8-bit Bigfoot
Didn't make it
December 2008

Straight from the Designers fingers

M: “I finally found you Mr. 8-bit Bigfoot.”
8BB: “Kggg.”
M: “May I take your photo?”
8BB: “Kshh.”
M: “Thanks.”
8BB: “Bppp.”


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... please be careful when making comments like this - they need to b e VERY substantiated.

I don’t believe this is the case for even a second.

I think you need to bear in mind what it would feel like If someone made the same comment on your work…

shoutBack on 27/12/08 by TheBrigand

KingC you mullet - click on their names and you’ll see fooligan and deatek submitted designs themselves. Shows what a mullet you can be. Question is - are YOU posing as other people so your work gets voted on?

shoutBack on 15/12/08 by mikdog

eh? Don’t know who you’re speaking to. I only have one account: mikdog. And I share another with my buddy: wolfox. We won a couple months ago with e Sempowenis. Neither of us use that account to comment. I condone the use of multiple accounts, I think its a stupid and cowardly thing to do. You’re only cheating yourself by doing that and the mods will probably see the same IP address anyway, so you’ll look like an idiot.

shoutBack on 10/12/08 by mikdog

this fooligan & deatek I have never seen comment on anyone elses work. I think it is you posing as other people so your work gets voted on

shoutBack on 10/12/08 by KingC

Funny guy! I like the jockeys!

shoutBack on 9/12/08 by Gambyte

Wrong colour in my opinion

shoutBack on 8/12/08 by SYIK

hehe, looks like you caught Mr. 8-bit Bigfoot with his pants down… wat timing you have! he seems amped tho… ;)

shoutBack on 3/12/08 by fooliganAD

Old school man. Old school. Games like Police Quest, Space Quest, Pit Fall and Pac Man have a special place in my brains.

shoutBack on 3/12/08 by mikdog


shoutBack on 2/12/08 by deatEk

Old school buddy…respect for the retro.

shoutBack on 1/12/08 by DuncanBoxie