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Straight from the Designers fingers

No past.
No future.
Just this one eternal moment.


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I uploaded an even bigger pic for all the detail freaks


shoutBack on 12/12/08 by mikdog

Thanks guys. I actually planned the colours before I did anything, I think it looks kiff, green on green. Wall print’d be awesome! I should print a big copy at the printers and check it out.

>Bing, took a couple of nights. Did a little bit at a time, broke into a sweat at one point because the logistics with the colours overlapping freaked me out, but mostly I just enjoyed drawing freely whatever my hand wanted me to. Yummy.

I’m going FTW with this one.

shoutBack on 4/12/08 by mikdog

Wacom drool personally I just got myself a Genius 8×6” for R700, heard some negative stuff about it, but its working like an absolute dream for me.

o, Mikdog, this is a simply amazing piece of work. where you get the patience and energy for the detail i dont know, but you sir rock socks hard.

shoutBack on 3/12/08 by Bingbong

yoh yoh yoh!! inspiring concept!
i wanna ask though… why you didn’t go with a contrast in colours between the design and tee?
can see this as a full wall print. t’wud be infinitely entertaining!

shoutBack on 3/12/08 by fooliganAD

I’m also super interested to see how this gets printed. Hopefully it does, but I’m lank keen to check if all the details come out. I think it will print well actually. You’ll be amazed at how much detail a screen print can get in. I’ll want to eat it up. If the shirt weave is pretty good, shouldn’t be a problem. Yep, no ‘oh haha’ concept I’m afraid. I was going to do a circle with all these characters, and then on a mountain-bike ride I arrived at the idea of putting them all in the shape of an infinity symbol. Its like we’re all part of this one eternal life force, but ALSO because the number of characters I could come up with seems infinite. Also wanted to say that time is a construct of the mind, but in the end I settled on my succinct blurb. Straight from my fingertjies.

shoutBack on 2/12/08 by mikdog

i forgot if i told you how cool this is yet - so i’m going to say it again (if i said it already) :) one minor bug is that there’s no “oh haha” concept behind… But the draghtsmanship and everything is just amazing :)

(I wonder how such tiny detail will come out in print)

shoutBack on 1/12/08 by Tu

I bought mine a while ago from an Apple shop. You could contact one and find out. I first used an el-cheapo pad and pen (A6) that cost about R200.00. It was actually pretty good, then the pen started opening up after a year or so. I sold that to a buddy from Zim and then splurged on an A5 WACOM pad. I did a lot of research as to what’s the best size, and got an A5 WACOM. Not a big fan of the A4 pads, a bit big and unwieldily, A5 feels right.

Had it since about 2005, been absolutely fantastic. Solid piece of equipment (touch wood). Had to get some replacement nibs for the pen, but the whole thing soon paid for itself. It really can lead to paperless solutions for designing (although I think ALL thoughts should go through some rough drafts and scribbles on paper first before even thinking about touching a computer).

If your dad is a government official or you’ve just won the Lotto, I might suggest getting a Wacom Cintiq. I’ve only ever heard good things about it.

A tablet takes a while to get used to, but once you crack it, baby, its a beautiful thing. I’d never consider drawing with a mouse. Nuh-uh! (Funny, when I was drawing comics at The Dome in Joburg for a live comic demo, people seemed to be more interested in my tablet than what I was drawing. I was like ‘okes, check the screen bra!’ but they wanted to know about my tablet. WACOM should sponsor me for the PR I tell ya.)

shoutBack on 1/12/08 by mikdog

I got mine at bestbuy for like $99 cause it was on sale. Check out craigslist and ebay

shoutBack on 1/12/08 by IntegralApparel

hey Mikdog

I wanna get a WACOM INTUOS 3 pad , do you know what price they are and where are the best prices ?

shoutBack on 1/12/08 by SYIK

Thanks for the props guys. Took a bit of time but I believe the effort was worth it. Had a blast drawing all these little dudes. I uploaded a slightly larger pic of it if you’re keen to scope out some more detail:

Drew it all in Photoshop CS3 on a Macbook Pro with a WACOM INTUOS 3 pad. Used a vector illustration/animation program called Anime Studio Pro 5.6 to draw the infinity logo as a shape to import into CS3 to use as a shape guide. (All programs are 100% legal! Keep it legit peepz!)

Proud of myself with this pic.

shoutBack on 1/12/08 by mikdog