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Hansa 1 - Beasty

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Hansa Pilsener Design Contest

Words by the designer:

I’ve let the beast free on this 1ST one… ;^)


Love the casualness of this design ;-) Very cool

shoutBack on 13/6/11 by Lindybug


shoutBack on 9/6/11 by zenstudio

I like the vibe of this design. Well done street look.

shoutBack on 9/6/11 by ThirstyFly

Thx dudes!

shoutBack on 6/6/11 by vcalahan

So far you’re my pick to win this :)

shoutBack on 5/6/11 by aHadeda

great! 5*

shoutBack on 2/6/11 by ged

very fun n great design!

shoutBack on 1/6/11 by Qimstudio

Thx Izzy & Tasha. @Tasha : well, I guess when the party has been well under way for some time, you have difficulties focusing on your bottle? ;^D

shoutBack on 1/6/11 by vcalahan

This is such a fun shirt :) love the cartoony feel of it really makes it stand out and think this will work well on other colour tees as well.

shoutBack on 1/6/11 by Izzicane

great concept, just think its a bit all over the place. the main focus should be the hansa bottle and i feel that its just blending into the background. no focal point but great concept

shoutBack on 31/5/11 by tasha27