations? What is that all about? What can I submit? I want the fame! Tell me what I can do for the fame, the glory (and the Moola!). All these BURNING questions answered here and more!!!

What constitutes a "creation"?

Creations are any original work that is submitted for a springleap competition. Mostly this is for tshirt creations, but who knows where else you could find your awesome artwork.

Ok - let me just tell you - if you think your photos of your new born babies is going to win - ERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRorRR. You compute wrong - the world is looking for a new way to look at things that we see every day or things that only you see and want to share with others. Something beautiful in its extremity, controversy, absence, longing, absurdity or hilarity (that means reeeeeaal funny) :)

Creations can be images, abstract or absurd design or even slogans and phrases. Surprise us!!!

What can I WIN?

Whoa there nelly. I hope you are sittin' down. Take a look at the prizes page to see what you can win...

SA-WEEEET! How do I enter?

First things first. Let's get this straight. No copiers. No tracers.

O+R+I+G+I+N+A+L CREATIONS AND MESSAGES ONLY. We totally dis fakers. They suck.

Springleap is all about exposing super talented creators, not copiers.

If you think you can get away with ripping other creators off, you're smokin' rocks. Lay off the drugs, son - you've gone wrong in the head.

Cool - now that we got that in the open, here's your guide to winning:

  • Join springleap: become a member and create your own profile
  • Download the springleap submission kit which has the design templates
  • Create your springleap submission on the templates provided
  • Upload your creation!

Easy huh? Read on to see how superEasy springleap make it for you to win!...

Errr... What is a springleap submission kit?

To submit a creation, you need to get the springleap submission kit. This kit has a tshirt template in a few different formats in which you can put your creation.

Cool! How do I use a springleap submission kit?

  1. Inside the kit is a tshirt template in the following formats: Freehand, Flash, Photoshop and Illustrator. Pick the template for the program you are using and place your design on the shirt in the space provided.
  2. Please remember that springleap only allows users to print on the front of the shirt and not on the sleeves, back or collar.
  3. Some advice: tshirt design is as much about balance of positive and negative space as it is about the image or design you create.
  4. COLOURS: Springleap only permit the use of 7 colours per design. This includes black and white. Some advice: less is more. The best designs don't look like Christmas trees. (unless they actually are of Christmas trees, I guess...) Less is more. Some of the best designs only use 3 or 4 colours - By the way - did you notice how you were still able to read the word "colours" despite the missing "O"? Hmmmm.. :)
  5. A word on SLOGANS: for sure you can win with a catch phrase! ...but please: keep it clean. Keep it Simple. People are looking for wit, not twit. And need I say it? ORIGINAL.
  6. No company names or artist names on the designs
  7. Once you have created and placed your creation on the template format of your choice, select an appropriate background colour for the tshirt (which will be the actual colour of the tshirt itself). This is an important choice! Please choose ONLY from the colours provided in the springleap submission kit
  8. To choose the colour of the tshirt itself, you simply click on the layer called "colour templates". You will the find the different colours therein; then just uncheck all the colours you don't want - easy as that. Don't forget to uncheck "Cosmic White" unless you want your background to be white!!!
  9. Create a Thumbnail gif, jpg or png less than 124x88 pixels and less than 100K.
  10. You will also need to create a preview jpg, gif or png file that is 640 pixels wide x 800 pixels high that is a maximum of 260kb in size.
  11. Save the tshirt preview as a gif, jpg or png that is 600 pixels x 600 pixels. To do this go into the tshirt template and save as one of the above formats. This will include the tshirt as well as the background.
  12. Remember - before you click the "submit" button, make sure you are happy with what you have uploaded in each section - you can only remove or change the image before you click "submit"... after that it's set in stone ;)
  13. Click the submit button
  14. er.... we think we got it all right? (we sure hope so!)

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