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December 2008

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No past.
No future.
Just this one eternal moment.


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Please excuse Scotty, his mom made him sleep outside again last night.

Awesome design.

shoutBack on 23/12/08 by Goggl3boy

tinkered, new word? used in worng context like a 1000 times. i shouldn’t tinker on your design anymore. you will get a 1 form me

shoutBack on 23/12/08 by scotty

love tooting your own horn hey mikdog? you so clever. not.

shoutBack on 23/12/08 by scotty

You know, I almost wish this would rather be a bigass print rather than a Tee… It’s sooo intricate :)

shoutBack on 22/12/08 by Tu

Howzit man,

Yep, I’m pretty sure it will come out as it looks here. ;)

Took a while, bit by bit, but it was very enjoyable, had a lot of fun in the process.

First I got a concept on paper of an infinity sign, then I drew the infinity sign in a vector program called Anime Studio 5.6, actually an animation program that I won a while ago but its the only vector program I know/own (I think Photoshop can do vector but I’m not familiar with it.) Then I took my infinity design into Photoshop CS3 and used that as a tracing image, then with a Wacom Intuos 3 tablet and my Macbook Pro, tinkered with the sizes and pen size (10) until I was happy with the look, and tinkered with colours (I decided on green before fully going ahead) and then drew little bit by little bit. With all the guess work out the way I was free to do whatever for all the characters and just had a lot of fun.

After I had completed it, I tinkered a bit more with the colours, the line work and top and bottom parts were all on their own layers, so that was easy to change saturation and lightness/darkness.

Then it was just a matter of finalizing little details and glitches and placing it on the shirt. Lots of fun.

shoutBack on 22/12/08 by mikdog

if this comes out as it should
must have taken you AGES to draw all that detail!! did you actually do it??

shoutBack on 22/12/08 by folkaa

For sure we can get awesome detail these days - have no fear - automatic machines that we use are state of the art and will print this awesomely

shoutBack on 19/12/08 by EranEyal

Thanks Tu. Nice to know.

Tokyo> shot ma bru. I think it will print lekka actually. I reckon with modern shirt printers you can get good detail, nice ‘n crisp.

shoutBack on 19/12/08 by mikdog

ahhhh the detail makes me happy :)
This is one of my few 5s this month!!

shoutBack on 19/12/08 by Tu

Really dig this(after looking at the large image) would definitely want to see a print before i bought it though. i’m sensing a puddle of ink…

shoutBack on 19/12/08 by TokyoGoGo