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Des Ombres

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Open Theme 7

Words by the designer:

This is a revamp of a previous submission. It’s quite a experimental design for me, but anyway the idea is for it to resemble a old french movie poster, when they thought the posters were cool & not at all cheesy (very much like the old dracula posters).Des ombres means shadows.


wow coool!

shoutBack on 9/11/10 by ndikol

Very cool improvement on the old version! Well done!!!

shoutBack on 7/11/10 by EranEyal

i really like how this turn out! gj! =)

shoutBack on 4/11/10 by Qimstudio

Thanks for comments :)

shoutBack on 1/11/10 by CHUCKY

This revamp really works.
Great design, I can see lots of people wearing it

shoutBack on 1/11/10 by Sheps

Yo CHUCKY dude….yeah I like the revamp.
Looks cool as a movie poster.
I still think this is a clean awesomely constructed design!
Peace out bud :)

shoutBack on 29/10/10 by DuncanBoxie

Nice one!! i remember the previous submission.
Think the placement on the tee is great!

shoutBack on 29/10/10 by Valesidecc

this is one of those i would buy and wear but not because i know what it means. still, 5

shoutBack on 29/10/10 by acme