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 The second blog posting is always better. shoutOut 3 weeks ago by DuncanBoxie in peeps 2 weeks, 4 days ago by Eric

It’s just common knowledge, if you want your blog posting to stick it has to come in second.
Its just the way karma and the flow of ever present ambient energy interacts with humans in general.
Just like how the first pancake is always a flop and the second perfect, its just a way that the powers that be let us know that there is always room for improvement.
First the worst second the best (third the one with the hairy chest)...its been drummed into our minds since we were but mini chicken nuggets.
Do you think coming in second can sometimes be better than being first??

 coffee time shoutOut 2 weeks, 5 days ago by Eric in peeps 2 weeks, 4 days ago by TheBrigand

need some Strong Coffee!

amazing how you can sit down to check email for a few minutes, and you look up and hours have passed…

during the day it’s not so bad, but when you do it at night, it means a lack of sleep, coz the hours fly by!

thinking a cappuccino would be wonderful, or even some coffee from a plunger. but the kettle is on, so guess it’s easiest to have some filter coffee!

 the First blog posting ever on springleap shoutOut 3 weeks ago by Eric in peeps 2 weeks, 4 days ago by blue

whoaaa!!! the blogs are up! and i have the honor of being the first one to say something…

although now Duncan & Mark & Eran are going to speak %#!*$#&$ the whole day!!

 Argus cyclist shoutOut 2 weeks, 5 days ago by DuncanBoxie in peeps 2 weeks, 4 days ago by blue

Why do Argus cyclists always walk around, do coffee, shop…ok well do basically everything in their tight little suits? They are all over Sea Point at the moment and even when theres not a bike in sight they are dresses to the nines in their wind resisting gear.Why?
Maybe its because once you realize you move around quicker in the cycling suit, nothing can compare…you always get the feeling that you have cement shoes when without.
Of course it could be because 1 or 2 of them are posers and want everybody to see that they are indeed Argus Army Warriors. Is there some cycling secret that I don’t know?

 This is Soooo cool shoutOut 2 weeks, 6 days ago by Jade in peeps 2 weeks, 4 days ago by blue

Im not a fancy La Rue Arty Farty type person, but I just love that SA has all this talent (Vibey, creative arts, culture, t.v., music, design, fashion etc etc) and now they can get recognised!

Im looking forward to see what our proudly S.A. peeps will submit. most Deffinitly will keep checking up and voting on YOU GUYS!
Hope to hear from you all

 small changes make big differences shoutOut 2 weeks, 6 days ago by Eric in wordUp 2 weeks, 5 days ago by DuncanBoxie

Thanks to those of you that let us know about the small log in issue today, which got fixed VERY QUICKLY coz you helped us - THANK YOU - it’s thanks to you that we’re moving springleap forward so quickly…

round of applause for YOU

we added an RSS feed today, so if you want to read all the blog postings in your RSS reader here’s the link:

on another note, we were stoked that another vendor wants to sell springleap tshirts - if you want to start a tshirt business, or have a shp & want to sell springleap tshirts in it - check out the Own a Clothes Shop? Buy @ Wholesale? section.

And how KEWL are the stars next to each blog posting, rather than a text name? The other small change we made to the blogs today was seperating them by having a green background for every alternative posting - I think it makes it SOOOO much easier to read.

Keep the emails and feedback coming - we’re discussing EVERY suggestion we get…

 blogs & top right corner shoutOut 3 weeks ago by Eric in wordUp
none yet


A big change on springleap today - the blogs have gone live.

We’ve set up a couple different sections.

wordUp - for the springleap team to talk & talk & talk some more

paparazzi - so we can scream on paper whenever we find someone outside of the springleap world has discovered us

peeps - for YOU to speak about tshirts, design, fashion, or ANYTHING else that you feel like speaking about.

theWorks - quick way of seeing ALL the new postings at a GLANCE

for now, you’ll just see your name next to each posting or comment you make, but when the profile pages go live in a few weeks time, then you’ll see your pic next to each time you write something

And just as exciting…

We had a couple requests to let people know CLEARER when they were logged in…

You can see when you are logged in when the “log in” link changes to “myCrib”

But if you are sharing a computer with someone you might not know who is logged in.

So now if you look in the top right corner AFTER you are logged in, it now says “wazzup YOU”

(if you don’t like “wazzup”, tell us! our innovative developer decided to take copyrighting into his own hands but we like it - we think “wazzup” is a fit! sigh of relief from the big R)

remember, if you’ve got wishes or ideas for springleap, let us know

 springleap rocks from SA Rocks shoutOut 3 weeks ago by Eric in paparazzi
none yet


Well read blog SA Rocks sent the springleap team a couple of questions to answer a few days ago.

So we did what we do best - did a quick touch typing course, wrote a novel, and sent the book back to SA Rocks.

On the 28th springleap was featured on SA Rocks.

We’re STOKED!!!!

 First South African blogger to mention springleap shoutOut 3 weeks ago by Eric in paparazzi
none yet


So who was the first to break the story of springleaps launch?

First up to mention springleap was the Feisty Female but Bev shouldn’t really count as the first as she had a unfair advantage - she’s part of our PR team who is doing an amazing job getting the word about springleap out to the world.

So the real first site to get the word out about springleap was Charl Norman’s site Bandwidth Blog

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