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Scouting for a venue...

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searching for the perfect venue to portray the band’s image and sound is always a key factor in giving the fans what they want and paid for! This tee shows the process of viewing a venue - and this venue will surely portray that “funky blend of Creedance Revival meets Bob Dylan with really raspy vocals and toe tapping rhythms”-feel to Stepdogs’ music!


Cool but the logo is too big for me

shoutBack on 14/5/11 by athyna

This is so awesome.
Only problem is it feels a bit unbalanced, think its because its comes across teh chest quite far towards da seams

shoutBack on 13/5/11 by Mars

Maike, Perhaps it’s not too big. You know the tricky thing is that 9/10 times, these designs look EVEN better once actually printed, so you never really get the full effect until you see it on a material, physical item.

shoutBack on 10/5/11 by simon

Oh wow. This is incredible Nen!!

I’m not actually sure if I agree with Simon & Kharma on the size of the logo.. If it’s to be made smaller, I would think only a tiny bit. I think the size lends the design power & impact.

LOVE the use of negative space & especially the colours. What I am a bit sceptical about however, is the use of the characters off the design on their site… Looks exactly the same to me as the main image on their music page

Really incredible work! Well done & keep it up!!

shoutBack on 10/5/11 by Maike

I love the use of minimal colours and the finer details you put in to the branches and other plants. I’m not very technical with designs but even I can appreciate the illusion that you are actually looking into something and that the different shades gives it depth. Great work :) and good luck

shoutBack on 10/5/11 by Izzicane

amazing detalis and use of negative space :D

shoutBack on 10/5/11 by Sergio37

This really has such nice depth. I like the use of negative space, textured details and greys.

shoutBack on 10/5/11 by CathRon

thanks everyone! appreciate the comments :)

shoutBack on 10/5/11 by Nen101

BooM, negative space awesomeness!
Truly great work here dude :)

shoutBack on 10/5/11 by DuncanBoxie

Apart from the over-sized logo, this a work of art. I love the size of the characters, ot provides such an intense depth of field to the design. Colours are nice too.

Of course, if the logo were smaller it may become lost against the light background, and would maybe need to then be a different colour?

Very cool indeed.

shoutBack on 9/5/11 by simon