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Happy Dolphin

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Didn't make it
Didn't make it
Open Theme March 1

Words by the designer:

Sad but true


This is very cute!

shoutBack on 29/3/11 by CathRon

cutie character!!!

shoutBack on 28/3/11 by gorix

love it! clean and simple

shoutBack on 27/3/11 by matsanni

This is terrible…but AWESOME!
Nice character and halftone shading…well composed :)

shoutBack on 23/3/11 by DuncanBoxie

Awesome! Love the halftone patterns!

shoutBack on 23/3/11 by zedman

Awesome design, but maybe too much Chinese writing?

shoutBack on 18/3/11 by Maike

just for the record, i created and entered this this BEFORE the Japanese disaster!

shoutBack on 18/3/11 by acme