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Dawn of the drunk

Design by:

Didn't make it
Didn't make it
The Living Dead-Zombies! Vampires!

Words by the designer:

Ok if you ever find yourself in this situation, don’t worry to much you can proberly still outrun them! Couldn’t resist having fun with the whole zombie thing!


very funny, the rectangle shape could have been avoided though

shoutBack on 15/11/09 by kingslip

I see a funny concept with an average execution.

shoutBack on 13/11/09 by Lokololly

Thanks for the comments!!!

shoutBack on 13/11/09 by CHUCKY

A great concept backed up by a skilled design. The composition of elements is perfect and the purple and black work well with the white moon and text.
Shit, I sound just like my third year conceptual studies lecturer!

shoutBack on 13/11/09 by SmithMachine

i love the concept and the colors…. another 5

shoutBack on 12/11/09 by Sergio37

I really like it when designers bring concepts and depth to ideas. This design has taken the typical theme of Zombies on the loose, and compared it to drunk people on the loose. And it is works completely. Amazing use of colour and negative space. This design really highlights the sense of humour you are trying to bring out.

shoutBack on 12/11/09 by Lassiwe