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Hansa 1 - Beasty

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Didn't make it
Didn't make it

Words by the designer:

I’ve let the beast free on this 1ST one… ;^)

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Thx Maike, it’s exactly what I was a thinking and wanted to express! ;^)

shoutBack on 31/5/11 by vcalahan

Haha… such chaos, but yet looks fun. Like one big party smash up on a shirt ;)

shoutBack on 30/5/11 by Maike

Thx dudes!

shoutBack on 28/5/11 by vcalahan

well done its very good

shoutBack on 27/5/11 by acme

This is one of my fav’s by far! I love the distressed look, especially how the colour is offset from strokes of the elements.

This dsign is also extremely well balanced, and makes superb use of real estate on the T.

A 5 for sure, no problems there!

shoutBack on 26/5/11 by simon

Sick comp mate !

shoutBack on 26/5/11 by Kakolak

Thx Cath!

shoutBack on 26/5/11 by vcalahan

Love, love, love this! 5

shoutBack on 26/5/11 by CathRon